He’s well under the age of your average politician, and well over the height of all the passersby. It’s up to the rational people to speak up. He currently owns a dog named Puffin. Ben Kissel is the 6'7 tall lead host of The Last Podcast on the Left. Last Podcast on the Left is ranked second on iTunes’ comedy chart and draws fans across the globe. Ben is known for being a dog nanny.

It’s not as exciting as, say, ‘Pizzagate.’”. As an advocate, Kissel hopes to highlight local businesses and art on a weekly basis.

I think that’s truer to the spirit of the position," he says. After all, he says, everyone has their own past, and as long as you "treat the voters with humanity and respect," voters can "accept all the flaws that go with that person, as long as that person is willing to accept them.

In 2017, podcaster and comedian Ben Kissel ran for Brooklyn Borough President to stand up for his neighborhood. http://benkissel.com/.

Dates of Cancer are June 21 - … His hobbies include reading aloud poorly, working out, and spreading the word on his Shamanistic belief system on Twitter @benkissel.

Ben Kissel was born in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin USA, on 21 July 1981 under the zodiac sign of Cancer, and so holds American nationality.

As of 2019, Ben is the only one of the Thrilling Three who is not married. On the one hand, the 2016 election showed us that candidates don’t have to be qualified to win. He believes in redemption, sincerity, and good intentions.

“Brooklyn has always been the ultimate example of the melting pot. Brooklyn borough president is a big position. Ben is known to be a political activist, and in 2015 one of his significant achievements of the year was to help overturn the anti-cross dressing law in New Jersey. His podcast “Last Podcast on the Left”, for which he is a co-creator and co-host, won a Webby and was listed as one of Itunes Top 10 most downloaded comedy podcasts of 2017 with over a million subscribers. On the other, it was a rude awakening that the dissatisfied have to take politics into their own hands. These traits might seem just as odd in a true-crime aficionado as they do in a politician, but they’re the same traits that give a young, non-politician the unique ability to serve the public. Proud shill and member of the controlled opposition party he regularly preaches his message of oligarchical fascism to the sheeple through his podcast "Dudes We've Fucked". I want to get people who were not at all involved, or who thought politics was full of stuffy, old douchebags — because in a lot of ways, it is — to break out of that and say ‘enough, let’s make it better.’”, As someone who’s been recorded in podcasts and on the radio for eight years, Kissel acknowledges that a lot of people hesitate to run for office for fear of criticism or having their past exposed.

There’s a huge group of people in the middle who might disagree on certain things, but who base their views on rational thought.

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