I’ve always been fascinated by snakes and reptiles. It took a while for him to eat but he did. My Spyder Ball Python (about 1y/o) will often, for lack of a better term, Randomly start flexing when he is either on my wrist or forearm, never anywhere else, and he’s wrapped around it. I got my baby female ball python about two months ago and she won’t eat, I’ve had to assist feed her a few times because she is getting so skinny her skin is loose and moves to the side and her spine looks weird (I’m unsure if this is due to the weight or not). FREE shipping and the BEST customer service! These are certainly not all of the possible diseases and conditions that may threaten your pet, but they deserve the most attention. His temperature is 90 degrees in the hot spot, around 75 degrees on the cool side, he does go to and from both ends.

The snake’s nose, throat, and lungs (its respiratory system) become infected by bacteria or a virus.

Snakes will often hide and digest for a day (or two or three…) after eating a large meal. Just discard the rodent and try again in about a week.

I have worked directly with a variety of species since 2014, and ReptiFiles is where I share my research with you. If this is what’s happening, you’d probably want to have your vet give her a once over, just to be sure she doesn’t have a respiratory infection. Ball pythons are mainly nocturnal snakes, and they become active at night. There’s no set timeframe as to how quickly it takes for IBD to kill a snake, but it’s possible that it will progress rapidly. I just bought my 1st ball python it’s a baby I can’t tell male or female because it’s to small that’s what the pet store said, I go to get it out of its cage and it sticks his head straight up and just stares at me but when I pick it up it doesn’t bite but I’ve held it in my hand and it stands straight up and looks at me is it going to end up biting me or is it normal? When he comes out of the cage and in my hands/arms, he does this thing where he rubs his head and neck on me. Hides must be tight, have only one opening and fit your ball python fully. I’m curious if it is him getting stressed by myself coming over to monitor him and his temperatures.

Sometimes this might be a sign that it’s ill, or it might not be anything at all. One of the symptoms of IBD is wheezing. It doesn’t necessarily sound like a problem, but you’re correct to seek help whenever your snake does anything weird. shedding problems after you’ve soaked it in water, you may need to take it the vet Does a Ball Python Bite Hurt (and Why Would Your Pet Bite)? Needless to say, these snakes were very difficult to maintain, and they’d make horrible pets for most first-time owners.

The “white drops” are urates – essentially the snake equivalent of urine. He certainly could injure himself like this, but I wouldn’t think it is terribly likely that he would. nematodes. I guess from rubbing n warmth. Is this normal? My ball python is 8 months old (I got him when he was about 3 weeks old). Stress will weaken a ball python’s immune system, making them more vulnerable to infections like RI. If your Ball Python is wheezing, look out for these other signs of parasite infestation to better determine if parasites might be the problem.

Also, please review your ball python’s cage temperatures – improper temperatures on a hot or cool side might make your ball python restless and move around too much.

I read that two sides of a glass enclosure should be covered so they don’t feel like they are too out there, one side is pushed up against the wall though. During the day, they mostly hide and rest.

Most nocturnal snakes are the same way. This is more common with new ball pythons, which are still learning that you don’t pose a risk to them. Question I just got a baby ball python and it will every now and then raise its head and open its mouth is that normal. )he happens to lose his grip and falls over. It’s somewhat like what snakes often do immediately before shedding their skin (it’s a way to cut the skin on their lips so they can start to crawl out of it). My ball python keeps making these weird breathing noises, and some times he hisses. Sorry for the delayed response, but he sounds fine. Some individual snakes do have size preferences. A Google search should turn up some options in your area, but if that doesn’t work, consider calling around to local reptile-oriented pet stores and ask for some recommendations. If you’ve read this far I am both impressed and sorry for the text wall, and I’d be delighted to hear your advice. If your ball python has an RI, you may also notice it breathing much more through its mouth than it normally does. It sounds like your set up and temperatures are just about perfect. Otherwise, if she’s no longer making the sounds and has resumed eating and behaving normally, she’s probably fine. Thank you in advance for any advice, I will really appreciate it. When frightened, ball pythons may withdraw their head into an “S-coil,” hiss, flee or roll into a ball. Don’t handle or bother your ball python until it has eaten at least 3-5 times after you bring it home for the first time. The yawning and sticking to the warm side of the enclosure may indicate a respiratory infection. For the most part, all you’ll have to do is provide a dish full of clean water at all times.

I’ve been researching all over and I keep convincing myself he’s unbearably stressed. If your ball python is not flicking its tongue, observe its behavior. I know it’s common for them to go on a hunger strike, but she went from 1023g (June 15) to 969g (yesterday). Please choose digital thermometers and also check spot temperatures with a handheld infrared thermometer like this.

It’s really bumming me out that he’s not calm at all times anymore like he was for so long… did being constipated mess up his mood? If your snake is exhibiting any symptoms of illness, I’d head to the vet ASAP. Hi, I just got my ball python about three weeks ago and have been noticing a few small things here and there and am wondering if I should be worried or not. Respiratory Infections (RI) are one of the most common reasons Ball Pythons develop a wheeze. The snake can get stuck ‘stargazing,’ where it’s facing upwards. Best of luck! But after many weeks I knew something was wrong and took her in the shower and removed TWO complete sheds. The vet says we are doing a great job but I’m afraid some of these signs means they are stressed and I am unsure about what to do about it. But according to Veterinary Record, many other symptoms should make it obvious if IBD is the reason why your ball python is taking deep breaths: The best thing to do for a snake that has IBD, unfortunately, is to euthanize it. dewormer, antiprotozoals, or antibiotics.

JavaScript is disabled. However, if the breathing issues continue, or you start to see a discharge, go ahead and get to your vet. Your email address will not be published. -his cool side sits at 76-78, warm side around 88-90, humidity around 60 Mouth rot can be caused by a variety of different things, so you’ll need to work with your vet to treat the animal.

Hey! Best of luck! There are No reptile vets in my area & I am really scared I’m gonna lose him if I don’t get him help. Don’t feed your ball python in a separate caging and avoid handling too often. Death from mites is rare, but it is possible. First of all, I applaud the amount of time and effort you’re putting into your pet. My male BP is 9 months old, and he’s always been the most chill and docile snake. After soaking him, you can likely pull the retained skin off with gentle pressure.

My boyfriend and I just adopted a 20 year old girl ball python. They don’t want to move, so they seek a safe place to hide. Thank you. I think that would be fine and it is good he seems to be doing better. When suffering from parasites, Ball Pythons sometimes regurgitate their undigested prey and develop swelling in their stomach. Also, note that the shedding process makes snakes a bit nervous, so it is possible that she is already getting ready to do so.

Ben is a life-long environmental educator who writes about the natural world. Thanks for the helpful article.

Examine it for mites, and make sure you are offering correct size prey (to be sure it gets full with each meal). However, ball pythons might also do it if their hide is not safe enough. If your snake is mature or nearly so (somewhere north of 400 or 500 grams), then he may very well be lookin’ for the ladies! She still acts scared when I take her out so I try to leave her alone most of the time. Thank you so much in advance and any tips help since this is my first ball! Any info would be greatly appreciated! I found out about a snake specialist and took her in and they said the had fused caps that are now scar tissue. Hello! However, if the bite displays any signs of infection (redness, swelling, etc. Your ball python will also change the way that it breathe while eating. Accordingly, you’ll need to help your snake remove the retained skin and rectify the problem that caused it. She’s active quite a bit over the afternoon/night, but as I mentioned that’s normal for her. But if caught quickly, you’ll usually be able to stop the problem.

That’s normal for ball pythons, and it’s actually a good sign. baby or juvenile ball python, it’s even more important to quickly identify, treat, and Hey I have two ball pythons that rarely go in there water I’m new at this and I want them to be okay and not Dehydrated how do I help them drink or bathe. If they look good, I wouldn’t worry. The condition is progressive and will only get worse. Chinese Water Dragon Fun and Interesting Facts. She’s in coconut fiber substrate if that makes any difference. Also, I do my best to give my snake the best possible care by my best knowledge, so if there’s any errors in my husbandry you’ve noticed feel free to point them out and I’ll correct them. Ball pythons mainly flick their tongues before striking at a prey or when being curious with their surroundings, and you might notice that too. Leave her alone as much as you can, stay on top of your husbandry (as you have been doing), keep a good eye on her, and offer food once every three or four days until she starts eating again. Taking deep breaths due to stress is also a common cause. You’d have to engage in a two-generation project to use a normal ball python to produce any recessive trait (such as albinos). However, raspy or wheezy breathing is usually a sign of a respiratory infection.

Our website is compliant with GDPR and adverstising laws of United States. There’s just some things our snakes do that we’ll never understand-lol! Just head over to the vet and start trying to narrow down potential problems. I’ve never experienced thos one with my previous ball. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

You would need to take it out the cage and hold it with confidence. I did some reading and it sounds like it may be an URI. Hey, Marcus. They can be given by mouth, injection, or even inhaled. it’s too hot or the, You’re handling your ball python too frequently, The enclosure is too big, which makes the snake feel insecure, Its nose will get blocked up with mucus and might get runny, You might see some mucus running from the corner of the mouth, The snake will be breathing heavily because its nose is blocked, Anorexia, i.e. I’m so sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I’m not sure I could have helped much. This means that a simple “chest cold” can quickly prove fatal in snakes. There are a variety of health problems, including everything from mites to respiratory infections to parasites, which may cause a snake to refuse food. She isn’t Aggressive Aggressiveat all she’ll get defensive but even when she does you can pick her up and she never hisses or bites. I’m sorry about the novel, but wanted to make sure you have the whole picture.

While experienced keepers are often able to accurately assess body condition, it is often difficult for novices to do so.

One one side I have her hide with a heat pad under the glass around 90 degrees, and on the other side I have her water and a heat lamp above the cage, which makes the middle of the cage roughly 75 degrees and over the water a little warmer.

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