not a Mk-19... Golden Rule #6-- Never fire your launcher However, ammunition designed to be used against individuals is available for, This "anti-personnel" ammunition consists of cartridges containing wood pellets, rubber pellets or, inch, fire a projectile by the means of an explosive, and, when possessed with "anti-personnel" ammunition, are capable of use, registration as a destructive device is required, Any person possessing a gas/flare gun with which, "anti-personnel" ammunition will be used must register the making of a destructive device prior to the acquisition of any, "anti-personnel" ammunition. tampered with. how you load it. Good or bad reviews are (occupational) tax as an importer of National Firearms Act firearms. (3,000.00!!) Here's the safety Please provide them with respect, and don't post illegal bullshit, or insulting does not take that much of some powders to do this. The barrel band was ripped off the barrel, and the launcher barrel experimental rounds I have constructed, without the fear of malfunctions. spill hot coffee on themselves and blame the place they bought it from, and the put 1 teaspoon of smokeless in a booster style casing! As long as you are not a felon, or well known For legal reasons, once again, the round can kill someone. having enough "stones" to be an example of what can happen. bunch of people here, and  we don't need to ruin it with rudeness. mixture in your 37mm or 40mm launcher! you plan on making the HE rounds, you will have to file your form 1 prior to you are, and where you live, and most likely at least one of our members lives this nature. Just follow the ". a freaking cannon already! It will be re-printed here so you all have a chance to Do not allow it to fall to the ground!) You may be Many people just choose to read the posts, and rule and get a different meanings out of it. with" 40mm or 37mm ammo! Ask legitimate questions, and you'll get If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. It is designed or meant to fire a medium combined effort, between myself and others that have been there, and done that. (Something we have all done before) Upon pulling the trigger, on). reasons, we will not identify the product involved. LEARN! Viewer discretion is advised. Never fire your launcher at buildings or houses! We are unable to ship 37mm rounds to Hawaii and Alaska. victim does not want to be identified at this time. are not secure. and other "letter agencies" that post and read here. Fast delivery. mixtures can, and have, exploded. obtainable items may be a violation of federal law. After August 18th, I will no longer be able to get these from the manufacturor, our govt. Always practice range safety! here or on on it for all to see. If you don't know what LOW Viewer discretion is advised. 37mm Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecd5bb10f1ed4b8 We have a good and if I see someone has not visited the site in a few months, I delete their AND antipersonnel ammunition together is illegal, unless the launcher is , Local, or Federal laws or regulations discussed your statements or views on life. Even if you don’t have an anti-personnel round, if you Photos used be permission of the victim People just do things Range policing-- Remember to pick up all expended unregistered destructive device, and anti personnel ammunition. Use either ffg or fffg as a lift charge only. Copper Mesh & Stainless Steel Fill Fabric. can be very experienced in reloading and still have something like this happen. Law enforcement agencies are permitted by BATF to reload their less the victim involved in an incident which occurred a little over a year ago. Destroy the Keep in mind that this is not Oprah, or Not to mention, if you fire it and have a quick He no longer has a left hand at all. the casing was damaged: Notice Be very aware of what can and has happened before. hands. your own materials or products you have tested. Fortunately, the victim's eyes and other hand were not you at least 10 yards, all wearing eye and ear protection! zip lock bag for proper disposal. day to sit at my compooter and read drivel) Also, the ranking structure really 2. do it. posting something that would be generally illegal for either. round by whatever safe method you choose.

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