“A total lack of understanding and acceptance by society of our activities as punters is a moral issue in itself” Guest Author, Capital Punter and one which is shrouded by much controversy. But in this post I wish to explore the lengths to which one will go in order to ensure that one’s identity is safeguarded.

A Punter Must Always Protect His Identity

The subtitle of my blog in the UK is “The Secret Life of a Punter in the London Escort World and Beyond“. The term “secret” is due to the clandestine nature of one’s activities as a punter which applies to hobbyists as well.

Early on as a punter, the first thing I did was to assume a different identity that is maintained during all of my activities when dating escorts

This is my persona known to all of the companions I see. However, as a naturally honest and trusting person, I am quite candid with companions whom I get to know on a more personable basis and whom I feel I can trust with my real name, profession and general personal details. Of course, there are intimate details that I share only with the most trusted of friends and certain questions I prefer not to be asked. However, within reason, I am happy to talk about most areas of my life.

The fascinating part is that companions close to me have gotten to know my alter ego

which is a very different part of me than the side colleagues and good friends see of me in the “real world”. This is because these ladies actually know the true me, warts and all!

One of the biggest challenges facing any punter is maintaining a water-tight cover story in the eyes of others before ever meeting with a companion. Be it with a colleague, friend or significant other, a cover story needs to be consistent and plausible. (I shall soon post an article on my own blog entitled, “Back Story” as it is so important to create a story and stick to it in order to avoid any obvious inconsistencies in the eyes of others.) I have found it necessary to create a double life to avert the attention of my more inquisitive colleagues. At times it is difficult and isolating not being able to share some amazing experiences. But secrecy is a small sacrifice for protecting one’s privacy.

With the prevalence of technology nowadays, punting is so much easier

Likewise, there are now a myriad of ways in which a secret identity can be discovered. It is easier than ever for our activities to be scrutinized. When contacting or communicating with a companion, I use a separate phone, a dedicated email account, a stand-alone pc (never at work) and never write anything down. Everything is password protected and those passwords are changed frequently. I cover all of my bases by ensuring that internet surfing is done in private mode, all pages dutifully shut down, nothing saved and all history and cache memories deleted, even if no-one else uses my pc. Remember, you only have to be unlucky once! I encountered a few embarrassing episodes when my pc went in for a repair and field reports later appeared in the recovered docs memory.

The adult industry is a tight one where word travels fast about less scrupulous or immoral operators

As a punter, discretion is everything. I firmly believe that most companions not only respect this but that it is of equal importance to them as well. Maintaining a duplicitous lifestyle may not be favorable but either one needs to accept it or strongly consider choosing a different hobby! Let’s be honest. Only a foolish companion would compromise her client’s privacy as making life difficult for him would hardly improve her business.

Punters prefer anonymity

One of the most contrasting differences between U.S. hobbying and U.K. puntering is that in the U.K. one does not have to divulge his full name, unless it is to request an outcall appointment (where a companion travels to the punters home or hotel suite). It is my understanding that in the U.S., escorts require proof of identification before ever seeing a client. Such a standard would be an anathema for most U.K. punters.

The U.K. does not have a national identity card scheme

As a result, we are quite reticent to carry any form of identification. Moreover, as punters, we are not terribly fond of having to “prove who we are”. I do believe this creates far more inherent risk for companions. I strongly feel it is more considerate and certainly more responsible for us gentleman punters to consider this as a safety feature for the ladies and to reassure them in any way we can. Being a bit more open can lend to a more relaxed date. I doubt most companions seek to expose their clients which would certainly be detrimental to their business.

I am not suggesting that we punters necessarily reveal our identification, but just to be considerate of a companion’s request to be more open about ourselves and appease any anxiety she may have.

I have heard some awful stories of escorts who have been threatened by neighbors and landlords

In talking with companions whom I know well, they too are compelled to protect their identity by leading double lives. Doing so is even more acute due to the stigma that society has attached to companions and the services they provide. Very few companions feel free to reveal their professions to friends and family.

Identity is precious to both punters and companions alike and I do not think it’s any different in other countries. Therefore, we all need to do what we can to protect ourselves. Simple steps are often the best ones.

Written by Geisha Diaries Guest Author & Punter, Capital Punter