This Ativa micro cut shredder is great because little shreds take less volume in the bin than cross-cut shreds or strip-cut shreds. It’s a slightly larger model, and it weighs more. Spousal RRSP. But it will stop if the device is overloaded with paper which prevents paper jams. The pages are cut to themicro-cut shreds so the security level is high enough for cutting sensitive information. Ativa Paper Shredder MD Pro 1200. © Copyright 2020 The LED sensor shows you when the device is turned on. When shredding automatically, it can take up to 12 sheets at once. The device is 17.5” high, 13.5” wide and 8.5” deep. View & download of more than 65 Ativa PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. In case the motor will start to get warm, the system will shut down. It can shred all kinds of documents and junk mail without removing clips or staples. It has a special feed for the cards, and you have to put them manually in it, one by one. Just insert the paper, and shredding starts automatically. In case you want to read it now, go to this online Ativa shredder user manual. Ativa Paper Shredder User Manual. Since they aren’t micro-sized, the bin gets full faster. Ativa brand makes its models with the automatic function. In general, they all contain the list of parts, assembly instructions and operation instruction. It can cut all types of documents that you can find in your home or office. Just insert the documents and shredding starts automatically. Pages: 1. If you put too many documents in it, it will automatically stop. 0 Solutions. Therefore, you can replace the parts if the damage happens which is caused by situations that are described in the included user manual. Email:; Office Hours: 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST; Search for: FreshPlan Online Featured Calculators. Looking for a manual? So even though the bin is only 1.32 gallon big, it won’t get full so fast. How can I get a user manual for Ativa HD 1600 Shre. It’s 13” wide, 8” deep and 10” high. The blades will cut paper clips and staples so you don’t have to remove them from the documents. Then type the brand and type of your product in the search bar to find your manual. If you need to cut highly confident dana, this brand is right for you. Then you should read my review on the Ativa shredder models and the brand in general. Great user-friendly features that the brand offers is the advanced technologies of the system that ensure your safety during the shredding. Shreds paper, staples and credit cards. The paper jams are avoided with overload protection. The blades are covered and there are the sensors in the entry slot that automatically stop the shredding if your hand touches them. The auto stop happens when the device is overloaded, which prevents jams. You can read what Ativa brand offers to you and what are advantages in comparison to other brands. The automatic stop/start function makes the usage of this Ativa shredder 10 sheet model very simple. 3.8-gallon waste basket lets you go long periods in between emptying. All models feature the thermal protection which is very important when the device is working all day in the office. Ativa Paper Shredder User Manual.

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