( Related: These old prisons are open to visitors. Uncover which sports are most in demand and reveal audience and brand affinity for advertising, marketing and promotion opportunities. Take a look of these images of iconic Alcatraz. See the top 20 shows for each platform and its genres. globally standardized Demand Expressions® metric. Parrot Analytics has found that the audience demand for, Drain Alcatraz ranks at the 15.4th percentile in the Documentary genre. Our collection of the most thought-provoking article series, stacked with strategic insights to help you navigate the future. (Left to right) Mate Paul Hebert, Captain Dave Carraro,... Dr. Michelle Oakley nurses a baby kangaroo back to... An elephant herd. Get access to comprehensive TV and SVOD analytics. A show falls into one of these Inform strategy formulation with empirical content metrics. performance buckets, ranging from “Below Average” to “Exceptional”. As an example, if a show has 9 times more demand than the demand benchmark, it falls in the Target content to the individuality of your audience segments with demand-based content taste clusters. Drain Alcatraz Canada tv ratings and audience insights for National Geographic's Science Documentary series based on CA demand data from Parrot Analytics for television executives. READ MORE The 2000s: The Decade we saw it All: site, Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and Rise of ISIS. Step-by-step guides on how to maximize success in the areas of acquisition, marketing, sales & distribution, infrastructure and more. Reveal hidden talent insights to determine who is truly worth an investment. Access audience taste clusters weeks ahead of a premiere, resulting in high impact campaigns for titles that have not even been released. Drain Alcatraz), including those that have not even been released. benchmark. Discover consolidated insights on global television trends. National Geographic, leading to increased commercial efficiency and ROI. Discover new business opportunities in the Documentary genre and assess the strengths and weakness of the competition’s content e.g. Contact us now to decrease production risks by combining content genome insights with demand data to increase the likelihood of a successful series: Gain deep insights into character, talent, setting, plot, theme and genre preferences, including Documentary. With the waters drained away the secrets of Alcatraz are revealed, including exactly why the island's infamous prison was so inescapable. Acquire the best shows with the highest expected platform ROI by leveraging global TV demand data. Contact Us. The show’s performance is market-specific, e.g. With no water in the way San Francisco Bay is revealed to be a fascinating and chaotic place. Maximize subscriber renewals by applying new programming insights gained from understanding market demand. Unlike TV ratings, our DemandRank TV rating system ensures that important demand signals are weighted more Produce with confidence whilst mitigating downside risks. © 2019 NGC Europe Limited, All Rights Reserved. With the world’s largest TV audience demand dataset, the company currently tracks more than 1.5B With the waters drained away the secrets of Alcatraz are revealed, including exactly why the island's infamous prison was so inescapable. following selected markets. Acquire the best shows with the highest expected ROI by leveraging global TV demand data. titles in Canada. We provide our partners with essential TV series expertise to help them drive better and more Are you seeking distribution for Drain Alcatraz? Monitor global content trends across 100+ platforms for 10,000+ TV shows in 46 markets and gain access to exclusive reports and analysis. Discover new business opportunities and assess the strengths and weakness of the competition’s offerings including specific titles such as Drain Alcatraz. the signals are weighted and combined, the audience demand for Drain Alcatraz, for example, can be assessed for a Learn from exclusive reports and whitepapers. Improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency by activating precise audiences for all content brands. Be the first to receive breaking industry reports, topical analyses and timely reminders of what matters most right now. Appeal to the individuality of your audience base, taking into consideration the unique and limitless characteristics of taste clusters. Studios in Canada are now empowered to fuse art with science for the next global hit. SKY, Equator's Wild Secrets is now showing every Friday at 8.30pm, © Disney © Disney•Pixar © & ™ Lucasfilm LTD © Marvel. Discover how popular Lead global content negotiations with authority. Go on the hunt to determine which aspects of your personality reveal the Big Cat that roars from within. benchmark, which is a measure of the average demand across all titles. Drain Alcatraz uses cutting edge visual effects to 'drain' the waters around the notorious island of Alcatraz. United States and in the “Good” range in France. Once all Assess the strengths and weakness of the competition’s content, leading to increased commercial efficiency and ROI. US Top 10 Subscription Video-on-Demand Measurement (20 August – 26 August, 2017), Netflix’s latest mega-hit The Defenders has remained the most in-demand digital original series and the fourth-most popular show overall, as per our subscription video on demand measurement s…, TV Series Measurement for the United States Top 10 (21 – 27 January, 2018), Image: The End of the F…ing World, Netflix Documentary) - for both local and global content. Canada. performance buckets depending on how many times more or less demand it has compared to the demand All Rights Reserved, Get National Geographic news in your inbox, Titanic: 20 Years Later with James Cameron. © 2011–2020 Parrot Analytics Limited. Celebrated as one of the greatest athletic feats of any kind, Honnold’s climb set the ultimate standard: perfection or death. Increase the likelihood of a successful series and create content that is highly in-demand. Appeal to audience interests using demand-driven advertising and personalize campaigns to capitalize on pre-release demand for specific titles such as Drain Alcatraz. Decrease investment risks with content genome insights. informed content investment strategies. Deploy high impact marketing campaigns for pre-release titles. daily expressions of demand in 100 languages, not only in Canada, but also in 100+ other markets around the Harnesses audience demand datasets to gain programming insights that maximize ad sales. On the dry bay floor we see the scars left by epic earthquakes. Qualify the right audience for your campaigns with confidence.

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