Peter Lake and Michael Questier, ‘Margaret Clitherow, Catholic Nonconformity, Martyrology and the Politics of Religious Change in Elizabethan England,’ Past and Present 185 (2004): 43-90 at 44-45. oath to be taken, together with the authorising statute…While a few of the rolls give places of residence, only one roll (E 169/80) includes full addresses”[51]. ‘St. 205, NA. Practiced by Edmunds, alias Weston a Jesuit, a divers Romish Priests his wicked associates. 75 1605-1675/6)’, A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature 1635-1789, Papenfuse et. All spies had to learn how to decipher code and this was important in the discovery of the Babington Plot. Walsingham realised the importance of properly trained spies and set up a spy school in which to educate them. Despite the King's known Catholic sympathies, the public atmosphere of hysteria was such that he had no choice but to revert to strict enforcement of the Penal Laws. 1585 Act against Jesuits, Seminary Priests and such other like Disobedient Persons A further act to ‘force’ Jesuits [14] and Seminary priests [15] to take the oath of allegiance to the Queen. is a religious order of men in the Catholic Church” –  (2 April 2019), [15] Catholic priests trained George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore (c. 1580-1632) was born in Kipling, Yorkshire to an established Roman Catholic family. series PC 1 (not digitised) such as: Sacramental certificates provide the name, address and No incriminating evidence against Weston could be found, but nonetheless he was imprisoned in Wisbech Castle for 10 years. 1702 – 1827. Tyrell became an informer for the Crown. On 25th March 1634, he landed at St. Clement’s Island in Maryland. has been published by the Society of Genealogy. An account of the exorcisms was written by Samuel Harsnett, chaplain to the bishop of London, Richard Bancroft, and published in 1603. For a transcription of the two inventories submitted as part of Copley and Brent’s libel, see Anon., ‘Richard Ingle in Maryland,’ Maryland Historical Society Magazine Vol. 5 July1559. Alongside Jerome Hawley (1590-1638), Lewgar co-authored A Brief Relation of Maryland (1634/5) to attract colonists to Maryland. [6] Approx. [10] This tolerant attitude made it impossible to enforce the Penal Laws against the upper classes: in 1613 the justices of the peace of Northamptonshire remarked casually that due to their high regard for Sir Thomas Brudenell (later the 1st Earl of Cardigan), they had repeatedly dismissed charges of recusancy against him and numerous members of his family. 11 Gul. They were to be denied the usual 40 days of grace to leave the country: instead they were to be held in prison "in order to their trial". 84 General Archives S.J., Anglia, Historia, iv., 125-140, 857-864: a MS. draft in the handwriting of H. More, 863-864, [1645] reprinted in Thomas Hughes S.J., History of the Society of Jesus in North America: Colonial and Federal, 1, pt. 69 The last exorcism occurred on April 23, 1586. There was a brief revival of anti-Catholic sentiment caused by the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, but it seems to have largely died away by 1612. C. H. Firth, and R. S. Rait (London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1911), 598-603. and “The rolls contain the actual The Stuart dynasty which succeeded her was in general disposed to religious toleration,[7] and the Treaty of London of 1604 which ended the Anglo-Spanish War removed one obvious justification for persecution, as it could no longer be argued that English Catholics were potential agents for a hostile foreign power. If we do not, let us not look for scapegoats when we are condemned to repeat and experience these perils. Colley, Linda, Britons: Forging the Nation, 1707–1837 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1992) 2 Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. See: ‘Cornwaleys (Cornwallis), Thomas (ca. Leonard Calvert (c. 1606-1647) led the expedition to Maryland in 1633 as the colony’s first governor. The exorcisms were witnessed by huge crowds. Examination of John Lewgar, Question 13, [26 September 1645] in C24 690/14, NA. . country in order that they knew who to tax more heavily! 7 In March 1634 he and a small number of colonists made landfall at St. Clements Island on Maryland’s lower western shore. Catholics but also nonconformist protestants. An act against Jesuits, seminary priests, and such other like disobedient persons, also known as Jesuits, etc. Riordan, Timothy B., The Plundering Time: Maryland and the English Civil War 1645-1646 (Baltimore, MD: The Maryland Historical Society, 2004), 28-29. 78 . ; Estimated that 1/3 of gentry were recusants.

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