At least ten events should be included. Websites like,,  and/or have recipes and dining customs. & ' Ù à 0 Create an artistic depiction of Grendel, Grendel’s Mother, and/or the Dragon. “ Beowulf came close to her winning I will look to see that all major events from the Beowulf plot have been included. Beowulf goes down into the swamp to fight her. He is an intelligent and temperamental monster, capable, Grendel's mother, another demonic descendant of Cain, attempts to avenge her. Edited by: Chanel de BruynCreamer Media Senior Deputy Editor Online EMAIL THIS ARTICLE      SAVE THIS ARTICLE When people play the board game, they should learn and understand what transpires in the story; for instance, when players draw cards that direct their next move, the cards instruct them to perform an action that happens in the story. Construct a Model of Herot – Individual Assignment. Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, is in need of help. His willingness to follow this code without protest in every battle helps Beowulf develop a relationship with both the Geatish king before him, Hygelac, and the Danish king, Hrothgar, based on loyalty and trust. (Or perhaps write about your duality.) "While the news came as a surprise to us, and clearly investors have reacted negatively, we do not believe this matter is a material cause for concern,” says Budge. ó ! 14.      EMAIL THIS ARTICLE. In desperation Beowulf pulls a knife from his belt and stabs it deep into the dragon’s flank. 11. Include a one-half to one page summary, explaining each image and/or quotation that appears on the collage.
Newspaper — Create a newspaper outlining the major events in Beowulf. For the next twelve years. All members must serve as “fact checkers” to ensure that the plot is covered! (You may work together in groups of 3 maximum; all group members must have acting parts.) 7.
In addition to major articles, include typical newspaper features like editorials, obituaries, advertisements, and comics. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Beowulf This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Z[±æ4^næÂ�ç5†Á¢!Já¾é?°ÿQá3ûeBo¨C¾µÁ‡M¢ú’m�“´Á¤IYÓf­“¶Z¾Y_p§[ğ=al-ÙYü}NcÍ™ËÎÉÅ‹4vfaÇÖvl¡©Á³'S†ÆùAÆ8Æ|Ò*uâ£{àè-¸ßŸ0%M0Á7%�¡õ˜ÍÒ�¿ ÿÿ PK ! C Beowulf Board Game – Individual Assignment. I will check to see that elements from the plot have been included, so read carefully! Create a found poem from words that appear in the text. Write articles and include appropriate pictures (hand or computer-drawn, cut from magazines or newspapers, or found on the Internet). Include key quotes. Beowulf Newspaper: Home; Epic Battles; Comic; Biography; Editorials; Obituaries; Extra; Beowulf’s Obituary Beowulf lost his battle with the ferocious dragon. Click on the button below to clear your default regional edition. Actors should be in costume and have a script prepared. The poem should demonstrate a theme from Beowulf. B. He is an intelligent and temperamental monster, capable of rational thought as well as irrational outbursts of emotion. By this time Beowulf has defeated Grendel and his mother, and has ruled the geats for fifty years. 2.

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