As then-Board Member John Goglia wrote in the NTSB final report, “This was a maintenance accident…more pure than any others.”. 1620:35 CAM-1 * [1] This and other evidence suggested to the NTSB that "the SFO mechanic who was responsible for lubricating the jackscrew assembly in September 1999 did not adequately perform the task". Ocean about

1603:48 CAM-2 I got it.

LAX-MX Radio transmission from Alaska Airlines Maintenance facility The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable 1607:47 RDO-1 affirmative thank you. 1551:05 MZT affirm one one nine decimal ninety five. Alaska Airlines now flies from Puerto Vallarta–Seattle/Tacoma non-stop with Flight 203 and Puerto Vallarta-San Francisco non-stop with Flight 373. but we will be going into L A X Center Alaska two sixty one we are uh in a dive here, Yeah we're out of twenty six thousand feet we're in a vertical dive - not a dive yet - but uh we've lost vertical control of our airplane, We're at twenty three seven request uh - yeah we''ve got it back under control there no we don't (unintelligible), Alaska two sixty one uh say the altitude you'd like to uh remain at, Two sixty one we're at twenty four thousand feet kinda stabilized - we're slowin here and uh - do a little troubleshooting we'll can you give me a block between uh twenty and twenty five, Alaska two sixty one maintain block altitude flight level two zero zero through flight level two five zero, Alaska two sixty one we'll take that block we'll be monitoring the freq, Alaska two sixty one uh let me know if you need anything, (unintelligible) we're still working at it, Alaska two sixty one contact LA center one two six point five two they're aware of your uh situation, K Alaska two sixty one say again the frequency one two zero five two, Uh Alaska two sixty one twenty six fifty two, LA Alaska two sixty one uh we're with you at twenty two five we have a jammed stabilizer and ah we're maintaining altitude with difficulty uh but uh we can maintain altitude we think and our intention is to land at Los Angeles, Alaska two sixty one Alaska Center roger uh you're cleared to Los Angeles Airport via present position uh direct Santa Monica direct Los Angeles and uh you want lower now or what do you wanna do sir, Center Alaska two sixty one I need to uh get down about ten change my configuration make sure I can control the jet and I'd like to do that out there over the bay if I may, Ok Alaska two sixty one roger that stand by there, Hey Alaska two sixty one wants to go into LA, He wants to get down to around ten thousand feet but he wants to do it out there over the bay, I'm gonna send him out on like a two eighty heading right now and then uh, Put him on a two eighty heading take him down to one seven thousand radar contact, Alaska two sixty one uh fly heading of two eight zero and descend and maintain one seven thousand, Two eight zero and one seven seventeen thousand Alaska two sixty one and we generally need a block altitude, Ok uh just um I'll tell you what uh do that for now sir and contact LA Center on three five point five they'll have further uh instructions for you sir, K thirty five five say the altimeter setting, Commander ah five zero delta xray traffic at ah one o'clock four mile westbound one eight thousand descending to one seven thousand up there kinda high is one of Alaskas ah Boeing ah probably an MD eighty do you see him up there high ahead and to, Ah Alaska two sixty one you over here with me yet sir, LA delta xray we do have that airplane quite high and up at one o'clock, Zero delta xray roger just kinda keep your eye on him he's having some pretty bad problems up there right now he doesn't have any intent to go below seventeen thousand but keep your eye on him OK, Skywest fifty one fifty four traffic one o'clock ah fifteen miles westbound up at ah about one seven thousand is an Alaska MD eighty do you see him up there high ahead and to your right there, Ah we're looking Skywest fifty one fifty four, Five zero delta xray that plane has just started to do a big huge plunge, A big huge plunge ah thank you Skywest fifty one fifty four the MD eighty is ah one becoming about two o'clock about ten miles now another pilot reports he's really looking pretty bad there ahead and to your right do you see him, Yes sir ah I concur he i uh definitely in a nose down uh position descending quite rapidly, OK very good keep your eye on him Alaska two sixty one are you here with us yet sir, OK very good it looks like he's turning ah turning over in front of you now Skywest fifty one fifty four you still got your eyes on him sir, (unintelligible) he's in sight he ah definitely out of control, Just ah just do what you need to do there Skywest fifty one fifty four keep us advised, Ah yes sir he ah he ah hit the water he's ah down, And for a position I'm right abeam him five zero delta xray, Yeah wu we ha he just now hit it we have the spot marked right there guys, Center he's about ah two and a half miles off the end of Anacapa just uh towards Point Mugu, Ok, he's about two and a half miles off the east end of Anacapa was it, Sir that's affirmative actually he's off the uh northeast end probably a zero three zero heading off of Anacapa there was a boat that doesn't seem to be turning around right next to him, Ah roger that five zero delta xray do you still do you still see the spot right were it went in, Negative sir it's just ah behind me I can turn if you like, And center ah that ah boat seems to be pulling a one eighty now they're about a mile and a half away from the wreck site, Unless otherwise stated: copyright © 1996-2020 Aviation Safety Network (ASN).
1619:14 CAM-2 I think if it's controllable, we oughta just try to land They had been completely worn and stripped out leaving only the “slinky” (see images 5 and 6).

1614:54 LAX-CTR1 Alaska two sixty one contact L A center one two six
1554:24 CAM-2 yea uh huh. just as a double check and um yea I just wanted to know if you tried [1] Both the horizontal stabilizer trim system jackscrew (also referred to as "acme screw") and the corresponding acme nut, which the jackscrew turns through, were found. 1618:49 CAM-1 is get the nose up... and then let the nose fall through 1620:40.6 PA [sound similar to CVR startup tone] 1611:27 RDO-1 Alaska two sixty one we'll take that block we'll be monitor'n The airplane immediately began another dive — except this time it did not recover.

The investigation found that Alaska Airlines had fabricated tools to be used in the end-play check that did not meet the manufacturer's requirements. Capt. 1613:10 LAX-MX-1 ok well your discretion uh if you want to try it, that's The NTSB sent the American jet’s flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder to its headquarters in Washington, D.C. [1] Both pilots struggled together to regain control of the aircraft, and only by pulling with 130 to 140 pounds (580 to 620 N) on the controls did the flight crew stop the 6,000 ft/min (1,800 m/min) descent of the aircraft and stabilize the MD-83 at approximately 24,400 ft (7,400 m).

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