Beyond safety rules, the most important fundamental principal for all sex work is to never break the veil of fantasy” Written by Phone Sex Secrets

Geisha Diaries recently caught up with Phone Sex Secrets (PSS) and the elusive, colorful character behind this bible of a website. I shall refer to her as PSS for short, because anonymity is paramount as it should be for any provider. PSS makes herself available to savvy, business-minded PSOs who want more. Consult with her for industry discussion, character and content creation. But if masturbilia is your motive, hold onto you knickers while she points you in the right direction.

It’s not often that I come across more than two decades of fantasy phone experience (or any other niche in the adult industry) all wrapped up into one sultry, brainy package. So without further adieu, I am happy to introduce PSS with all of her wisdom and insight so that she can do what she does best. Geisha Diaries Editor, Meeshee


After nearly two decades in the sex work industry, first as an escort and then as a phone sex operator (PSO), I’ve learned many things. Beyond safety rules, the most important fundamental principal for all sex work is to never break the veil of fantasy.

Your main asset in any form of sex work is your ability to create and deliver the fantasy. Fantasies are the magic potions, the spells, the real charms you wield. They are more powerful than your breasts or any other body part, your intellect, imagination, skills as a brilliant conversationalist, your knowledge of the Kama Sutra or the sum of all those parts.

The fantasy may begin with something physical such as your impressive bust line or something real such as your dominant personality. But it is incomplete and cannot be delivered until you develop a character which embodies all aspects of the fantasy.

Like a genie in a bottle, a fantasy breathes life into the sacred space that you and your client inhabit whether in a hotel room or through a phone call. In that environment, you initiate those intimate fantasies through your persona — not only at the client’s request, but at his belief.

These fantasies are delivered by your character and brought to life not only by you but through the power of the erotic wishes of the client who opts to believe in your character.

Like any film, literary work, or other form of entertainment, sex work relies upon a client’s willing suspension of disbelief. The storyteller, who is the fantasy creator, must manifest acceptance. Slipping out of character, even for a second, disrupts continuity, snagging the plot with gaping holes of reality and poof! The spell is broken.

This principal of character continuity is equally applicable to all areas of adult entertainment. But no where have I found it more regularly broken than in the segment of phone sex.

I know many PSOs, some of whom claim to be quite successful, who readily acknowledge on their websites, in forums and to callers that they offer multiple phone sex characters. I suspect this is a diluted attempt at professing skill. Because this business is cemented in fantasy, I never risk compromising my character as say, a youthful girl for example, by simultaneously claiming that I am a horny housewife MILF and a BBW queen. Such contradiction shatters all fantasies, not to mention undermines marketing efforts. I am left wondering how much more successful these girls would be if they didn’t discharge themselves, but rather maintained the veil of fantasy.

The crafting of a sex work persona demands a lot of work. Destroying that character results in wasted effort and the death of your business.

Break character, and clients will drop you one by one. The very one who begged for a glimpse beyond the veil, who pleaded then demanded to know more about the real you, will disappear, guaranteed because he can no longer believe in the fantasy.

The truth is, once you break that fantasy you can never put that genie back in the bottle because you’ve broken the illusion and ended the suspension of disbelief.

It’s possible to cultivate a new phone sex personality, escort identity, or sex worker persona. But it must be done from scratch. Starting anew does not include trailing your previous persona of disillusioned clients by transferring feedback and ratings, using the same method of contact or same photographys. Any trace of your old persona will prevent a new veil from being created. This is difficult to overcome and expensive, too. In sex work just as any other business, it is more cost effective to retain a customer than to cultivate a new one. And finding new clients will be challenging because your reputation has been tarnished.

No matter how much he begs, demands or professes to know otherwise about you; hold your character and never, ever break the veil of fantasy.

Written by Geisha Diaries’ Guest Author & Phone Sex Operator, Phone Sex Secrets