Its the same reason they hate Tim Tebow. Don Knotts was an actor who was well liked by millions.

Even though thete were no black actors who were regulars, there episodes with black people walking the street or in a crowd. Don Knott’s had a very sad childhood. (There are various versions of this theme, after Andy has gently poked fun at, "when you see a weasel's tracks, lock up your hens" (used to convey suspicion), "If a chicken hawk is hanging around, a wise rooster doesn't bury his head...he keeps his eye on the chicken" (advice to Andy when another man is in pursuit of his girl), "If you flew a quail through this room, every woman in it'd point." Don’t care too much for the color ones because Barney is not a regular. So will Buba Gump Shrimp be boycotted next?

All rights reserved.

All of this crap has gone far enough when ole Barney has been attacked! Caption this Meme. You have got to be from another planet or just plain goofy to think the best show ever has any think wrong. Grew up poor a busted my behind to get excellent grades.

I was lucky enough to have known my grand parents and great grand parents.

To imply that he was on cocaine or something is absolutely absurd.

The two primary reasons for the Civil War were

Thank God Andy was there to control this madman or Goober or Otis might have gotten shot. But this is also a problem; people putting out false information just to get people riled up.
Those protesters are going to make things get worse . I watch Andy Griffith hundreds of times a week.

Haven't you ever seen a, "You know what they say about a man that puts off getting married? It says RIGHT THERE in the article this is satire. Barney Fife says, “GTFO”! Ladies and gentlemen, this IS indeed a satirical article from a publication that writes satire. I did not think that MY STATE… West Virginia would fall for this crap that is going on today..

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen so far!

Neither the Andy Griffith show itself or any other cast member on the show including Andy Griffith, won an Emmy. Someone needs to get a life. This is no racist THEY ARE TAKING WHAT WE AS THE HUMAN RACE.
Get rid of Dirty Harry, Jason Bourne, James Bond, Starwars, all the Westerns, any reference to police etc. That means it isn’t real, folks. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Barney Fife animated GIFs to your conversations. It’s a tv show for Godsake get a life with a job.

15 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode) WE ALL LOVE IT! If you can’t say anything nice why say it !!!

He was a very nice person helping and working with this theater group, not hopped up on anything. The past is the past. This isn’t real, just some writers idea of being funny. In fact perhaps all police forces across America should be required to watch the Andy Griffith show in an effort to reduce over zealous policing!

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