Part I

“Pick five things & do them daily. You will succeed, guaranteed.”

Five Profiles for the Price of One

Scenario #1

You’re an escort in San Diego living in California. Your roots are planted there along with family, a partner and maybe a son or daughter. San Diego is beautiful and you love it, albeit, a little sleepy on the business side. You’re drawn to the energy and verve of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. You recognize that it makes sense to your business and pocketbook to branch out and market yourself in some of the cities that you love, such as:

  • Woodland Hills
  • Encino
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego

Scenario #2

You’re an escort in Toronto living in Canada. By default, you attract a following from all over the province, such as:

  • Ontario
  • Ottawa
  • Hamilton
  • Windsor
  • Belleville

That’s a total of 5 cities. You can’t help but focus your energy on these areas as you find yourself traveling there regularly.

Scenario #3

Remember, for all escorts, Geisha Affair is international. So if you’re a Rome escort living in Italy, you can post profiles in:

  • Milan
  • Sicily
  • Florence
  • Rome
  • Naples

 Geisha Affair Marketing on Your Side

In any scenario, marketing yourself in five different cities means that you must post five different profiles on any website if you want to be exposed in those respective cities. That can add up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month, a substantial expense that may defeat the purpose. On the other hand, it is essential for your welfare. How else are clients going to find you?

The Rule of Five: One Profile,  Five Cities

At Geisha Affair you automatically get the Rule of Five. You can post your profile in up to 5 cities within your state or province anywhere around the world, all treated as one account, not five. And it’s as easy as a keystroke! You don’t have to set up each profile individuall. Your profiles are then viewable and searchable in each of the respective cities.

The Rule of Five is a truly awesome feature in favor of today’s escort. You can only get it at Geisha Affair. For assistance on posting your multiple profiles, email me here.

Written by Geisha Affair International