It’s only about six inches long, it’s missing a pair of ribs, and it has a highly deformed head and face. NAZCA 3-FINGER MUMMIES: The Saga Continues – News after October 20, 2019, Military-Industrial Complex Should Drop UFO Secrecy, Demi Lovato Has Been Chatting With Aliens, Chris Mellon Reveals He Was Handed Three Infamous UFO Videos in a Pentagon Parking Lot, The World of Back Engineered UFO Technology, Russian Scientist Says Earth Is Alien Experiment, Space Force Developing Offensive Capabilities in Space, The US Coast Guard’s Future is in Outer Space. Five years later, Nolan, along with colleague Atul Butte, director of the Institute for Computational Health Sciences at the University of California-San Francisco and a Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg Distinguished Professor, have performed a highly detailed genetic and physical analysis of Ata, offering new insights into the enigmatic mummy. Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Dr. Nolan’s 2013 study concluded that the Ata specimen was between 6 to 8 years old when it died. A strange picture was, As the title suggests, the Osirion is a construction that was built well over 7,000 years ago and as far as we. Alex Sender). A national or public university in Peru has taken custody of some of the three-finger Palpa-Nazca “mummies” and promises not only to eventually exhibit them to the public but to promote their RESEARCH, open to adequate, honest and accredited national and international scientists. I will leave that now to the bone development scientists to determine if it’s appropriate to do. Courtesy: FICCV CHILE. The people doing this give the public impression that they want to do it because they are sure that the case of the three-finger mummies involves the illicit use of prehispanic bodies and animals. New genetic results and other new results (due to tests performed after the person who found the bodies surrendered them to the university) were going to be revealed. In case you haven’t heard of him yet, TechRax is one of the most popular technology-related YouTubers on the platform and he, NASA intercepted a message from ancient civilization from another galaxy back in January 1998 but only managed to actually translate and decode, Recently a new discovery was made which actually caused ripples of excitement amongst ufologists all around the globe. The following image was highlighted by biologist José de la Cruz Ríos López. From the FICCV web site: “The International Foundation for Culture and Life Sciences is pleased to share the present material that corresponds to a tridactyl humanoid-looking geoglyph very similar to those publicly known as “The Mummies of Nasca” in Peru, in this case just over 800 kms (from Nazca-Palpa) in the commune of Huara, Tarapacá region of Chile.,-69.491792,19z/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en&gl=US. It seems to depict one of the smaller (60cm long) three-finger “mummies” found in the Palpa – Nazca area. Some of the genes analyzed in the study were already known to cause disease, but this is the first time that some of the mutations were linked to abnormal bone growth or other developmental problems. Spectrometry was conducted revealing tissue that once belonged to living beings showing a natural biochemistry instead of any evidence that the bodies studied in France had been artificially assembled with modern substances. George is a senior staff reporter at Gizmodo. They all point towards bone genetic disorders (several verified by other studies we reference) as the cause. The mystery deepened soon after the 2013 analysis, when Paolo Viscardi, a natural history curator at the Horiman Museum in London, complained that the skeleton couldn’t possibly have come from a child, and that it was more likely the remains of an aborted fetus that died between the ages of 14 to 16 weeks, and was subsequently and unceremoniously dumped near a church in the Atacama desert. “And that might help us with choosing the right therapies some day.”. In spite of opposition from some archaeologists and media reporters, who even went to this university to prevent such a decision, this university has opted for the scientifically correct path. To me, it looks genuine but – of course – experts should study it. That obviously was at variance with the size of the specimen. Children with rare and undiagnosed diseases are now more frequently getting genetic sequencing, and typically we in the medical field search for the ‘one gene’ with the problem. Featuring an elongated skull, sunken eye sockets, and an impossibly tiny body, some suggested it was of extraterrestrial origin. Rather, the study claimed that the bones gave that impression. Sirvase de llamar al descubridor del hallazgo mas importante de la historia contemporanea por su verdadero nombre: LEANDRO BENEDICTO RIVERA SARMIENTO, ya que el pseudonimo en si es degradante. According to him, the creature must have had gray skin because it was not affected by the weather and the elongated skull might be proof of its origins from South America since their ancestors are known to have that particular shape of the head. Back in 2003 when it was discovered no science man actually managed to find a proper answer for this other than the fact that it was undoubtedly out of this world. An updated genetic analysis confirms the skeleton as being human—but with an unprecedented variety of mutations. The geoglyph also has a sphere above the left shoulder. In total, the researchers identified mutations in at least seven genes that, either separately or in tandem, contributed to Ata’s odd physical characteristics, including facial malformations, bone deformities, and apparent dwarfism (known as skeletal dysplasia). Y como siempre, olvidas mencionar a las personas detrás de esta historia: Mario, el descubridor de las momias y Thierry Jamin y sus colegas del Instituto Inkarri que hicieron posible los primeros análisis. “A Tridactyle Geoglyph (25 meters length approx.) I have connected the nazca alien mummies to King Akhenaten, the video “EBE 1992 Eiger” and the video “dead alien in snow, Russia.” They are the same species. When are people going to wake up? It seems to depict one of the smaller (60cm long) three-finger “mummies” found in the Palpa – Nazca area. Los que cita han tomado el tren en movimiento … Y para más información: In addition, this discovery could establish a link between Chilean geoglyphs and the so-called Nasca Lines.” (Report by Peruvian researcher Eng. A team of archaeologists from universities in Poland, Peru and Colombia have discovered 150 mummies in the Atacama Desert belonging to an unknown culture that … The Vice-Rector of research Dr. Martin Alarcón wants to investigate. In terms of limits to the research, Butte said his team can only guess that these DNA variants, or mutations, are what caused the unusual symptoms seen in the specimen. A university in Peru announced it has the mummies in its possession and plans to show-and-tell everything there is to know about the mysterious humanoid forms. “We don’t really know for sure about the ‘causality’ here,” he told Gizmodo. Professor Harry Nolan even considered this to be proof of a mutant being having been released into the wild after a series of failed experiments. This move may have been illegal because there was no previous notification and the university has its own autonomy and rights. “It is quite surprising how many mutations this child has,” said Butte. In an email sent to Gizmodo, Nolan clarified the situation: I was widely mistaken or misquoted on that point. NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Alien Pyramid on Mars – Evidence of an Early Civilization? We also invite you to watch the video published in the CSF Television section.” (Translation with Google Translate) Copyright © 2019 Exopolitics Institute News Service. Reporter Jois Mantilla is one of the few reporters that cares and is trying to do something about this. This robot began, As the title suggests, Daniel Nemes is one of the greatest scientists/inventors of our generation as, This recent discovery was made back at the beginning of 2020 as what appears to be, © 2020 All Rights Reserved | Copyright Revealed, Man Dropped an iPhone into Nevada’s Devil’s Cauldron and Recorded Screaming Voices (VIDEO), NASA Received an SOS Call From Another Galaxy, A Strange Woman Walking or Levitating on Mars is Stalking NASA’s Curiosity Rover (VIDEO), There is NO WAY that the Ancient Egyptians Could Have constructed this: The Osirion – 7,000 Years Ago, The Head of the Ancient Egyptian Sphinx is an Entrance to the Lost City – They Covered The Entrance Recently, The Ancient Alien-Hybrid Rulers of Egypt Were Real, A meteorite that fell in Antarctica contains billions of years old elements from Mars – They are proof of life.

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