Romanian AK-74 Bayonet List Price: $99.99. I am going to get a solid piece of aluminum to fabricate a stronger unit. We cannot ship prohibited magazines to out of state addresses and we cannot alter or customize magazines at this time. If you have an Ak variant built in the Assualt Weapon Ban period you have no bayonet lug. Soviet naval infantrymen in 1990 with bayonet-equipped AKS-74 rifles. These variants, the AK-74N, AKS-74N and AKS-74UN can be used in conjunction with NSPU and NSPU-3 (1PN51)[45] night sights, as well as optical sights such as the USP-1 (1P29). [47][48], The Kalashnikov Concern has further developed three sets of additional equipment for the modernization of 5.45×39mm and 7.62×39mm chambered AK-pattern assault rifles for normal military units, reconnaissance units, and special forces units. An AK-74M universal upgrade kit consisting of a new safety, dust cover and furniture featuring improved ergonomics and rails to attach accessories like aiming optics, optoelectronic sights, laser sights, weapon lights and vertical fore grips and a new muzzle device had its official debut on 9 May 2015 in Moscow as part of the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade. A modernized AK-74 displayed in 2013 by Internal troops special units. Note the complexity of the design and the extensive machining required on the cross guard, latch, blade tang and pommel. Due to the fact that the AKS-74U is moderately concealable with its stock folded and capable of easily defeating IIIa soft body armour, it continues to be able to perform the role of a modern Personal Defense Weapon, despite being designed in the 1970s. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. In general, this is more accurate than the AK-47 and the AKM. Several different bayonet designs had been considered and several prototype and experimental bayonets can be found in reference books. It has been augmented and replaced by various submachine guns, and the less compact AK-105 carbine in Russian military service. Accessories supplied with the military version of the rifle include a 6H4 or 6H5 type bayonet, a quick-loading device, three spare magazines, four 15-round stripper clips, maintenance kit, cleaning rod and sling. The 1P29 is intended for quickly engaging point and area targets at various ranges and is zeroed for both windage and elevation at 400 m (437 yd).
The TTT specifications required a weight no greater than 2.2 kg (4.9 lb), a length of 75 cm (29.5 in)/45 cm (17.7 in) with the stock unfolded/folded, and an effective firing range of 500 m (547 yd). A stadiametric rangefinder is incorporated that can be used to determine the distance for a soldier sized target from 400 to 700 m (437 to 766 yd). A pair of support brackets are cast into the gas block assembly and are used to attach a BG-15c or GP-25 underslung 40 mm grenade launcher. Modernized AK-74M assault rifles displayed in 2015 by VDV troops. by Mr. B.

The buttstock, lower handguard and upper heatguard were first manufactured from laminated wood, this later changed to a synthetic, plum or dark brown colored fiberglass. The magazines can be quickly recharged from stripper clips. The Russians are coming! Built on a solid foundation AA MFG can offer, If you live in a magazine restricted state and the magazine that comes with the firearm would be illegal, we will remove the magazine from the order and ship the firearm to your FFL dealer without the magazine. The AK-74 gas tube has a spring washer attached to its rear end designed to retain the gas tube more securely. » Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:53 pm, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, For the Identification of Unknown AK Bayonets and Related Discussion such as Displaying, Use, etc. Plastic scabbard with wire cutter.Very good condition. A rear-mounted sling swivel is also provided on the right side at the beginning of the stock frame. The front sight is a post adjustable for elevation in the field. The vertical and horizontal mean (R50) deviations with service ammunition at 800 m (875 yd) for four Russian rifles are: The single-shot hit-probability on the NATO E-type Silhouette Target (a human upper body half and head silhouette) of the AK-47, AK-74 and M16A1 and M16A2 assault rifles were measured by the US military under ideal proving ground conditions in the 1980s as follows: Under worst field exercise circumstances, due to range estimation and aiming errors, the hit probabilities for the tested assault rifles were drastically reduced with differences without operational significance.

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