Keizou Kusakawa served as the chief director, with Shingo Tamaki also as a director, and Takashi Aoshima as the script writer. Yoshiko Hanabatake is a stupid high school girl, that she even gets zeroes on her multiple choice tests. [1] It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine on November 28, 2012. We have all kinds of interesting and fascinating trivia from this year to share with you. [38], The opening theme is "Zenryoku☆Summer!" He does this because, if there's any one thing that Yoshiko is relatively good at, it's making friends. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Do you want award-winning journalism with a Christian worldview, delivered to your inbox? On the way to school, Yoshiko comes in conflict with the Public Morals Chairwoman, but when Akuru starts acting nice to her, the Chairwoman falls in love with Akuru. Indeed, Yoshiko has a way with people, but the unnamed Public Morals Chairwoman refuses to be moved. Sort by. He is annoyed by her idiotic personally and wishes she would leave him alone. Akuru is a handsome fair-skinned young man with short, straight, black hair with bangs and stern-looking brown eyes. 1: Is Manga over??? [13], An anime adaptation produced by Diomedéa aired under the title Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl from July 4, 2017[35][36] to September 19, 2017. The Chairwoman finds Akuru at his class, but when Akuru assumes it's another bag inspection and tells her she can search him in whatever way she wants, the president gets overly excited while Yoshiko tries to stop her. Yoshiko and Dog race a motorcyclist down a highway. She constantly hangs out with and annoys her studious and serious neighbor/childhood friend Akuru Akutsu, whom Yoshiko's mother wants her to marry. She even gets zeroes on multiple choice tests. Meanwhile, Ryuichi spends the vacation trying to delay Yoshiko's mom from ruining the trip. She has light brown hair styled in long twin tails. But still,l it doesn't mak up too much. The manga was serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine starting on November 28, 2012. Yoshiko and the playground kids catch cicadas. Aside from Akuru, she will also befriend the level headed Sayaka Sumino and a delinquent guy named Ryuichi Kurosaki, who mistakes her for a gang leader. 0 comments. A group of, While lamenting her lack of a love life, Atsuko encounters the captivating "Yoshio." Yoshiko's mom uses Ryuichi to put Akuru to sleep so that she can blackmail Akuru into marrying Yoshiko. Yoshiko tries to cheer up Akuru at home by acting like a mother to her baby. The only people Akuru gets along with is Sayaka Sumino and Dog who are the only beings besides him to have sense. Covers chapters published in, The volume introduces the main characters for the series: Yoshiko Hanabatake, a stupid and clueless high school girl; her classmate and neighbor Akuru Akutsu who loves to study but is annoyed by her shenanigans; Yoshiko's mom devises schemes for the two to be together in romantic situations; Sayaka Sumino, a classmate that becomes friends with the two; Ryuichi Kurosaki, a delinquent guy who looks up to Yoshiko; the school's Head Monitor, a girl who despises Yoshiko, but develops an obsessive crush on Akuru; Akuru's little sister Ruri, who also struggles academically; the neighborhood kids at the playground that Yoshiko hangs out with; and Atusko Oshieda, who is Yoshiko's homeroom teacher. no comments yet. This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 18:32. Encourage others to read the source material rather than confirming or denying theories. AHO-GIRL ep 12 END *spoilers* Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other ... Last ; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. [48] Volume 6 placed 24th and sold 52,198 copies over 2 weeks. They are polar opposites. Aho Girl “ For a final episode, I’m surprised at how flippant Aho Girl is about its impending end. [2] A crossover one-shot with Love Hina was released on August 27, 2014. [3] Twelve compilation volumes by Kodansha have been released. Though he bemoans the ridiculous behavior he has to endure, the studious but terrifying A-kun is always ready to put an end to any stupidity Yoshiko gets up to, with no qualms about using physical force. The most viewed series from that year on Anime Characters Database is Classroom of the Elite ( 5476 views ). He usually wears his school uniform and always has a serious expression. Yoshiko, the playground kids and Ruri play, Chapters 106-112. Yoshiko confronts a delinquent student Ryuichi Kurosaki but wins him over with her idiocy. Though he does genuinely care for her, Akuru seems to have very low expectations of her and often tells her how it’s okay to be a failure, prompting her to not like him and telling him to his face that she wants a better brother. Our series view count resets each month as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular. Please click here to learn how. The only person he considered as a friend. Covers chapters published in, Chapters 37-54. Yoshiko also befriends Ryuichi Kurosaki, a delinquent who thinks of Yoshiko as a gang leader, a group of playground kids, a group of gyarus, and some other students and staff at school. She hangs out with her studious classmate and neighbor Akuru Akutsu, who is frequently annoyed by her antics and does not hesitate to physically scold Yoshiko. She loves eating bananas. [12] The English manga cover presents the title as a dictionary definition. Covers chapters published in, Yoshiko visits Akane at her home and they read a manga together. Her skin and hair are very well-cared, because she wants to look good in Akuru Akutsu's eyes. Reminder: Please do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show. Each episode runs for only 15 minutes. She frequently hangs out with her neighbor, childhood best friend and class… Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. He gets along well with Sayaka, being the only person that he doesn't mind or yell at. Aside from Akuru, she will also befriend the level headed Sayaka Sumino and a delinquent guy named Ryuichi Kurosaki, who mistakes her for a gang leader. Join over 250,000 others to get the top stories curated daily, plus special offers! "Doujin Work Creator Hiroyuki's New Manga Is Aho Girl", "Sankarea's Hattori Illustrates Tahi Saihate's New Novel in June", "Aoi Yūki, Tomokazu Sugita Star in Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl Anime", "Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl Anime Casts Taku Yashiro, Sayaka Senbongi, Rina Satou", "Love Hina, Aho Girl Get Crossover Manga One-Shot", "Hiroyuki's Aho-Girl Manga Ends in December", "Kodansha Comics Adds Frau Faust, Fairy Tail: Rhodonite, Kigurumi Defense Squad, Aho Girl, Hōseki no Kuni, More Manga", "Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl Manga Gets TV Anime This Summer", "TV Anime "Aho-Girl" Releases 1st PV and OP Song MV for July 4 Premiere", "Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl Anime's Visual, Character Designs Revealed", "Crunchyroll to Simulcast Aho-Girl, Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, Netsuzou Trap, Tsuredure Children Anime", "ngela、26枚目のシングルが7月5日発売決定。今夏放送のTVアニメ『アホガール』オープニングテーマ", Danshi Kōkōsei o Yashinaitai Onē-san no Hanashi. Aho Girl) “Meeting… and! Then again, do opposites really attract on the newest Japanese slice of life anime series, "Aho Girl"? Yoshiko tries to help Ruri find something she can do well outside of classwork. Will he eventually develop romantic feelings for his friend, or will he end up choosing Sayaka, just as Yoshiko's mother fears he will? Yoshiko becomes friends with the level-headed Sayaka Sumino, who, along with Akuru, try to keep Yoshiko in check. Yoshiko and Chairwoman have a showdown in the men's bathroom over the subject of their boobs. Akuru is an intelligent and serious high school student who is forced to deal with Yoshiko Hanabatake’s stupidity. Akuru Akutsu (阿久津 明 Akutsu Akuru) is the deuteragonist in Aho-Girl. Unlike him, his neighbor and friend, Yoshiko, has made a name for herself for being incredibly stupid in both academic and social affairs. Sayaka meets Akuru's little sister Ruri Akutsu who is having trouble in school.

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