AT 802 Air Inlet System; Ag Cat Engine Driven Air Conditioner; Cool Start System; Hydraulic Fire Gate; Full Swivel Lockable Tail Wheels; Single Point Fueling System; Thrush Bonded Leading Edges The Grumman American subsidiary, which also owned the Grumman Gulfstream design series, was sold to American Jet Industries in 1978. Air Tractor, Inc.|PO Box 485, Olney, TX 76374||940-564-5616, ©2020 Air Tractor, Inc. | Designed by Traction in OKC. [4]Schweizer sold the design to Ag-Cat Corp. of Malden, Missouri in 1995. [6] In 1981 Schweizer bought the rights to the design and continued production under the name Schweizer Ag-Cat. [3] Full production began in January 1959 with Schweizer delivering 12 FAA certified airplanes to Grumman by March 1959. Turbo Cat; M-18 Dromader; Turbo 206 – Cessna; GE. In 1955, Grumman preliminary design engineers Joe Lippert and Arthur Koch proposed the design for a "purpose built" crop dusting airplane as a means of fulfilling a pressing need in the agricultural community as well as the perceived need for Grumman to diversify its product lines. No other single-engine ag plane offers more working capacity.

Air Tractor AT-802A: For High Production Profitability. The Grumman G-164 Ag Cat is a single-engine biplane agricultural aircraft, developed by Grumman in the 1950s. [2][3] This initial flight test consisted of three short familiarization hops with the take-off weight set at 3122 lbs, and the centre of gravity at 31.2%. [3], Large military orders prevented the production of the Ag-Cat at Grumman's Bethpage facility. Grumman transferred ownership to its commercial aircraft subsidiary, Grumman American, in 1973. Mr. Grumman agreed and the Grumman G-164 became the "Ag-Cat."

However, Dick Reade suggested "Ag-Cat," following Grumman's naming tradition using the suffix "-Cat" in aircraft names (e.g., F4F Wildcat and F6F Hellcat). Initial production was through a contract between Schweizer Aircraft Corporation,[4] and Grumman. The Ag Cat was the first aircraft specifically designed by a major aircraft company for agricultural aviation, and the first aircraft designed according to the regulations of Civil Aeronautics Manual Part 8, which had been written especially for agricultural aircraft. The initial market survey indicated that 100 - 200 of this type could be sold each year. Development. The first Schweizer-built Ag-Cat, bearing registration number N10200 flew on October 17, 1958 under the control of Schweizer test pilot Clyde Cook. Lippert's initial proposal was made under the project name "Farmair 1000.". In February 2001 the design was sold to Allied Ag-Cat Productions Inc. of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Grumman's Board of Directors chose to subcontract the entire program to the Schweizer Aircraft Company of Elmira, New York. This study indicated that there was a potential market demand for more than 100 aircraft each year. [citation needed], Data from Jane's Civil and Military Aircraft Upgrades 1994–95[11], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, "FAA Registry - Aircraft - Make / Model Inquiry", "National Agricultural Aviation Association",, 1950s United States agricultural aircraft, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 April 2020, at 11:36. The Ag Cat was the first aircraft specifically designed by a major aircraft company for agricultural aviation,[2] and the first aircraft designed according to the regulations of Civil Aeronautics Manual Part 8, which had been written especially for agricultural aircraft. From initial production through 1981, Schweizer built 2,455 aircraft under contract. A total of 46 test flights were completed by the end of August 1958 with a general finding that this was a well-behaved aircraft with only minor refinements needed before production. [4] Lippert and Koch were recognized for their innovation in agricultural aircraft, being awarded the Puffer Award by Delta Air Lines in 1974.

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