My advice would be to get either 125 grain or 158 grain ammo, and you’ll be fine. A .357 Magnum rifle/carbine shooting full power hunting ammunition should be sufficient up to 100 yards on deer and wild hogs, with proper bullet placement. / 460 ft. lbs. Still good old 2400. They have reduced the powder to make the round more acceptable in small frame revolvers. California Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: Any .357 Magnum revolver can also shoot all .38 Special ammunition. The Ranger is an affordable holster from Versacarry. Okay, so that’s out of the way. I bought my first one in a department store in Texas for under a hundred bucks back in the mid-1970s, and I’ve bought and sold several since. That’s a bit unusual because frequently a load that is accurate in one gun won’t be accurate in another, but that rule doesn’t seem to apply here. I’ll always have a passion for the .44 and .45 sixguns but I can no longer handle a steady diet of heavy loads in the big-bore revolvers. It is loaded with factual information of value to beginners as well as advanced reloaders. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, State Agency: .38 Special will work just fine in a .357 Magnum revolver. I did not design the gun or the cartridge, however a number of my ideas were incorporated in the design of this gun, tested through an understanding of handloading problems, and a number of weak points in ordinary revolvers were quickly corrected.”. The .357 Mag. Wyoming Game & Fish Department, State Agency: There’s .357 Herrett, which is a wildcat formed from a .30 30 case. Since the .357 Magnum arrived in 1935 — heralded as the most powerful sixgun in the world — it has been followed by plenty of other hard-hitting cartridges. The original S&W .357 Magnums were known as Registered Magnums. Loaded with 3.0 grains of Titegroup, a pound of the propellant loads 2,333 rounds. New York Department of Environmental Conservation, State Agency: I’ve played with a lot of different .357 Magnum loads over the years. Confrontations often saw good guys armed with .38 Specials going against gangsters in fast-moving vehicles and armed with Thompson SMGs and Browning Automatic Rifles. can be cranked up a bit in velocity with jacketed bullets for a flatter trajectory in longer-distance shooting and hunting small game. I verified these loads in my Blackhawk with this latest round of testing, and like I said above, I explored a few more loads. So much so it is popular with silhouette shooters who reach out to 100 yards, or more, to knock down small steel targets. For the 140 grain JHP the MV is 1360 fps and the ME is 575 ft. lbs. Here’s a chart summarizing my accuracy results: There you have it. Loading swaged lead bullets in .38 Spl. Fortunately for me both loads shoot extremely well out of my Model 686 and the Rossi. bullet at 1,175 fps. Factory .357 loads ranged from 1500 fps up to 2000 feet per second depending on the brand of ammo. There is a wide range of acceptable bullets available, and multiple powders are listed in most reloading manuals. Simple and to the point. New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: One of the great things about a .357 Magnum handgun is you can also shoot .38 Special loads in it. Then, I would try 358477 with an appropriate load of H110. Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Rhode Island Department of Fish & Wildlife, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, Michigan Deptartment of Natural Resources, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, State Agency: When I fired several powder-coated bullets fairly quickly, I could smell the paint. I have a pair of 5″ 27-5s which are some of the last production model .357 Magnums made and they routinely out-shoot my Pre-27 and early Model 27. .38 Special +P loads make particularly good practice ammunition and with 125 grain bullets shoot sufficiently flat for small game hunting. The V8 Ford had arrived and was used to great success by bank robbers of the time. That totals up to .38s costing nearly the same as some .22 Long Rifle rounds. Lead bullets are great for such high-volume shooting. It’s one of my favorite revolvers and it’s not for sale (it never will be; I learned my lesson about letting good guns get away). Creating loads for those separate applications requires some thought and time at the loading bench. There is a need for more articles like this one. New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, State Agency: Our in-depth review of the latest Big Boy, the Color Case Hardened version, can be read here: There is one problem with modern-day .357 magnum loads: Many of the ammunition manufacturers have watered down their .357 Magnum factory loads. Today all of these are known as Pre-Model 27s.The Model 27 went through various changes and can be found with model numbers from 27, 27-1 up to 27-6 before the standard model was removed from production in 1994. My old Hornady manual indicates the 110 grain Hornady bullet with 10.0 grains of Unique exits the muzzle at 1450 feet per second. The 180’s never over penetrated any “targets” and the 240’s would break most any part of a car engine you sent it to. I had a new Model 27 that I wore out in a couple of seasons in the metallic silhouette game; it suffered from extreme gas cutting under the top strap and a cylinder that sashayed around like an exotic dancer in a room full of big tippers. If you’re looking to put a serious hurt on something or someone, the choices are many: .44 Magnum, .41 Magnum, .454 Casull, .475 and .500 Linebaugh, not to mention heavy-loaded .45 Colt rounds and longer-than-standard cartridges such as the .460 and .500 S&W Magnums. / 1,014 ft. lbs. All of the loads shot well in the rifle but velocities varied depending on the powder used in the hand loads or the brand of factory ammo. I’ve always believed that a .38 Special cartridge would never be quite as accurate in a .357 Magnum handgun because the bullet has to make a longer jump to reach the rifling, and my testing last week did nothing to change my mind on that count. Powder coating is a concept that’s been around for a few years as an alternative to lubing cast bullets. That is enough to load an additional 83 cartridges if you’re using 3.0 grains of Hodgdon Titegroup with a 150-grain lead wadcutter. and eliminate those fouling rings. I guess that’s a good thing, as the .38 Special cartridges have lighter recoil. Please leave a comment here on the blog if your experience is different than mine. w/ 23.5 H-110. 50 yards: 1,541 f.p.s. I can make hundreds of bullets an hour casting with a four-cavity NEI 150 358WC mold. Your mileage may vary. You can read many of them on AmmoLand News. A handgunner using .38 Specials is set for targets, plinking and small game while .357 Mag. Loading The .38 Spl.Lead bullets work best when loading standard .38 Spl. .38 Special +P loads make particularly good practice ammunition and with 125 grain bullets shoot sufficiently flat for small game hunting. / 836 ft. lbs. loads listed in the accompanying table, a bullet hit several inches low, ruining an otherwise tight group. Varying weights dispensed from the powder measure caused those velocity spreads. Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, State Agency: And there’s .357 Maximum, which was a short-lived cartridge made for a special model of the Ruger Blackhawk. When I buy ammo is .357 all they need to know? Always consult a reputable reloading manual (I like the Hornady and Lyman manuals best). 14” includes loading data for only 110- and 125-grain jacketed bullets for standard-pressure .38 Spl. From Colt came the .38 Super or Super .38 (depending upon who was speaking) chambered in their 1911 while Smith & Wesson used their .44 frame revolver chambered in .38 Special to handle what we now often refer to as .38/44 rounds. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, State Agency: Accuracy. Always looking for new powders etc. With that in mind, we loaded fifty rounds of each powder using new Starline brass, CCI magnum primers and 158 grain Hornady XTP bullets. It is available in both brass frame and steel frame versions and has become popular with cowboy action shooters, as well as hunters. Today it’s pretty easy to look at the .357 Magnum as a shadow of its former self whenever matched against these more powerful rounds. Confusing, huh. / 428 ft. lbs. You can also purchase .38 Special ammo and enjoy lighter recoil. I have found the 140-146 grain bullets to be a good all-around choice for use in the field and very accurate. Penetration. However, the .357 is no less a great cartridge than it was in the beginning and, in fact, still is. I’m going to have to look into this powder. When I shot metallic silhouette competition I used a 200-grain cast roundnose bullet in my .357 Magnum Model 27 Smith and Wesson. .357 Magnum factory ballistics tables call for a muzzle velocity of 1450 fps for the 125 grain JHP with 583 ft. lbs. We look at some of the custom firearms produced in the last four years in honor of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. But I can't imagine you would need anything more than this load as long as it shoot accurately. With their light recoil and low cost, .38s are made for shooting, which means high-production loading. For more than a year before the release of this gun, Col. Wesson manufactured a few pilot models, building and rebuilding each one, redesigning this and that until he found a suitable combination. I have never seen 1680 used in a pistol ctg. And, in case you are wondering, we used Rob Behr's new book, “Western Powders Handloading Guide,” for our load data. These plated bullets are offered by Berry and Xtreme. I have found these to be useful practice and small game loads. It used to be a standard .38 Special bullet for police duty, but very few (if any) departments carry .38s today, and nobody seems to stock the 200-grain bullets. The very first 8-3/4″ barreled one went to the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover while Phil Sharpe received the second. To promote the new sixgun — simply called the .357 Magnum — and cartridge, Col. Wesson used the new combination to take antelope, elk, moose and even grizzly bear.

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