And the thread is a unique form of catgut distinguished by its… (whispers to Olivia)…peculiar pungency…. (Olivia was heard crying.) See 1x03 - The Wedding Party for an explanation of the alternate titles. Basil: (Apologetically) Don’t worry, old fellow. Basil: Hmm. She studies it.)

He directs his gaze to a small mouse toy dressed in a detective suit, needles poking at it. Dawson has once more fallen back and is hanging on to Toby's tail for dear life. Are you all right, my dear? His men pull back as Ratigan is seated at a harp. Isn’t it clear to you? Basil: Excuse me, Dawson. Basil looks relieved, but is barely able to take a single step towards his friends when Ratigan attacks him from behind, lifting him up with one arm. Basil: Your father is as good as far, Miss Flamhammer! Basil: No, no. The green chemical inside bubbles up and slowly makes its way through the tubes, Basil encouraging it soflty. The villain’s slipped this time!

"To our beloved Queen this gift we send, as her 60 year reign…" (Her expression and voice twist in puzzlement at the final line.) As Basil disappears behind a book, he quickly changes direction as a large Ferris wheel toy is rolling towards them. They carefully sneak over to the bottle. We’re going to find my father.

Ratigan: But, all that’s in the past! Narrator: Disney's The Great Mouse Detective! 7 | Basil the rat There’s a rat in my kitchen, what am I gonna do?

For years, I’ve tried to capture him and I’ve come close… (He stands and holds his fist out towards the picture.) Ha-ha! Ratigan: My friends, we are about to embark on the most odious, the most evil, the most diabolical scheme of my illustrious career. I need your help, and I- Dawson? Together, they take on Ratigan, the world's biggest rat who's up to no good. Ratigan: Oh, this is wicked! Olivia, Dawson and Flaversham are helpless as both Ratigan and Basil, screaming, disappear below the clouds, but Ratigan was defeated. Oh, I was so worried about my little girl. He smirks, and the image cuts back to Basils flat, first showing Ratigans picture. Coal dust. (As they drag the Queen away, Ratigan wipes his handkerchief on the now-silent Robot Queen's cheek.) The barmaid comes up to Basil and Dawson's table.

The song has ended, and the ball is on its way. Inside, the doll has finished her dance, and Olivia gets down from her chair to hug Flaversham.) In an interview conducted for the complete Fawlty Towers box set, John Cleese told the interviewer that at one point he had an idea for a feature-length Fawlty Towers special following the conclusion of the second series. Basil stumbled back, his hands covering a gash across his muzzle. A cheap brandy sold only in the seediest pubs. So delightfully wicked. With John Cleese, Prunella Scales, Andrew Sachs, Connie Booth. Basil: There, there, Mrs. Judson, it’s quite all right. Poor Basil! (Flaversham is being restrained by Ratigan and tries to plead with the nefarious rat.). Dawson is petrified as the mouse bursts inside, rushing towards one of the many tables.)

The final "S" is halfway out of frame. (Dawson eyes him in confusion) Now, you will remember to smile for the camera, won’t you?

Creeping up unnoticed behind him is Ratigan, his left fist poised, ready to knock Basil down, while the other hand is clamped over Olivia's mouth. It was a good seventy or eighty meters to the ground. Ratigan’s secret lair! Dawson: Do-do you think there’s a chance? Dawson: Dash it all, Basil! (Inside her bedroom, the Queen is preparing herself. The scripts of the programmes that turned Basil and Sybil, Polly, the Major and the hapless Manuel into international cult figures, are complemented by photographs. Manuel insists that his pet rodent is a Siberian hamster.

Bill the Lizard: I-it was just a slip of the tongue. You fool! Ratigan: What was THAT?! The Queen has her rope around Fidget, and gives it a tight tug. (He then drops Basil.) Basil: Ratigan, so help me… I’ll see you behind bars yet! The sign reads, "FARTY TOWELS." The Movie (2003 VHS/DVD, UK) Trailer. Basil has found Dawson and is helping him sit up, lightly slapping his cheek to wake him up. And CRASH!! A dazed Dawson is having visions of showgirls dancing around his head. Now… (He gets on his hands and knees and searches on the floor) I know that bullet’s here somewhere. Fidget keeps a tight hold on Olivia as she rushes towards Flaversham.

Now tell me, what’s troubling you, my dear? Oh my! Ratigan: (jumps on the banister.) Come along, Olivia. It then rolls by a fiddle player and a carousel. (She hands him a small newspaper clipping.) We’ve done it, old fellow! Ai, ai, ai! A small propeller is operating a bellow, and attached to that are several cigarettes and a pipe, all of which are puffing.) The camera fades out and back in as we reach the drain grate by Ratigan's hideout. Basil rummages through his set of maps of the London area. Basil lets the ashen remains of the list fall into a bowl, and he pats it down with a small wooden masher. You’re a ton, toots. Here kitty, kitty. Ah, wait just a moment. Basil the Rat. Dawson: Good evening, Madam. Hmm. There are many quotes from Fawlty Towers that get circulated around as the best, but there’s one from the episode “Basil the Rat,” the final ever episode of the show – so, technically, the series finale – that is criminally underrated and really, really funny in an absurd way. Flaversham: Oh! Ratigan: Oh, how sweet. Dawson is heard from behind the pier column. From above, Fidget watches the trio move across a chessboard. Dawson: (Drunkenly) Has a rather nice bite to it. Oh, yes. Dawson: (does his jacket.) Basil: Basil of Baker Street, my good fellow. You’ve presented me with a singular opportunity. Back at the Palace, Ratigan gives an exaggerated bow to the Robot Queen. He was taken by a bat.

Ratigan calmly shuts his pocket watch and puts it away. And one of the band members accidentally fell on the table with a root beer mug falling on the floor and then the table broke in half and there was also a big loud crinkle crash a boom sound which was Pinocchio from Walt Disney's animated film "Pinocchio" falling on the root beer mug and laying his stomach on the root beer mug and and squinching his eyes the root beer mug was hugging with the Disney Character Pinocchio and on the front of his bright red cotton fabric overall shorts with yellow buttons.

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