Baylor fraternity Phi Gamma Delta (commonly referred to as FIJI) was suspended from campus after hosting at least one gathering of 10 or more people at an off-campus party last week. WACO, Texas -- Baylor issued two-game suspensions to 14 baseball players on Friday over an unspecified hazing incident that occurred last February. "This type of behavior is not reflective of the mission and vision of Baylor athletics. “They didn’t get anywhere with it or they weren’t able to make contact with anybody or anything like that,” Bynum said. webmaster - September 4, 2013. The Lariat regrets the error. Fourteen members of the Baylor baseball team were suspended based on a hazing incident that occurred in February 2019. I love that. While students may not realize it, hazing is insensitive to the mental health of your peers, especially toward those who have gone through previous trauma. "I am very disappointed with this incident,'' Baylor coach Steve Rodriguez said. Each of the reported cases show that there not only physical and psychological dangers to hazing, but institutional sanctions as well. With the other four cases occurring prior to Sept. 1, 2019, Baylor was not legally bound to disclose more than the organizations’ names. Pinterest. By Sarah Pinkerton | Staff Writer, Video by Winston Margaritis | Broadcast Reporter. The school said the number of suspensions required them to be staggered over the first three weeks of the season. Underneath the FIJI description, it lists its status as inactive. Since this new law was passed, there have been two acts of hazing that have been publicly displayed by Baylor. Whether groups use hazing as a method of bonding, tradition, humor or a way of establishing a hierarchy among members, when you force individuals to do something that is unsafe or unsanitary you cross a line where people can get seriously hurt. “We strongly encourage anyone who was at one of these gatherings to immediately self-quarantine and seek testing through Baylor Health Services,” Jackson said. "We do not condone such behavior and respect the thorough investigation and decision by the university on the matter and will move forward.''. Baylor fraternity Phi Gamma Delta (commonly referred to as FIJI) was suspended from campus after hosting at least one gathering of 10 or more people at an off-campus party last week. “I understand these actions may seem harsh, but there is too much at stake to let the actions of a few negatively impact the health and well-being of our entire campus,” Jackson said. Students were warned against attending on- and off- campus gatherings in an email sent out by Dr. Sharra Hynes, dean of students & associate vice president for the Division of Student Life, on August … Fiji on the other hand wants to be friends with you and keep u around to have a good time. Student groups at universities, especially fraternities, are notorious for using acts of hazing to initiate new members. The names of the players weren't released. Baylor keeps positivity rate low while cases surge throughout U.S. A Democratic dream scenario for the 2020 election, Don’t Feed the Bears — Depth Chart Reveal, Buzzfeed quizzes go viral, connect people online, Don’t Feed the Bear – Basketball winding down. “The officers cleared it with a warning, meaning they actually spoke with somebody and gave them a warning about the party,” Bynum said. Section 51.936 (c) of the Texas Education Code requires Baylor University to publish and distribute during the first three weeks of each semester a summary of the Texas Hazing Law, subchapter F, Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code, and a list of organizations that have been disciplined for hazing or convicted of hazing on or off the campus of the institution during the preceding three years. Athletic administrators became aware of the incident last May, and an investigation by Baylor's general counsel office and Division of Student Life followed. Additionally, 15 members were removed from active membership, four resigned national affiliation and the fraternity was placed on probation for a year. There are so many ways to create new relationships with your peers that do not involve potentially harmful or demoralizing acts. The second call was made on Aug. 22, to report loud noises in the 1400 block of James Avenue around 11:45 p.m. Police arrived on the scene by 12:45 a.m. and those at the gathering were given a verbal warning. "Our priority is to provide a safe and caring environment for all student-athletes,'' athletic director Mack Rhoades said. Baylor also complies with Texas law concerning the reporting of hazing. Since 2019, there have been six reported cases of hazing by Baylor, those being by: Baylor Baseball, Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Omega Tau, Delta Tau Delta and Kappa Kappa Psi. Thanks!”. Twitter. Under the Fraternity and Sorority Life tab on the Baylor Student Activities website, there is a list of the Interfraternity Council Chapters on campus along with their current status. The school said drugs and alcohol were not involved in the hazing incident. Try to create new traditions that will make them feel welcome and comfortable, rather than forcing them to do things that may make them uncomfortable or put them in physical or psychological harm. “Right now, please reach out to FIJI nationals if you have questions! By: Truth Feb 9, 2015 11:41:36 AM. In fall 2019, fraternity Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) was placed on probation after an investigation that found that new members had been forced to consume food, alcohol and/or drugs, according to, Waco’s Texas congressional candidates state their case. Correction: This story has been edited to correct the address where one of the parties was held. In May of 2019, the Texas Legislature passed a new law that requires colleges to publish a list of organizations convicted or disciplined for hazing either on or off campus within the past three years along with a general description of the indecent and sanctions. Hazing Cases Report (Preceding three years, after September 1, 2019) *For cases in the preceding three years occurring prior to September 1, 2019, click here.

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