Ferrari, a bus mechanic who was fishing with his twin brother, spent 40 minutes reeling in the fish, according to this CNN interview. 280-Pound Catfish Rumor: A photograph shows a 280-pound catfish caught by an Italian fisherman. Snopes and the logo are registered service marks of The mega-fish was never officially weighed because they didn’t have scales on-site, but the unofficial estimate for the catfish was 284 pounds. You also have the opportunity to catch black crappie, white crappie, bluegill, walleye, redear sunfish and warmouth. Phillip Gentry is a freelance outdoor writer and photographer who says that if it swims, walks, hops, flies or crawls he’s usually not too far behind. “Throw the bait up on top of the ledge and drag it over to the edge of the ledge and let it fall off,” said Barton. Posted by Benjamin Gründer on Sunday, February 25, 2018. The conditions are perfect this year for a werewolf sighting. The Arkansas blue cat is just as at home in Mississippi as it is in it’s native state, and Pickwick has a growing population of large trophy-sized blues and a surplus of smaller, eating-size ones. He has a Gulf Coast connection and said channel cats seem to prefer shrimp to fresh cut shad or herring. I always try to troll downstream because, if you’ve got current, the fish are facing upstream. However, after his fishing pole started moving around, he realized he had a big fish on the line. The fisherman reeled this colossus in at River Po, Italy. He said the best times for cats are in April and May and then again in October and November, although some of the biggest fish of … is part of Anywhere Brands, LLC - the world's largest provider of outdoor adventure services. “Pickwick has a healthy population of several species of catfish — most importantly channels, flatheads, and blues,” said Barton. “Channels are going to be shallower and they like rock,” he said. What did he actually say? Flathead catfish. Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari hooked a 280-pound, 8-foot-9-inch catfish last Thursday on Italy's Po River, which is believed to be one of the largest ever caught with a rod and reel. This material may not be reproduced without permission. When it comes to catfish, you can reel in channel catfish, flathead catfish, and blue catfish. “I’m going to use my iPilot trolling motor to record a trail, usually along the bottom of a ledge or channel. The photos were so alarming that the authenticity of the catch was called into question. While this single photo may have been hard to believe on its own, Sportex Italia provided several additional photos of Ferrari’s catch: According to Sportex Italia, Dino Ferrari’s enormous catfish was measured at 2.67 meters (approximately 8 feet, 9 inches) and weighed 127 kg (about 280 pounds). One half pound catfish fillet fried, hush puppies, corn bread, coleslaw, pickled onions, choice of potato. Erin Burnett Out Front. Barton said right after power operations cease, flatheads come out to mop up fresh dead or maimed fish, and he will cast his rig right up to the face of the dam and let it wash back to him. $11.95. Copyright 1998 - 2020 Mississippi Sportsman, Inc. All rights reserved. Fisherman Reels In Record-Breaking 9-Foot Catfish, Jimmy And Rosalynn Carter Break Their Own Record As Longest-Married Presidential Couple, Tim McGraw Shows Off Prized Fish, But His Fans Only See His Abs. RELATED: Guinness World Records- Tallest Dog. Big East predictions: UConn's back; Villanova wants more, Women's college basketball 2020-21 Big 12 predictions: Baylor reloads, Texas closes gap, MLS Power Rankings: Philadelphia still on top despite Shield setback, Real or not: Gervonta Davis is elite; Deontay Wilder's calendar will be wide open in 2021. Who defined the League of Legends worlds meta? } It stretched a whopping 8.8 feet long and had massive fins that were bigger than Benjamin’s hand. Often, when thinking about underwater wonders, the ocean comes to mind. Book a Pickwick Lake fishing charter today and try and get some of these amazing fish species on the line! And, with his knowledge and skill, he managed to reel in the biggest and best there was…that we know of so far. MMA divisional rankings: Andrade moves up in weight, moves up in ranking. Barton encourages anglers who target the big fish to catch them quickly and release them healthy, as warm water temperatures can take its toll on a big blue cat that is pulled from deep water during an extended fight. Receive weekly updates with the hottest new videos, festival updates, and fashion trends! That stuff is deadly on channel catfish.”. Barton said that while Pickwick Lake may not be the first place one would look for catfish, the 43,100 acres houses all three major species of catfish and the month of July is prime time to go catch any of these. “Look for wash holes. There are plenty of popular spots where you can reel in even a 10-pound largemouth bass. The historic catfish in question had fins bigger than Gründer’s head. Pickwick Lake was created as a reservoir by the Pickwick landing dam as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Ye might be celebrating a little prematurely. The water on the face of the dam is roughly 30 feet and I set the cork to about 22 to 24 foot deep.”. They are always more than happy to help anglers and will make your fishing adventure absolutely worthwhile. Once he posted the pictures on Facebook, the word got out about his catch and major news sources started spreading the story. display: none !important; Since the primary inflow is the Tennessee River, there is seriously no shortage of fishing opportunities. The catfish Gründer reeled in came to about 8.8 feet in length. “The typical-sized blue catfish on … You rely on Snopes, and we rely on you. People travel to River Po all the time to fish for the legendary catfish in the river and people often catch these massive creatures but never have they caught one as long as this one. Let’s face it, when considering the far and wide range of popular ponds, lakes, and big impoundments that call Mississippi home, the casual angler probably wouldn’t look at the deep, clear waters of Lake Pickwick and think of catfish. Even the Tenn-Tom Waterway on the east side of the state night seem more of catfish destination than any reservoir. “I fish them on a Carolina rig suspended under a big slip cork. If you take a fishing trip to Pickwick Lake, you will definitely catch some awesome fish. Cover Sardis Lake’s shallow water in November, Let the girls play! “I use the Secret 7 Stink Bait if I can find it,” he said. He also uses smaller cuts of herring, shad or the gut wad of the bait. Posted by Benjamin Gründer on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Instead of trolling for those fish, he will solidly anchor the boat and downsize his tackle to match the quarry. Was the best meal in a long time. Gründer, though, caught the biggest fish there – and around the world, setting a new record. Before that, though, he and friends posed with the massive catch, and the sense of scale really emphasizes how gigantic this catfish was. The last, but not least, of the big three catfish species available at Pickwick is the flathead. The best Largemouth bass fishing on Pickwick lake is generally between mid-March to May. Example: [Collected via email, February 2015]. I athletes, Warriors' new jerseys are a nod to the team's 'We Believe' era, NFL mulls 16-team playoff scenario, sources say, Seahawks veteran Moore suspended six games, Ole Miss TE out of hospital after practice scare, Inside the political donation history of wealthy sports owners. “On a good night, I’ll catch five or six from 5 to 8 pounds, but on occasion you’ll run across a good one.”. Fisherman Reels In 9-Foot, Record-Breaking Catfish, Blake Bought $800K Engagement Ring For Gwen, Expert Says, Carrie Underwood Talks Recording “The Little Drummer Boy” With Son: “He Sang It With His Whole Heart”, The Legacy Lives On: Meet Roy Rogers’ Children, ‘American Idol’ Alum Nikki McKibbin Has Died At 42, A Love Story: Little House On The Prairie’s Melissa Gilbert & Husband Timothy, Dog The Bounty Hunter Posts Birthday Tribute To His Late Wife, Beth. Whatever Happened To Max Gail, Wojo From ‘Barney Miller’. Claim: Photograph shows a 280-pound catfish caught by an Italian fisherman. It's 280 pounds of UGLY! © 2020 AnywhereBrands. David Anderson’s catch of a 103-pound blue catfish, on a tributary to Nickajack Lake, places him among a small number of anglers around the country who have landed catfish … catfish pulled out of the River Po in 2010: Critics of the president latched onto his use of the phrase "Joe's shot," in a speech in October 2020. Looking at the size of those fins, that’s entirely believable. “Once they shut that water off, you can go up there with hand-sized bluegill, which is legal in Alabama, or a big gizzard shad,” he said. The lake is mostly famous for bass, so you can catch largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, yellow bass, and striped bass. With this experience, he likely knew how other ambitious fishermen held River Po, Italy in high regard. He prefers a big 7/0 Daiichi circle hook and will go as large as a 10/0 on occasion. Search terms and headlines landed the popular chain in Google's "Trending Searches," as well as in breaking news mobile notifications. Posted by Benjamin Gründer on Saturday, April 7, 2018. What motivates billionaire sports owners to donate to political campaigns? Readers beware. Covering the surface of more than 47,500 acres and reaching the maximum depth of 59 feet, Pickwick Lake is undeniably a perfect area for fishing. At the time Gründer caught it, there were no scales available and Gründer intended on throwing the catfish back into the river, which he did do. Catfishing in the state of Mississippi is mostly associated with the Mighty Mississippi River on the west side of the state. Benjamin and his friends posed for pictures showing how gigantic it was before they released it back into the river.

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