By August, his brigade was surrounded by the Israeli Army. Aburish states that Nasser was not fully capable of addressing Syrian problems because they were "foreign to him". Naguib assumed the additional role of prime minister, and Nasser that of deputy prime minister. [11][15] After witnessing clashes between protesters and police in Manshia Square,[12] he joined the demonstration without being aware of its purpose. [38] He began to form a group of young military officers with strong nationalist sentiments who supported some form of revolution. [68], In January 1953, Nasser overcame opposition from Naguib and banned all political parties,[69] creating a one-party system under the Liberation Rally, a loosely structured movement whose chief task was to organize pro-RCC rallies and lectures,[70] with Nasser its secretary-general. [296][297] The party carried minor political influence,[298] and splits between its members beginning in 1995 resulted in the gradual establishment of splinter parties,[299] including Hamdeen Sabahi's 1997 founding of Al-Karama. [112] Nasser himself would later state that he decided on 23 July, after studying the issue and deliberating with some of his advisers from the dissolved RCC, namely Boghdadi and technical specialist Mahmoud Younis, beginning on 21 July. [167] Nasser then left for Moscow to meet with Nikita Khrushchev. [69], Nasser instructed al-Azhar to create changes in its syllabus that trickled to the lower levels of Egyptian education, consequently allowing the establishment of coeducational schools and the introduction of evolution into school curriculum. [181] He put Syria under Sarraj, who effectively reduced the province to a police state by imprisoning and exiling landholders who objected to the introduction of Egyptian agricultural reform in Syria, as well as communists. [320], Some of Nasser's liberal and Islamist critics in Egypt, including the founding members of the New Wafd Party and writer Jamal Badawi, dismissed Nasser's popular appeal with the Egyptian masses during his presidency as being the product of successful manipulation and demagoguery. Afterwards, Nasser published a simple six-point program in Rose al-Yūsuf to dismantle feudalism and British influence in Egypt. [88] Arab nationalist terms such "Arab homeland" and "Arab nation" frequently began appearing in his speeches in 1954–55, whereas prior he would refer to the Arab "peoples" or the "Arab region". He was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Rodney Purvis in July 2018. [154] Relations with King Saud also became antagonistic as the latter began to fear that Nasser's increasing popularity in Saudi Arabia was a genuine threat to the royal family's survival. Kept aside Abdel Nader financial earnings, his personal assets include a Home in Oklahoma City.

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