VERY SCARCE ORIGINAL US-MADE OSS DROP-KNIFE WITH SCABBARD...SEE PICS. A GREAT AMERICAN FIGHTING KNIFE!! It's easy! Powered by Invision Community. Thanks for the replies. This is a real ‘Chopper’, meant to use both blade and heft to hack things apart from fire wood to the ‘Hun’ in the Trench. 1917 C.T." The full tang is integral with the pommel and the dark close-grained wood grips are secured with 2 large bolts.

With more of these showing up it increases the possibility that these knives are a larger production run of some sort. Manufactured from 1897 to 1918, it went through a number of changes during its production life. The model 1917 U.S. Machine Gunner’s bolo knife originated from the form of the Springfield 1903 pattern bolo bayonet, identical to the bayonet but without bayonet fittings (see page 66 plates 316 & 317 of Fighting Knives by Fred Stephens). Features dark wood grips. I also got a WWII M4 bayo with it...both belonged to his father. The US military issued wide-bladed bolo knives from 1897 to 1918. Last fall I made the same exact type of purchase at a gun show. Maybe started out as some kind of a bolo blade style? Would be interesting if these were observed on the top-spine and clip-point of this bolo; ...would remove any doubt as to have been "converted/modified". SERIAL #1948.

5 3/8" CLIP-POINT BLADE. VERY SCARCE ORIGINAL US-MADE OSS DROP-KNIFE WITH SCABBARD AND FROG...SEE PICS. Kiffe produced a copy of the M1917 bolo knife back in the 1960s. "U.S. MK2 Fighting Knife. RARE REMINGTON ARMS CO. ', "It is the unconquerable nature of man and not the nature of the weapon he uses that ensures victory. The right side of the blade base is stamped “US MOD 1917 CT” and the left is stamped “PLUMB STLOUIS 1918”. BILL STONE COLLECTION, US 1918 MARK 1 TRENCH KNIFE WITH US MODEL 1860 BLADE FROM THE BILL STONE COLLECTION, Dark Ops Vendetta Covert Neck Knife & Sheath NIB, Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed 6.4" Knife & Sheath NIB SCH9N. HEAVY 1" X 3" STEEL CROSS GUAR, RARE REMINGTON ARMS CO. WW2 WWII BARTEAUX COMMANDO FIGHTING KNIFE. GREEN GRIP. This reproduction of a 1917 version features a sharp, heavy duty high carbon steel blade that has been heat treated in a computer controlled kiln, and blackened so as to not reflect light in a delicate situation. WITH SHEATH. VINTAGE USN MK I BLADE...SEE PIC, EIGHT DOLLAR MOUNTAIN FOUNDRY FULL, SPIKED KNUCKLE-GUARD...SEE PICS. Prussian MG C.P.G. ", US MILITARIA FORUM - COLLECTORS PRESERVING HISTORY.

Antique WWI USA Chicago 1918 A.C. Co Model 1917 Bolo Trench Kinfe. THE KNIFE HAS A 51/2IN PARKERIZED BLADE, LEATHER WASHER HANDLE, FULL TANG BLADE AND HAS A FIBERGLASS SHEATH, OVERALL LENGTH OF KNIFE IS 10. Looks like it started life as a machete. WWII WW2 THEATER KNUCKLE KNIFE. Here we have a World War One era bolo knife , or smatchet , model 1917 , in great condition for its age.

WWII THEATER-MADE COMMANDO. EXTREMELY RARE FIGHTING KNIFE!!! :w00t: So now I'm wondering if perhaps there was a company that produced such sets years ago? One of the best ones we have had with near mint parkerized finish. It ha d the same canvas covered wood sheath, metal throat with leaf spring to grip the knife… 8" BLADE WM.

!...SEE PICS. This is the U.S. WWI Model 1917 Military bolo knife or smatchet is complete with canvas and leather scabbard, broad leaf shaped 10.5 single edged blade with double-edged tip. WWII WW2 FIGHTING KNIFE.
MASSIVE HANDMADE US WWII THEATER KNIFE...SEE PICS. Most products made for Kiffe were marked KIFFE / Japan so I don't think this one is a Kiffe product. MASSIVE SPEAR-POINT SHORT SWORD 10 5/8" DOUBLE-EDGE BLADE.

Includes a No 1 style scabbard. WW2 NEW CALEDONIA US FIGHTING KNIFE. The hilt is steel with contoured wood grips secured by 2 bolts. Virtually identical to the Model 1910 the modified bolo is often referred to as the M1917 model to differentiate it from the earlier made item. Reproduction WWI & WWII US Model 1917 Bolo Knife with Scabbard is made with high carbon sharpened steel blade which is full tang. Made by Imperial. ", "The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. Our military used the same basic bolo knife from the turn of the century through WWII. Scabbard is marked US M8A1 PWH. CAMILLUS MK 2  KA-BAR MARK 2  FIGHTING KNIFE  11TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP (ABN)  ALPHA TEAM 133 EXTREMELY RARE ORIGINAL PIECE!! FROM BILL STONE, WWII WW2 OSS KNUCKLE KNIFE FROM 1873 SPRINGFIELD BAYONET WITH FROG AND SCABBARD MINT!!!!

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