ubhal, úll; Scots Gaelic ubhall; Manx, ooyl; Welsh, afal; Corn. Rowan is sacred to Brigit and her Northern English persona, Brigantia, whose arrows were said to be made of Rowan wood. 9. At one time the felling of an alder was punishable, and it is still avoided. Hazel was a handy tree to have around. The Druids revered the Oak over all other trees, believing that it hosted the energies of their Gods. Or which Tarot card suit best represents your personality? You'll need JavaScript to take the quiz. Rowan is a tree of power, The oak tree has long been venerated by people of many cultures as a symbol of strength and power. We discussed whether the European species was important or whether our native species of the same genus was significant. It is represented by the Celtic Ogham symbol Huath.
Holly is represented by the Ogham symbol Tinne. In Ireland many individual elder trees were thought haunted by fairies or demons. An apple-tree grew from the grave of the tragic lover Ailinn. In the Irish tale Echtra Condla (The Adventure of Conle), Conle the son of Conn is fed an apple by a fairy lover, which sustains him with food and drink for a month without diminishing; but it also makes him long for the woman and the beautiful country of women to which his lover is enticing him. Rowan berries are associated with Life, Blood, and the Life Cycle. This “month” is three days in length, being the last two days of October and the first of November (corresponding to our Samhain). Wands of druids were made from wood either of the yew or of the apple. Ash leaves in a bowl of water were said to heal the sick when placed under the sick person’s bed overnight. Oil of Birch Tar is used in the tanning of Russian leather, and the sap is used along with honey, cloves, lemon peel, and yeast to produce Birch wine and also a reportedly very yummy cordial. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (brought together by the fifth point on a pentagram, the Spirit) are as helpful as they can be dangerous. For many of us, a deep spiritual connection to trees forms the basis for our Druid practice and the answer is yes, we love trees! This blend in made from the combination of 9 sacred Witchcraft trees that is part of our tradition. The Hawthorn is also associated with the realm of Faerie, and when the Hawthorn grows in tandem with an Ash and Oak, it is said to attract the Fae. They are used as an infusion to cure catarrh, and when dried and sniffed (powdered), they are said to stop a runny nose. The mighty Oak is strong, powerful, and typically towering over all of its neighbors.

Ash seedpods may be used in divination, and the wood has the power to ward off fairies, especially on the Isle of Man.

There are additional ingredients added, I won’t be including a list of the extra ingredients. In Irish legend, it is associated with running water and with salmon, also a symbol of wisdom. Birch is one of the traditional woods used for besoms.

So let's take a closer look at these Sacred trees. Black Willow is a sexual sedative. Birch .

The place-name story for Fordruim, an early name for Tara, describes it as a pleasant hazel wood. Willow . The Proto-Celtic word was *aballā; Old Irish, uball, ubull; Modern Irish. ), As the Wiccan Rede goes, "Nine woods in the Cauldron go, To my delight, I discovered that it has a well-forested City Park. Unusual size, beauty, the wide range of materials they provided, unique physical characteristics, or simply the power of the tree's spirit could grant it a central place in the folklore and mythology of a culture. Hawthorn is masculine. Use Willow for fertility, healing, divination, and dowsing for water. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. And they are as follows. Hawthorn . As the Wiccan Rede goes, "Nine woods in the Cauldron go, Priests of the Goddess Artemis would undergo flogging until the pain transformed into erotic sensations, and the blood and semen would “fertilize the land.” Boy, there used to be a job for everybody…. Apple - tree ever decked with blooms of white…. Medicinally, Hawthorn is an anti-spasmodic and diuretic. All this research spurred my curiosity about whether I could visit all these species in my town, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. An alphabet of twenty-five characters used for inscriptions on magickal tools in Celtic Ireland & Britain. In the Ulster Cycle the soul of Cú Roí was confined in an apple that lay in the stomach of a salmon which appeared once every seven years. This is most likely a faery being. Initiate members of the Fianna had to defend themselves armed only with a hazel stick and a shield; yet in the Fenian legends the hazel without leaves was thought evil, dripping poisonous milk, and the home of vultures. They include: birch, oak, rowan, willow, hawthorn, hazel, apple, grapes, fir, and the Elder (which should not be burned.)

The leaves have no taste, nor scent, but the berries are poisonous. Alder trees are very long lived, and don’t reach sexual maturity until the age of 30 years. Traces of hazelnuts have been found in a 'Celtic' style three-chained suspension bowl discovered in a post-Roman burial dated to 650 CE in London. Hikers should put Alder leaves in their shoes to ease their pain. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Even more esteemed than the hazel's wood were its nuts, often described as the 'nuts of wisdom', e.g. burn them quick a' burn them slow. Oil of Birch Tar is astringent and works well as an insect repellent.

6. Here they are as stated in the Wiccan Rede: "Nine woods in the Cauldron go, Burn them fast and burn them slow. rough hoops made of Rowan wood to ensure protection and fertility. Have only attended one Druid ritual. Hang a sprig of Holly in your house to ensure good luck and safety to your family. Elder is a particularly hard wood, and pan pipes and flutes are traditionally made from it. UK: +44 (0)1273470888, Nine Sacred Woods: A Druid Walk in the Park. First I want to mention that there is as with most old traditions, variation and debate on the interpretation of the Nine Sacred Trees. In Welsh tradition Gwydion and Math use the flower of oak with broom to fashion the beautiful Blodeuwedd. Use it in magic associated with chastity, marriage, fertility, protection, and death. When a forested area burns, Birch is the first tree to grow back, and thus is associated with rebirth and regeneration. It is stated in the source that the tree provides horses for the Sidhe (Faeries), and so it should be burned. This is because it makes an extremely hot fire. The acorn was under the protection of Cybele (the goddess of Nature). They include: birch, oak, rowan, willow, hawthorn, hazel, apple, grapes, fir, and the Elder (which should not be burned. It is ruled over by Mars and its element is Fire. The Breton pseudosaint Konorin was reborn by means of an apple. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.
)(1897) 'Antiquities and Curiosities of the Church, William Andrews & Co., London 1897; pp. by Steward of the Woods ~  Druids love trees…right? In many pre-Christian societies, the Oak was often associated with the leaders of the gods–Zeus, Thor, Jupiter, and so forth. In an often-cited passage from Historia Naturalis (1st century AD), Pliny the Elder describes a festival on the sixth day of the moon where the druids climbed an oak tree, cut a bough of mistletoe, and sacrificed two white bulls as part of a fertility rite. Hazelnuts were traditionally considered good luck for weddings. The Proto-Celti for 'ash' was *onnos; Old Irish, nin; Irish, fuinseog; Scots Gaelic, fuinnseann; Manx, unjin; Welsh, onnen; Cornish, onnen; Breton, onnenn. Hazel leaves and nuts are found in early British burial mounds and shaft-wells, especially at Ashill, Norfolk. Alders are especially associated with Bran; at Cad Goddeu, 'The Battle of the Trees', Gwydion guessed Bran's name from the alder twigs in his hand. This comparison showed many common trees but some variation among sources. Hazel . Old Irish is tromm; Modern Irish is trom; Scots Gaelic, troman, droman; Welsh, ysgawen; Cornish, scawen; Breton, skavenn.[9].

Birch leaf tea is used for gout, rheumatism, and dropsy. The list morphed into a table of 18 species by common and scientific name, along with Celtic source correspondence.

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