When I got things wrong, she had the most diplomatic, tactful way of correcting me that I have ever seen in an academic. Her diligence and compassion, which resonated through her scholarship and teaching, were an inspiration. With a class of over a hundred students, Professor Fleming made sure to know each one's name. I think that’s how many law students and young attorneys feel. A funeral mass will be held on Monday, August 31 at 11:00 am at Holy Trinity Church, 213 W. 82nd Street, New York, NY 10024 (https://htcny.org/). I always felt that her comments were unusually incisive and thoughtful during faculty workshops, and I was so impressed by her research when I attended her City of Debtors book event. Remembering Justice Ralph D. Gants: ‘A living example of what lawyers can do to make our world better’, The Honorable Sidney Barthwell Jr. ’90: A Judge, a Leader, a Friend, Harvard Law class games out worst-case election scenarios—and ways to remedy them, ‘This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for change’, ‘Seeing the law work on a nitty-gritty level is really important to remembering that people interact with the law’, Research, writing, and advocating for change. She cares so much about her students and is kind and patient, always. Anne Fleming. Every time I ran into her in the succeeding years, she would always offer unprompted to serve as a reference for job applications and to otherwise help however she could. I was lucky enough to have Prof. Fleming during my first year of law school. We at the blog were fortunate to know her and we join her colleagues, students, friends, and family in mourning her passing. Professor Anne Fleming, a beloved rising star on the Georgetown Law faculty, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday from natural causes. Without a doubt, she will be missed. I will be grateful forever that I had the opportunity to spend as much time as I did with her over the past year, and to enjoy her humor, warmth, and mind. Before even walking into Anne's class, we were all pumped up by the upperclassmen who briefed us about how amazing Anne Fleming is and how she really helped teach you what it meant to read like a law student, think like a lawyer, and how to write in the IRAC form. She always acted as if nothing could be more delightful! From the first day of her first Contracts class I could tell (and I wrote in my notes) how fortunate my class was to have her as our professor in such a core subject. She had a chicken puppet she introduced while we discussed the Frigaliment case, and she was the reason our class adopted the moniker "the Pepsi Generation." That interest propelled Fleming’s unusual career trajectory — from Legal Aid attorney to legal historian. Continue Reading, Lawrence Lessig discusses institutional threats to representative democracy. While most of her students were out enjoying the evening after class, Professor Fleming was diligently researching and emailing these same students to answer the random, nuanced question that remained after class. She would highlight whatever part of the answer was correct (however small) and gently steer the class discussion back on course. Fleming also had embarked on another book project, “Household Borrowing and Bankruptcy in Jim Crow America, 1920-1960.”. She genuinely cared about not just helping us master the Contracts material, but succeeding as law students. Professor Fleming, we will miss you so much. Thank you Anne, for all you did for our lives. All of us have suffered an incalculable loss. More of us in the industry should. She was a bright and shining star on our faculty, who stood out for all the best reasons. I wish I had had her my first semester of law school and, selfishly, I wish I had had the opportunity to take her other classes. Georgetown University Law Center. Having Anne Fleming's face be the first one you saw as a terrified first-year law student was the absolute best way we could have started law school. Whether it was a John Oliver segment, an interesting guest lecturer, or a particularly incisive way to remember the mailbox rule, Professor Fleming made law school lively and interesting. One of my greatest strokes of luck after being hired at Georgetown was having Anne Fleming assigned to be my “Faculty Angel.” Who would not want Anne to help shepherd them during an uncertain first year on a new job, to rely on to answer questions both serious and trivial, that were too weighty or too embarrassing to ask others? Her research interests included contract and commercial law, consumer finance, and American legal history, with a focus on the relationship between law and poverty. September 2020 Update: We are saddened to share that Professor Fleming died unexpectedly on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. It could not have been easy teaching a group of burnt out evening students in the second semester of their first year of law school. Every time we met she was ready with a kind word and a note of encouragement. Her eyes sparkled as she described a recent visit to the archives. Anne was a dedicated and gifted teacher, a brilliant and award-winning scholar, and, most importantly, a warm, generous, and caring person, who treated everyone she encountered with kindness, dignity, and respect. “Its payday rulemaking, assuming that the rule actually takes effect, would be the first broad regulation of payday lending that would target specific products and also would apply to all borrowers.”. She will be dearly missed. Anne C. Fleming, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, died suddenly Tuesday night from an embolism. I am heartbroken. Anne always went above and beyond. “It changed the way I teach the case,” said Levitin, who mourned the loss of “not just a wonderful colleague, but a beautiful soul.”, Fleming’s academic work was driven by a palpable empathy for marginalized people facing outsized challenges to economic dignity, but it was also shaped by a fierce commitment to unearthing and understanding all sides of an issue — including the business interests offering low-income individuals payday loans and other forms of small credit that Fleiming dubbed “fringe finance.”. She will be sorely missed. As a former English teacher, I was both scared and hesitant in my first day of her class. Prof. Fleming was one of the best professors I had at law school. I read Anne's Washington Post column in 2017 ("Federal regulation of payday loans is actually a win for states’ rights") and was struck by how she drew on original historical research and to find crucial present-day lessons. My cohort and I were so lucky to have Professor Fleming, and I know we will all work to honor her legacy as we continue our studies, our careers, and our lives. "What's behind Virginia's latest move to fix lending laws and protect borrowers", coverage in The Washington Post, February 10, 2020, by Professor Anne Fleming. Rest in Peace. I took contracts with Professor Fleming in Spring 2018, in the evening section. Anne was my law clerk. “People vilify small-sum lenders, and they have for a hundred years, because they charge a higher rate of interest than banks do. Anne C. Fleming, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, died suddenly Tuesday night from an embolism. I thought maybe we just had a special place in her heart as her first class, but after reading the outpouring of notes about her in memory, I see that she made everyone she encountered feel that special. As I looked to her while stepping hesitantly around the school for the first many months, often feeling overwhelmed, she never for an instant made me feel as if she were too busy for the least of my worries or that she did not have time to build a relationship with me—even though she most certainly was, and very likely did not. Halfway through her class I remember thinking to myself that I need to take as many classes as I can with Professor Fleming. These are the two things that stand out to me when I think of Professor Fleming. I will miss her and will forever treasure her memory. I worked closely with the bankruptcy community at the Federal Judicial Center, research and education arm of the federal courts.

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