His style has always been hard to compare, though, to that of his peers. It only makes sense to celebrate with a pair of fun, fun release shows. “They seem to be able to do anything,” he says. Listen to Bahamas’ new record Sad Hunk, here. “So that’s what I am struggling with, this deeply internal thing. I just need my musical mind. Behind the Song: “Angel from Montgomery” by John Prine, Bruce Springsteen Announces Special COVID-19 Relief Concert, “Jersey 4 Jersey”. The artist admits his active avoidance of social platforms until this past summer, previously relying on touring as a sole means of fan connection. And that thing is always changing for me. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fellow musicians tweeting their love of Bahamas and Barchords included Johnson, Edwards, Sarah Harmer and Ryan Adams. “The big thing is realizing I have no time,” Jurvanen says. ", Jurvanen joined Edwards on a feather-light duet of Snowbird for a live CBC Radio taping recently. "This is probably one of the most nurturing, creative and honest music communities I'll probably ever know," said the Ottawa-born singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards (who was seen with her boyfriend, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, at Sunday's Grammys). "It's the promised land for sure," Jurvanen admits. Musical man-about-town Don Kerr helped out with the recording and did a little drumming here and there, while a few friends — including sometime Weakerthan Jason Tait and background vocalist Felicity Williams, both of whom play in the four-piece Bahamas touring ensemble — helped out with the occasional session. “That’s a nice position to be in as a performer.”, This luxury allows for this kaleidoscopic record to be interpreted as something cohesive. Jurvanen released his third album, Bahamas Is Afie on August 19, 2014. Instead, his catalog as a whole resonates with an ever-building, open-minded audience. “This song means a lot to me,” he admits. Don’t be fooled by Afie Jurvanen. [citation needed][25], Bahamas at the 2010 Wolfe Island Music Festival, Roots & Traditional Album of the Year – Solo, "Afie Jurvanen reinvents himself as Bahamas", "Music artist Bahamas grows into his adopted name", https://tonedeaf.thebrag.com/city-colour-3/, Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, "Exclaim! Jurvanen received a nomination for Songwriter of the Year for the tracks "Be My Witness", "Caught Me Thinking", and "Lost in the Light".[6]. [8] The album received first place on Q's Top 20 Albums of 2014. Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. With a strong slate of critically-acclaimed albums from 2011, Toronto has been talked up in some circles as the world's top music city of the moment. [10] He won the awards in both categories. “The big thing is realizing I have no time,” Jurvanen says. He recalls the experience as “almost effortless.” “I wish they all came that easy,” he adds. Emma-Lee: Following up her sublime, jazzy debut Never Just a Dream from 2008, the CBC Radio-approved/// singer-photographer discovers her inner rock chick with the just-out Backseat Heroine. “Whereas, if you do something that feels natural, it allows you to build an audience over time.”. Jurvanen recorded his debut album, Pink Strat, in a cabin in rural Ontario in 2008. “I wanted to go to the guys who already do that.”. © Copyright 2020 The Globe and Mail Inc. All rights reserved. asks Bahamas (a.k.a. By no means are we in some sort of luxurious state where it’s like private f---ing jets and all that stuff, but just the fact that we get to play music is a luxury in a lot of ways. After all, what are friends for? “I think, in a way, I’d rather not be ‘on trend,’ ” says Jurvanen. I try to be slower in my reaction to things. Barchords, a stylish victory of retro-minimalist restraint and fluid folk rock, is a follow-up to – and step-up from – Pink Strat. He's toured with rockers Zeus and singer-songwriter Jason Collett, and he recorded both his albums (at his then-girlfriend's house north of Toronto) with the help of Robbie Lackritz, his former roommate. “Whenever I had a problem, I used to think, ‘Oh, I’ll just do more. Jurvanen received a nomination for Songwriter of the Year for the tracks "Be My Witness", "Caught Me Thinking", and "Lost in the Light".[6].

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