“Little birds called mentors whispered in my ears asking me to re-vamp my entire business. For years I listened, but in my heart, I wasn’t ready to act.”  A`

Not too long ago, a new friend asked me out of the blue why my rates were what they were. Another lady who I respect asked me the same question. A client decided to have the “talk” with me as well.

I have earned great reviews and a solid reputation. My photos and website speak volumes. I have made my share of mistakes which have taught me well

Yet, I resisted starting a new chapter in my business. I couldn’t credit myself as a low volume, highly sought after, well organized, well compensated provider. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

Still. Three people offering the same advice within days of each other delivered an omen. Finally, my heart opened.

With pen and paper, I scribbled frantically, delving into great detail, until my words slowly revealed a business plan

I calculated a budget, allocated advertising expenses, sketched a new website design and email address. I devised a plan of action for email/phone contact with clients and revised my rates. I notated which advertising sites work best and which ones don’t work at all. After some analysis, I targeted the cities in which I want to tour.

As my new business plan took shape, the vision crystalized. I knew that my appointment book would fill quickly with requests from good clients. My life would relax as my new approach to business would  ease my lifestyle. I foresaw peace, wealth and good health. My excitement grew.

But there was a hurdle, a challenge that shadowed from above

This new character called “Me” had to appear in my own plan. What role was “I” going to embody in my newly appointed business? I reminded myself that I love to dress for success. I’m not into stripper heels, dramatic cleavage or skin tight anything. I feel comfortable in sexy, bold fashion statements. A shopping spree at the mall was a must.

I found myself standing in front of the dressing room mirror with nothing but admiration for the woman in the reflection and pondered:

  • I am in good health
  • My family members are blessed and in good health
  • I associate only with those who are mentally and emotionally balanced
  • My finances are in order and I have no debt
  • I walk in wealth along with those surrounding me
  • My spirit receives positive energy from my soul
  • I stimulate my mind with things that are good
  • I am drawn to emotionally independent clients and those who understand me
  • I attract safe clients
  • I seek wisdom from those who have walked in my shoes and found success
  • I enjoy my work and this is evident to clients
  • I have cut ties with those who stagnate
  • I refuse to allow negativity into my world
  • I worry not about those who question my new persona

Upon leaving the department store with a new wardrobe suited for a sparkling future, something felt different. The power of positive thinking washed over me and I felt at ease.

Despite how dismal life may appear, each of us holds within us the power to change our lives.

It begins with positive thinking. Imagine a new you, how you want to see yourself. Describe the new you with words and then take action. Don’t hold back. Even if events in your life are moving against you and creating friction, don’t be afraid to act upon the new you.

Anyone can ride the wave of a winning economy. But not anyone can rise above when the going gets tough. With a lot of determination, you can become that shining star. Stand your ground and cling to that new vision.

Think new, envision new, write new, embrace new, and walk into your new YOU.

Written by Allure`, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries