BENEFITS AWARD WINNING DESIGNS It’s also important that the gravel in your window well is loose. The City of Edmonton provided a useful guide for homeowners that includes tips on preventing water damage from window wells. It’s great. The warm look and feel of Rockwell vs. the old and cold feel of metal window wells changes the entire look and feel of our entire basement! Keep reading to find out. Looks really good. DESIGN CLASSIFICATIONS Most covers are designed to still permit light to enter your basement, too. RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT, CONTACT US A window well is a U-shaped, ribbed metal or plastic product available in most home hardware stores. Even on rainy days, there’s lots of light coming in. THE AWARD It’s refreshing to know that there are businesses out there who truly have integrity and care about the safety of their customers. WORLD DESIGN RANKINGS CONTACT US Since its creation Espaciel has sold nearly 10,000 light reflectors in 24 countries. Hang mirrors. Soil enters the well and plugs the drain: Soil can enter the well and cause problems if the window well is the wrong size. PUBLICATIONS The water level may rise above its base, but shouldn’t approach the bottom of the window. Our egress window wells come with built-in steps that allow easy-escape access during emergencies. 10-year Limited Warranty Get peace of mind knowing that your new window wells are covered by a ten-year limited warranty—including product repair and replacement at no charge. Policies start at $12/month if you rent your home and $40/month if you own your home. When this is done, ensure that any drainage pipes that are part of your system are also not clogged. RANKINGS From you to the girl I spoke with on the phone to coordinate my Thursday evening pick-up to the gentlemen who helped load and tie down my wells to my trailer so they would make it home alright. Get peace of mind knowing that your new window wells are covered by a ten-year limited warranty—including product repair and replacement at no charge. The primary concern for maintaining window wells relates to debris (most often leaves and other organic matter) that falls into the well, clogging the drainage system. Solar tubes are great for getting light to the areas that egress windows can’t reach. This big window has made all of the difference. Very pleased with them. WINNERS SERVICES . A few do-it-yourself web sites suggest the use of a traditional mirror or some form of flexible mirror. . Invest in window wells that are designed to last. PRESS PORTAL A contractor will also be able to advise on the best type of drainage system for your property: Exterior drains sit in the gravel pit at the bottom of your window well. MEDIA CAMPAIGNS They advise homeowners to ensure that the outer edges of their window wells sit tight and flush against the basement wall in order to prevent leaks. To see how much you can save with Square One, get a personalized online quote now. Water on the floor beneath the basement window: To determine whether drainage is the problem, run water from a hose into the well to see how quickly it drains away. Many homeowners mistake this for a problem with their windows, leading to unnecessary and ineffective replacements. Once drainage has been taken care of, the plastic or steel window well is placed in the hole to prevent the earth from falling back in. DESIGN BUSINESS NETWORK Usually, this hole is dug to a depth of around 1 foot beneath the bottom of the window sill. A window well is a U-shaped, ribbed metal or plastic product available in most home hardware stores. LIST OF WINNERS Your home insurance provider will want to know if you’ve ever had water damage in your basement, and if so, what steps you’ve taken to prevent it from happening again. I’m finally done installing the window well I purchased from you guys a while back. If your home features a basement with windows at, or just below, ground level, chances are you also have window wells. This allows dirt to push in and clog the drainage system. Working with you all has been a great asset to us, we are so fortunate to be working with you and your company! Getting to know copper pipes and plumbing. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 for a phone quote. So, how can you tell the difference between a leaking window and a poorly draining window well? Take a cue from the solar tube and hang mirrors in your basement. These semi-circular cut-outs surround your windows, allowing light into the basement. PRIME CLUBS Give your home an upgrade and transform your basement into a space full of potential. A recent report found that the average cost of a flooded basement in Canada was $43,000. In fact, improper fitting can result in leaks to your basement. But, some homeowners aren’t aware that properly installed window wells also play an important role in draining excess rainwater away from your foundation. For more information, or to get a home insurance quote, contact Square One at 1.855.331.6933. SITEMAP CORPORATE CALL FOR ENTRIES Insurance is sold by Square One Insurance Services and underwritten by various companies. Get an online home insurance quote and see how much money you can save by switching to Square One. Even when you take precautions, accidents can happen. I obviously picked the right manufacturer when these were bought. Ensure your family’s safety in any room of your basement. If this happens, the window well may need to be dug out again, and a new well attached to the home. Click here to register inorder to view the profile and other works by MirKazem KhalifehZadeh. Sure beats the metal ones and any other ones I’ve seen. Homeowners interested in preventative maintenance should consider a window well cover. After all, left alone, a giant hole at the side of your home is bound to collect water. I wanted to drop a note saying how easy it was to install and how great looking it is. If it’s too narrow, soil may push in from the sides. We are the pioneers of daylight reflectors for homes and offices. Either way, it only takes 5 minutes to get a GET SUPPORT. personalized quote. They may ask whether you have functioning drains in any window wells, so it’s a good idea to be aware of your home’s systems. People always recognize them and comment, etc. ), their purpose remains simple; prevent debris from entering the window well by providing a physical barrier between the well and the elements. It’s not like a basement anymore. During winter months, check your window wells to ensure that compacted snow or ice isn’t blocking your drainage system. And, home insurance can start from as little as $12/month. We purchased Rockwell Window wells for our home and they turned out fabulous! PR CAMPAIGN The remaining space surrounding the window well is filled with dirt which should be compacted and graded so that water drains away from, not towards, the window. If water is draining as it should, there may be a completely different issue, such as a crack in the home’s foundation near the window, which is allowing water to enter. To avoid this, homeowners have several options. I installed Thursday. The experience has been excellent! I’m glad I ran across your product! As sump pumps are located inside the property, this method requires cutting a hole in your foundation wall to connect the sump pump to the window well. While various types are available (mesh, plastic bubble covers, grill-type, etc. Interior drains redirect rainwater to your sump pump. Thanks again for all your help and patience answering all of my questions. THE DESIGN PRIZE In some cases, window wells also provide an emergency point of egress. PRESS-KITS I can’t remember when I have had such amazing customer service. This will allow water to effectively drain to the perimeter drain. Window Reflector. As window wells sit below-grade, it’s important to keep on top of any potential problems to avoid water damage to your home. Cut the installation time down with light, one-piece window wells that can be mounted directly to your foundation wall. RESOURCE, RANKINGS Thanks for being so responsive and accessible. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for helping us out with this. Your wells are one of the distinguishing characteristics of my upscale homes. PRIME DESIGN MARK PRESS RELEASE Click here to take a look at the guide in full. But, like any home system, window wells require maintenance and professional implementation.

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