They promise to call you back And they don’t. Please save yourself your time and money and stay away from any products from Beko. I have a Beko dishwasher 9 months old. Phone Thursday Morning to be told that they had authorised repair but forgot to tell me. After waiting a further 20 minutes on hold (a total of 50 minutes for this call) he cut me off.The same day we used Beko's website form to report the faults and request an engineer visit. I have uploaded the purchase invoice and supplied the model details and serial number but there is no response. Was great at first worked well for 12 months. one month out of warrenty and it's caput. My Beko American Fridge/Freezer broke down after 1 year and 4 months. I have a young baby, a mountain of washing and no one willing to help me. We've encountered nothing but problems ever since.We're kept on hold for at least 40 minutes before anyone answers the phone. just need my machine fixed under the warranty i have in place! They are not interested so my next stage is to take them small claims court. I WILL NEVER BUY BEKO AGAIN. Clothes come out entirely covered in fluff. The worst customer service ever. What a total waste of money. Awful customer service - 3 weeks and counting for a fridge/freezer repair..... BEKO WHY haven't you answered my e mails? Absolute crap! machine fixed without replacement. 20 months in the dryer stopped heating up. They cant find my registration! No call! I regret my original purchase. Beko customer service were rude and condesending. Being a mum of two relatively young kids we accumulate quite a lot of washing and the timed quick was is just so quick and makes life so much easier. Terrible after sales service. When you google Beko CXFP1582D1S, it brings you the Beko page with fridge I bought.This is some sort of scam. No email, no live chat. It has broken down and the Beko customer service is worse than useless. I will never purchase a beko product again. We purchased a Beko Washing Nachine in May 2020. They sub contracted out to Dolphin services. Only grumble is after a dry cycle it has quite a bit of fluff attached to the rubber seal. In the end cancelled the plan and binned the machine. However, our fridge has never worked.PortDevon advised us that we needed to contact BEKO directly. Keenly priced.--A good buy, I love my new cooker, the lady and man who had to get it up my stairs and did it no fuss thank you. I noticed the clothes were getting piniched and marked and clothes were damp even though it has sensors. He told me that the system Beko use and the system used by the guarantee registration company do not 'talk to each other' so he couldn't find our details. I don’t think so. Asked to speak to a manager & was advised that one would call back within 24 hours, they have notSo I am now left in Summer, with no working fridge or freezer in the middle of a pandemic (which means i need to go to the shops daily to buy food for that day only)Horrendous customer service - just replace the appliance!! I have tò go back to store I purchased from and get refund. Real reviews, from customers like you Beko reviews Below, you’ll see verified Beko customers reviewing the service they’ve received from the company in the last six months. I should of listen to reviews. No paid reviews. Why are you ending the calls after selecting option for product that needs repair and it is under 12th months old?! Lucky we were at home when dishwasher caught fire. Excellent product. I’ve had someone look at it and it is a fault with the machine however I feel I will have to buy a new one (Not by Beko) as by the time an engineer finally gets round to looking at the washer I’ll probably have to wait another month for them to order a part and then another month after that for them to fit it. Was given code to replace with retailer. An engineer came and told us that another engineer needs to come out to us to "reset the gas". !Appalling customer service, just kept giving me different numbers to call, and went round in circles! It looks like I will need to take legal actions against you, I'm sure you will be happy to cover all my expenses including wasted food, and pointless calls to your company. my 3 month old American Fridge Freezer has stopped working, so called Beko who arranged an engineer.The initial thought was that the door connectors weren't working, so he replaced these and went away saying it was fixed - it wasntAn engineer came back later the same week and this time said that he needed to order a new part. Utterly shameful. I purchased a secondhand beko DTGV 7001W tumble dryer that was 4months old. No point wasting time talking to a hired buffoon.Next step, contact a consumer group.Do not buy from Beko. FAULTY APPLIANCES, AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE, WORST service ever. I'm in love with my washing machine. Store won't refund until they have the fridge.....I can't buy another without refund and putting in extra $$$$. Your experience can help others make better choices. He asked me if he could put me on hold while he did this and I agreed.

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