Near these pyramids stands the Great Sphinx, the origin and purpose of which constitutes one of the world’s most famous puzzles. Born in abject poverty in England, Gerald Massey was almost entirely self-taught; yet, he was able to write and lecture about several subjects with tremendous erudition and authority. It was essentially two-dimensional, and relative size indicated the status of the person, so the pharaoh was the largest figure in the composition. An equivalent body, the Cochrane Collaboration, has produced more than 1,004 such reviews in medical fields. A foot board ensured that the sleeper would not slip off in the middle of the night. Ancient Egypt has been called a land of temples and tombs, and for centuries people have been filled with wonder at the ingenuity of the Egyptians, whose impressive works have withstood the ravages of time so well. Sustained by the River Nile and protected by vast deserts, the Egyptians lived in comparative security, prosperity and peace far thousands of years. When such conditions exist, the civilisation and its arts usually flourish. <> When Eisner measured the beetle’s sticking power earlier this year, he found that it can withstand pulling forces of around 80 times its own weight for about two minutes and an astonishing 200 times its own weight for shorter periods. FALSE x��\Y��~_`�C�y&�ZM� ,Y�8�[� y�^��]I���_�&�d,rz�X��t����*��+�����/������x�����ɛ�����Tqu|�WeW E7��W�j Autumn and his colleagues in Oregon have already helped to create a robot that walks like a gecko. A If Kellar Autumn, an expert in Biomechanics at Clark College in Portland, Oregon, has his way, the first footprints on Mars won’t be human. �Ϳ����n��r�ߪa�⸙f���k����~�����~8Xϗ}�\��s��v�A=��v���G0���߸{��� The richer and more important the person, the more careful and elaborate would be his or her burial, and the stronger and safer the tomb in which they would be buried. Shaped from an outcrop of stone in the form of a human-headed lion, the face is possibly a portrait of King Khafra, the son of Cheops, who was buried in the second largest pyramid. List of Headings You should spend about 20 minutes on questions 14-26, which are based on Reading Passage 2. G The richer and more important the person, the more careful and elaborate, would be his or her burial, and the stronger and safer the tomb in which they would be. We can see his qualifications, but there’s even more information about his background. 18 Evidence shows that in order to stick, insect feet have to be wet. 11 Important characters in Egyptian carvings were bigger than less important characters. Sometimes you need to match headings to paragraphs in the reading passage. 15. Bed styles in ancient Egypt remained very much the same for over 2000 years. By using our website and services, you agree to our use of cookies. 30. i Furniture makers also constructed side rails on many beds. But whatever the gecko’s needs are, its skills are in demand by humans. The pigment (1)………. Complete the summary below. Egyptian carvings were often based on things found in nature. 17. At the centre of the pyramid is the King's Chamber and leading down from there is a long narrow area known as the Grand Gallery. IELTS Reading Test 88. Near these pyramids stands the Great Sphinx, the origin and purpose of which constitute one of the world’s most famous puzzles. H Gorb has tested dozens of species with this sort of pad to see which had the best stick. Almost 30 years ago, he suggested that the beetle clung on tight to avoid being picked off by predators – ants in particular. 9 King Khafra died before King Cheops. 24. It is obvious that art among these people reached a very high level and the strong influence of Egyptian art can be seen in the work of nearby civilisations. There are about 80 ancient pyramids in Egypt. Had they done so, they might have concluded, as did an analysis of 52 randomised studies carried out by the US National Reading Panel in 2000, that effective reading instruction requires phonics. The people of ancient Egypt emerged as one of the first Western civilisations. For a country that was at one time occupied by several other Nation States including Greeks and Romans, Egypt is a quite a resilient region of the planet. IELTS Exam; IELTS Reading Questions; Academic Reading 9 - Passage 1. IELTS Reading Test 58. D Geckos and insects have both perfected ways of doing this, and engineers and scientists would dearly love to know how.

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