You must be able to hear and see well enough to help during an evacuation. You must be at least 15 years old. But in a way, you can't blame the passenger for coveting the exit row. The seat 10A has no window. Airlines could just move the rest of the seats in economy class farther apart, to 36 inches of pitch, taking away the incentive to sit in critical exit row seats. He said, 'Yes, and I am not moving.' Photos and description of the plane, Alaska Airlines – company description and aircrafts fleet, TUI signed agreement for sale and leaseback of the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 for 90 million USD, Secret airplane was tested with mysterious container, Which passengers are considered the most valuable for flight attendants. Programs: AS MVPG + BR, DL GM, Hertz Pres Circle, Natl Emerald Exec, HHonors Diamond, Marriott Silver. On some international flights, for example, you must stow your luggage in the overhead compartment instead of under your seat. Only the last row contains just 3 seats. Besides whether you can help in an emergency, there are other things to consider about exit rows, according to Manders and others. E-mail him at Due to the exit row located behind the seats of the 15th row have limited recline. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 2014-2019 © All rights reserved. Alaska Airlines operates two versions of Boeing 737-800. Limited recline and the noise from the galley and lavatory located behind make the seats 31 ABC and 32DEF bad seats. Never, EVER 4 though. All A and F seats of the rows 9-12 have misaligned windows. The Federal Aviation Administration has numerous regulations that govern who can, and can't, sit in an emergency exit row. Thomas Snitch, a frequent air traveler who works for Bowling Green State University in Ohio, recalls a recent flight from Washington to San Diego, California. Being asked to pay a premium for the exit row gives travelers the impression that it’s simply a privilege. Now for the unwritten rules: Several travelers and experts tell me that although airlines will serve alcohol to passengers in the exit row, it is considered good etiquette to abstain. Emergency exit door weights vary, according to the FAA. Alaska Airlines | Mileage Plan - AS Saver seats in row 17 Exit rows? Announcing the WINNERS of the 2020 FlyerTalk Awards! Because of the exit row located behind the seats of the 15th row are less reclining. Programs: Alaska MVP Gold, United 1K, MM, Marriott Gold, IHG Spire, I flew from ERW to PDX yesterday on a very light load, and nearly all seats other than Premium were shown as "Saver" at about. They nodded yes, and the flight attendant walked away. Second version of the Boeing 737-800 airplane offers seats of three classes: first, premium and economy. The result is that they've blurred an important line between safety and amenity. WHAT ARE YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH EXIT ROW SEATS? © 2020 Anchorage Daily News. If that's the case, there will be someone to ensure that you observe exit-row etiquette. All A and F seats of the rows 9-12 have misaligned windows. If that’s not feasible, then they should at least stop charging extra for sitting in them. Most important, you must understand the crew's instructions and be able to follow them. The seats of the first class are divided from the seats of premium class with a curtain. These seats have 2-2 configuration. Let's start with the written rules. You must have sufficient mobility and strength and dexterity in both arms, hands and legs to assist in an evacuation. Who wouldn't want to be there? However, these seats have no floor storage during take-off and landing and are narrower than standard as the tray tables are in the armrests making them immovable. Exit row seating on this aircraft is in rows 16 and 17. Among other disadvantages: lack of floor storage during take-off and landing, lack of overhead storage and reduced width of the seats. "Oftentimes people opt to pay for the emergency exit row but are not capable of operating the exit," says Brett Manders, an international airline pilot and author of the book "Behind the Flight Deck Door." These seats have 4 extra inches of legroom. An extra fee should be paid to book these seats. In other words, the FAA considers emergency row seating a safety issue. Location: Juneau, Ft Lauderdale, Whitehorse, and mostly 2A or 3C. The only disadvantage of the seat 31D is close location of the lavatory and galley. It would be easy to remedy the exit-row safety situation. Passengers of the seats of the 16th row will feel comfortable thanks to extra legroom. However these seats have no floor storage during take-off and landing in addition the seats 17ABC have no overhead storage. As the seats of the 16th row are located between two exit rows, they offer extra space for passengers’ legs, but at the same time have limited recline. First three rows of seats represent seats of the first class. Seat 9 B is an Economy Class seat that has extra legroom however, also has limited recline due to the Exit Row behind. However, these seats are less reclining than standard, have no floor storage during take-off and landing and have limited storage space in overhead bins. 147 passengers may accommodate economy class. The seats of the 1st row have the following disadvantages: location of the galley and lavatory in front and lack of floor storage during take-off and landing. Entertainment equipment stored under the seats 1A and 1F limits under seat storage and legroom. After all, even the most capable passenger can be incapacitated by one drink too many, which could put lives at risk. Close location to the lavatories and limited recline or even no recline make the seats 31ABC and 32DEF bad seats. They also note that it's unwise to sleep in the emergency exit row. Premium class may accommodate 30 passengers in 5 rows. Some doors, such as those on an Airbus A320, weigh only 32 pounds. The seat 10A has no window. As personal space on planes continues to shrink, all eyes are falling on the last place where you can still enjoy a small amount of dignity: the emergency exit row. Saver fare specifically states, "No preferred seating, no changes , no refunds even for Elite members". NeoArt Group ltd. Economy class consists of 117 standard seats. Click HERE for a link to the CommunityBuzz discussion. But it’s not - it’s also a responsibility. "He weighed about 400 pounds. Still, they believe that because they've paid for the seats, they should be able to sit in them. The issue was raised with the flight attendant, who asked him, 'Can you help in an emergency?' Thanks to the exit row located in front passengers of the seats of the 17th row will take advantage of additional space for their legs. All rights reserved. Only available to elites(I'm MVPG)? As the tray tables of the seats of the 6th row are in the armrests the width of these seats is slightly reduced. The rows leading to the "overwing" emergency exits usually still have the humane 36 inches of space necessary for quick egress during an evacuation. Flight attendants don't have the time to test your strength, vision, hearing and comprehension before the flight, so they rely on you to evaluate yourself. Economy class is divided from first class with a curtain divider. The First Class cabin has 8 seats in rows 1 and 2 of the plane. Rating and reviews about “Alaska Airlines”, Boeing 737-800 Alaska Airlines. ". First version of the Boeing 737-800 operated by Alaska Airlines may accommodate 163 passengers in two classes. Elliott is a consumer advocate, journalist and co-founder of the advocacy group Travelers United. 16 recliner seats are located in the first class. If you're not in a special class or in one of the bulkhead seats - those in the first row of the cabin, which also have more legroom - the emergency exit row is the next best place to sit. If you worry about forgetting some of the rules, you might take comfort from this: Airlines love to seat "deadheading" crew members - who are traveling between airports for work - in the exit rows. Because of the exit row located behind the seats of the 15th row are less reclining. On my flight from LAX-SEA and BUR-SEA and SEA-LIH where I normally see seat selection in the back of the plane only now all three of these flights offered rows 17 or 16 as a Saver choice. Note that Alaska flies two slightly different versions of the Boeing 737-900 and they are basically interchangeable with each other, with the exception of the exit rows. - On my flight from LAX-SEA and BUR-SEA and SEA-LIH where I normally see seat selection in the back of the plane only now all three of these flights offered rows 17 or 16 as a Saver choice. Is this the new normal? Snitch doubts the passenger could have helped during an evacuation and believes the attendant should have moved him. Ricki Cytryn, an analyst from Potomac, Maryland, remembers a flight attendant asking her and two other passengers in an emergency exit row whether they could lift the 45 -pound door. But lack of the floor storage during take-off and landing and limited overhead storage space may represent problem. Row 15 on this version is the first exit row, with restricted recline, and row 16 is the desirable row with very good legroom and full recline. Also, the seats in front of the exit row generally don't recline. Is this the … But, as many air travelers are discovering, these coveted seats come with their own rules - and not just the written ones laid out in the Code of Federal Regulations and clearly disclosed when you get the seat assignment.

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