Life Safety for Escorts

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When we practice safety in the world of adult entertainment, we direct our guard primarily to the act of intimacy itself. However, there are many other safety factors taken for granted or not even considered at all if and until it is too late and tragedy strikes or worse, death or imprisonment. Even a five-star [...]

Barbados Bailey Talks Breast Cancer Awareness

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It wasn’t until the traumatic loss of my mother to cancer that I truly realized how important it is for a woman to have her breasts checked annually. In an effort to convince me to get a mammogram, my doctor told me stories of women who were fortunate to discover lumps in their breasts early [...]

A Transexual Romance

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His name was Colt. He was 6’4 and blond with cool, blue eyes. He wore a tight, white t-shirt that attractively revealed the outline of a 6-pack. He walked in with confidence and a swag that turned heads. We had seen each other many times at a local restaurant. There was always eye contact but [...]

The Love of a Dominant for Her submissive

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"I felt then and still believe that a Dom can only appreciate her sub if she sees the world through her eyes" The journey alongside my dymion has been an adventure I never could have predicted and certainly would never change. Our relationship began in an unorthodox and somewhat controversial way. Though I always [...]

A Brief History of Prostitution

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"A woman who owned property, made high wages and had sex outside of marriage was probably a whore." Guest Author, Mrs. Robinson I began my quest to learn why society feels such hatred against women in the adult entertainment industry and why these women are looked down upon with such repugnance.   In the nineteenth century, [...]

Video: The Ultimate in Escort Marketing

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"Hello readers. You probably don't know who I am, so please allow me to introduce myself. I am Claudia Cole, an independent companion based in New York and Paris. Escort video is a medium rapidly transitioning from trend to standard." Guest Author, Claudia Cole I would like readers to know that the following words are [...]