Femdom Society

The world of BDSM is a colorful one. The roots of every fetish and fantasy run deep. To produce femdom movies with camslaves who exhibit their fetishes is not easy

The ladies of the Femdom Society are true sadists who love what they do. To them, a submissive man is no real challenge, sometimes even considered boring. They come to me and ask me to find hard pain masochists. Well. This type of man does not grow on trees. He is quite rare. 90-95% of the individuals in the Femdom Society videos are not masochists. They are submissive men who find satisfaction through torture by getting kicked sexually.

Masochists are a totally different breed

I met my friend John the first time in 2008 in the private club of Lady V at a femdom play party. This particular evening, I was in the salon with about a dozen spectators assisting a nice married couple, initiating their coming out. The husband was affixed to a cross as I demonstrated to his wife how to use paddle, cane and carpet beater on him.

Geisha Affair BDSM

Lady V kicked her two naked foot slaves away

Suddenly, there was a stir as beautiful Miss Medea stuck her head inside the door and anxiously announced, “John is here” as she smiled all over her pretty face. Never before had I seen Lady V act like a teenager in love, claiming “John, oh my! Now we are going to have fun”.

I thought who the hell is John? Germany’s next superstar? A combination of the three holy kings? Or a millionaire on vacation? Everyone except the couple left the room. There was a clamor outside the salon and my curiosity peaked. I took the married mistress by the hand and whispered, “We’ll give your husband a little rest and go have a look at what the others are doing” and left him hanging on the cross.

We walked into the small clinic room. It was crowded and impossible to get in when I recognized the voice of Lady V asking if there was someone with a camera. That was my ticket to elbow my way through the crowd.

I saw 5 Ladies gathered around a naked man

There was nothing spectacular about him, except for his nudity and 3 massive suitcases sitting next to him, open to reveal needles of every size and medical equipment I have never saw outside of a hospital.

Lady V and Mistress Marie were mending first his scrotum to the right breast nipple then his erect penis to the left breast nipple

I asked John if it was ok to take pictures. He smiled calmly and replied, ”It’s ok, but do not show my face”. The next hour I dealt with unpacking sterile needles and taking photos.

I asked myself, how can a man withstand such torturous pain in silence without any moaning and become sexually charged as a result?

The Ladies were betting how many infusion needles could be inserted into his stiff member. At the end, there were 86. The floor was puddled with blood yet John did not make a sound the entire time. He just stood in the middle of the room erect, smiling and bleeding. His cock was pumping up and down without any touch for over an hour.

Even after the Ladies freed John from the needles and mendings he denied himself of having an orgasm

He then retrieved from one his suitcases fresh clothing, disinfectant, soaps, bath towels and disappeared to the shower. Moments later, he returned refreshed as though nothing had happened, kissed the hands of Lady V and Mistress Marie and turned to leave.

I caught him at the exit with his suitcases. We exchanged small talk as he told me that he was interested in my photos. A week later, we met in a lounge in central Berlin during the day and I gave him his photos which he liked very much.

John is married with children and his wife knows about his fetish

Then we discussed his lifestyle, profession and family. He explained that enjoys normal sex with his wife without any intrusion of his fetish. She is aware that he satisfies his fetish 4-6 times per year as a deep need to express himself.

Something went wrong in his childhood when he was a little boy

He works in upper management as a technical specialist, leading hundreds of professionals as an important figure in the lives of 4 million people in a big city. As a young child, he had an operation to correct phimosis. The operation went awry and he had to stay in the children’s hospital for more than two months. Since then, he has been addicted to needles, nurses and all matters related to medical techniques.

I have no problem watching others bleed but if a needle comes close to me, I become a huge coward

Oddly enough, what connected our friendship is that I had the same operation when I was 9 years old. But since then, I developed a real paranoia of needles. Life is crazy and every person carries their own special nuances.

John and I  met often. Occassionally, he would come by for a beer after work to my BDSM club without play.  Other times he came to play doctor’s games.

Miss Rain and Kiria Chione are both medical professionals and sadistic

The first time John went in front of our cameras was in 2011. Miss Rain has a very special fetish: blood. To have these three together in a set didn’t require any directing. The two Ladies began silently, in a holy atmosphere, to needle him from the neck down to his genitals, using electric stimulation as well.

After they removed hundreds of needles, he stood smiling, bleeding, erect and proud

The Ladies were sexually stimulated from this session as John’s special wish for the day was for them to nail him with 6-3 inch silver nails directly through the breast nipples into a wooden beam. During this procedure, Miss Rain was milking his cock. I never could beg much less force her to do it in our other films where a submissive man may jerk off in front of her. We were banned behind our cameras while filming and all felt a strong sexual stimulation.

I was a bit jealous of John’s orgasm, never having seen a man shoot sperm for nearly half a minute

And I have seen a lot. After the session as we cleaned and disinfected the area, John neatly arranged his equipment in the suitcases as he smiled and said, “I didn’t want to orgasm, but how could I deprive your beautiful nurses? They were so good to me. I wanted to pleasure them”.

Well, he did.

Written by Geisha Diaries Guest Author & Dominant Master, Mad Masterfun