Press Room Tobio Kageyama is the best setter ever.

He'd yell at them to do better in a harsh way without taking others feelings into perspective selfishly like a King but not only that he was amazing at setting which made him have power which concludes the title of "King". Kageyama has shown regrets from switching back to this horrible side of himself as expressed when his face twists into an expression of horror when being demanding with Asahi. He is introduced as an intolerable dictator with his my-way-or-the-highway ideology. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. He's sweet & kind and always does what's right. Dislikes |people who underestimate others(especially himself), cocky people, losing, … Miwa has short black hair that reaches just below her jaw andslicked back bangs. ( Log Out /  Perceptive abilities and memory skills are shit where he's unconcerned. Kageyama first encounters protagonist Hinata Shouyou at a middle school volleyball tournament, where Kageyama's team defeats Hinata in the first round. This proved to backfire for himself since the erratic pace of this set meant that no one could spike it during junior high. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Along with this skill, he has a great understanding of other complex skills in volleyball such as spiking, blocking, and receiving. During junior high, Kageyama constantly asked Oikawa on how to serve just like him, but often got rejected to the point of him almost striking Kageyama out of frustration. He has a very dependable & reliable personality and is reliable & dependable. In canon, Kageyama is blunt, short-tempered, and a poor student, but at the same time very sensitive and extremely passionate about volleyball. Though these two have their differences, they are the best of friends and the closest of teammates. Whenever his teammates in middle school couldn’t live up to his standard, he would yell at them and, unknowingly on his part, insult them; because Kageyama is a genius player, it wasn’t very often that others could keep up with him. Combined with his impressive height and intimidating glare, many people tend to avoid him because of this. With almost all of his stats being perfect fives, Kageyama is a key player on the court. … When she was younger she used to have longhair and blunt cut bangs.

Height: 181.9 cm (5' 11.6") He doesn't isolate people from him like some characters similar to him do and actually enjoys others company/advice but just struggles to express it. With a person that shares just as much passion for volleyball as he does, Kageyama pushes the boundaries of his abilities to match up with Hinata’s athletic ability, and together they create the startling duo that takes the high school volleyball scene by storm.

After making his debut, he was impressed when he heard about the concept of "living a role" from a colleague. This page was last modified on 12 July 2020, at 05:21.

Now, you may be wondering, “This guys just sounds like a dick!

About His face can get quite scary-looking, but he’s actually quite sweet and enjoys playing volleyball a lot. Oikawa was very jealous of Kageyama’s talent because even though Oikawa was incredible at what he did and he worked very hard at it, he knew that he could never match Kageyama’s natural skills no matter what. He teaches Kageyama about listening to your teammates needs, all to a very willing student who tries his absolute best to perform better for the team.

Weight: 66.3 kg (146.2 lbs) Likes: Milk and Yogurt Any time Kageyama asked his senpai on how to serve, Oikawa simply responded by changing the topic entirely. I love volleyball, I play it in my spare time. His determination & strong will aren't spineless either, he is extremely hard working and known all over the schools as a genius. Need something to brighten your day? Aswell as they are both first years who have opposing personalities but in many ways very alike and as they say "Opposites attract.". Age: 16. Subconsciously terrified of this occurring, Oikawa distanced himself from Kageyama still refusing on teaching him how to serve. It did take some time in order for it to be perfected, but it was proven to be a deadly technique when it came to throwing opponents off guard. I appreciate all of these things about this character, but what I appreciate most is his ability to put aside his pride and admit that he can be wrong, before trying to change for the better. There is little we know about his life outside of volleyball, which is very telling. He does possess the overwhelmingly amount of talent needed in order to be a top player in Japan, but he doesn't know how to use it since he's been held back due to his personality shifts.

Create a free website or blog at Being able to exceptionally hone his skills at this point now realizing what he's dealing with in terms of teamwork, Kageyama was able to improvise at any given moment mostly using Hinata as a decoy. Not to say that he hasn’t been bossy or bratty (Rome wasn’t built in a day) but to watch him grow up is a very fulfilling process. The two of them develop a powerful and unusally fast attack and learn to work together as teammates while at the same time vowing to surpass each other. Before Kageyama met Hinata, he was wracked with doubt about his own capability in acting as part of a team, to be a setter that spikers can trust.

Biography. I like volleyball and i play it … Nazotoki-hime wa Meitantei (2012), Rikka Fujisaki; Fantasista Stella (2014), Ryuji Morikawa; Haikyū!! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

You don't need to provide a full analysis. Height: 181.9 cm. Being extremely demanding with his teammates, he often terrifies them and/or makes himself disliked.

Hinata, grateful to have teammates at all, trusts Kageyama implicitly, even closing his eyes and letting Kageyama guide him 100%. While not admitting that his kouhai has surpassed himself, Oikawa just hides this harsh fact by clouding Kageyama's name in a grudge. Not in a team captain way but more of a subtle way. Tobio Kageyama (影山 飛雄) Team: Karasuno High, Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High (former) Age: 15 Height: 181.9 cm Weight: 66.3 kg Birthday: December 22 Year: 1st Year, class 3 Eyes: Dark blue. First Name: Tobio (飛雄)          Last Name: Kageyama (影山), Gender: Male          Date of Birth: December 22, Height: 180.6cm (5′ 11”)          Weight: 66.3kg (146.2lbs), Favorite Food: Pork Curry with an Egg on Top, Likes: Volleyball          Dislikes: Studying, Lack of Effort, High School: Karasuno          Middle School: Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High, Volleyball Position: Setter          Jersey Number: 9.

Tobio Kageyama (影山 飛雄) Team: Karasuno High, Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High (former) Age: 15.

This is also where his hated nickname, “King of the Court”, comes from; before they left him behind, his teammates created that title for him not to compliment his skill, but to emphasize his selfishness and the way he dictates over the court like a royal. Personality wise he seems agitated all the time or "To serious" and is sometimes feared or hated due to that trait even though that's just how his face is. Kageyama went to Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High where he began to hone his volleyball skills under his senpai, Oikawa. Can't compliment to save his life. He is a very attractive cinnamon roll who is loved by all!

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (2014), Tobio Kageyama; Attack on Titan: Lost Girls 'Wall Sina, Goodbye' Part.

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