Goats for Sale Our Alpine Dairy Goats are Healthy, Friendly, and From Purebred Championship Bloodlines (although the kids born here are not necessarily registered). This is a permanent form of identification. available through Amazon. Loose mineral is provided. We are most interested in improving the mammary system, so that it will support a heavy producer for many years. We specialize in very friendly, fun, dam-raised kids! He is beautiful, sweet, and we are happy to have him on our farm. Because most customers don’t want their buck kids castrated, we do not castrate ordered pack goats, unless requested by the buyer. Another advantage our kids have is altitude. -Shipping threw Land Sea & Air is available in very good prices. We are reaching for a reputation of some of the best dairy goats in the United States. (Slippery Elm is available for purchase at the bottom of this page.). I feel this is a huge advantage for us. Our kids are raised with their moms.

A reasonable fee will be charged for longer distances. They like cozy places. Balling gun: http://www.caprinesupply.com/small-balling-gun.html  We cut the wide end/tip off ours. Bred/Pregnant. Email: Mammkey@sopris.net, Copyright © 2017 Mamm-Key Alpine Dairy Goats, LLC. We purchased our first dairy goats in 1984 for a 4H project and fell in love with them. ~OB Lube - Squirt a bit of Betadine on it to add antiseptic qualities in case you, ~Medical gloves - I also have some gloves that go to the elbows, but I haven't, ~7% Iodine - to sterilize knife or scissors as necessary and to dip the umbilical. Our registered goats are appraised and judged by American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) licensed professionals. After that, we don't allow the kids to take milk at night. The Alpine is number one for packing. Our registered goats are appraised and judged by American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) licensed professionals.

Grace kidded with triplet Mini Alpines in April 2017, a buckling and two dwellings. strong dairy conformation, long and level milk genetics, blue eyes, and awesome personality. ~~~ Dr. Teresa Beck,North Star Animal Hospital: 907-746-7387. Hay: We provide our goats with free-choice (always available) hay. Our Alpine Dairy Goats for sale in Scottsburg, Indiana, which is about 30 minutes north of Louisville, Kentucky. To be placed on the waiting list for 2018 or for more information, click the link above.

All these beautiful kids, sired by Cozmo, will be

easy, and relatively inexpensive to get fecals done through this lab. We have found the kids to have much more size with this method. Our goats live at 6,800 ft. Because most customers don’t want their buck kids castrated, we do not castrate ordered pack goats. ~Coffee - Very strong for a very weak kid - 3 to 6 cc.

Our herd is tested yearly for common goat diseases and has always tested ), (Slippery elm bark powder holds it together. It is my understanding that size is emphasized and seems to be the most important factor in the pack goat industry. Frosty's dam with 10-hour udder fill. Kalahari red goats, They are intelligent and have more endurance then many of the other breeds. (Don't add wintergreen if kids are nursing.)

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