Additionally, there was the time he stayed home from war, commited adultery with Bathsheba and killed her husband after finding out she was pregnant—and these are only three examples. And if you don’t text back within five minutes, it’s pretty much a slap in the face. Modern boats have it all right? Before his conversion, Paul persecuted Christians, so members of the early Church didn’t trust him at first. Killing a lion and a bear as a young man (, Running from a jealous king who wanted to kill him (, Committing adultery and essentially killing the woman’s husband (, Making a decision that cost 70,000 men their lives (, And running from his own son who rebelled against him (. One of the original twelve disciples of Jesus, Peter is known for his boldness. Now that passage of Scripture has inspired a book “In the Gap: What Happens When God’s People Stand Strong” by Wilfredo De Jesús. June 18, 2018 By Drew Shepherd 8 Comments. Every wrestling match that Moses went through was met with the grace of God. Paul’s versatility reminds us that the message of Christ’s redemptive work isn’t confined by nation, skin color, or gender. He covers everything from investments, laziness, dealing with the opposite sex, the importance of strong relationships, and most importantly, the “fear of the Lord” (Proverbs 1:7). If Joseph lived in our time, everyone would probably consider him a loser, but God knew his heart, just as He knows yours. Earlier I said that Jonah’s story is usually taught without the proper context, and the result is a story about a coward who was swallowed by a fish. On your own, you will never be good enough, but with God's spirit within you, you are always good enough. His refusal to obey God’s commands led to David’s anointment as future king. It’s another word we’ve confined to the barriers of the Christianese language. Years later as an old man, he was led astray by his many foreign wives—an arrangement clearly condemned by Israel’s law—and he turned to false religious practices (1 Kings 11:1-3). There’s no question that David is one of the Bible’s more important figures. The shortcut to learning is to dissect the experience of others. No, I was talking about 70’s fishermen. Have faith in God. Beliefnet is a lifestyle website providing feature editorial content around the topics of inspiration, spirituality, health, wellness, love and family, news and entertainment. I love to analyze characters in the Bible and use their stories to benefit my own. And one of the reasons the Bible describes David as a man after God’s own heart is that he always recognized wrong actions for the evil they were, then went back to the way he knew to be right (2 Samuel 12:12-13, 1 Chronicles 21:8, Psalm 51). They look humble and rude in the outside but they are some of the wisest people I ever met. It was here, working as a humble shepherd in the worst place ever, unsure of who he was anymore and with a feeling of being far from his calling (as a loser) when he finally came to know face to face the power and presence of the true God. In what is probably his most famous moment he stood in judgement of Jesus Christ when Pontius Pilate felt incapable of the task. He denied knowing Jesus with cursing and swearing. So with all that said, let’s get right into it—cause this is gonna be a long one. But when you understand the context of Jonah’s mission and what it truly meant, you see that Jonah’s life isn’t just a side story hidden among the minor prophets. Just hope you can update this page with more names from entire bible. Joseph had every right to hold a grudge against his brothers, and with his new position in Egypt, there’s no telling what kind of punishment he could have enforced. When the Bible calls for us to repent, it encourages us to review our current mindset and begin the path to a life pleasing to God. Frustrated with Moses, the Lord allowed him to have his brother Aaron help him. They didn’t know them as well as Jesus knew them and we read before that He doesn’t call dumb people. Even after being rebuked by God, Cain let his jealousy take over, killed Abel and then lied to God about it. Those two traits are crucial to success in any endeavor. You may not have a college degree, or a ministry degree, but that doesn’t stop you from having other gifts. God does not choose you and me just by random luck. You will arise, not to be king, rich or famous, but to be in a position of influence where God will use you in a mighty way – not for your glory, but for his glory.. I had a fun time writing this one. And this led to Joseph’s hard-earned status and innocent reputation being destroyed as he was wrongly imprisoned. They are ready to face just about any kind of threat or enemy and they have their own fighting and survival skills. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Why not run behind wealth instead of Eternal Life? After this, God told him to name the son Isaac (which means laughter). And his example shows us that even when others commit evil against us, God can always use it for good (Genesis 50:20). In much the same way, today’s church needs people who will look beyond the angry glare of a teenager, see the hidden potential in an addict or come alongside an insecure introvert. 10 Biblical Characters Who Made Mistakes: These 11 Celebrity Veterans Are Some Stars Who Served Their Country Too, Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus – November 1, What Are You Getting from God’s Word? Although David usually comes to mind when you mention the kings of Israel, he was actually the second person with that title. The Only Weight Loss Article You Will Ever Need. Do you know why men and women of God have their doubts and want to ask God for explanations and signs? I’ve talked a lot about enemies so far in this section, but now the focus shifts back to us. But similarly to the Bible’s command to respect the governing authorities (Romans 13:1), David’s actions show us that trust in God’s timing always leads to the best results. Time and again, Gideon asked God for a sign before acting. Stay tuned. His faith moved the Lord God to answer by fire; Elijah killed all the false prophets and then prophesied rain. And Solomon didn’t disappoint. Jesus reminded them that he was the resurrection and the life. But fast forward a few years, and you see that the brothers’ scheme for Joseph actually put him on the path to fulfill the dreams he had earlier. The word “repent” or “repentance” is found all throughout the Bible. In today’s culture, we tend to think of any form of hate as a bad thing. Because even though all five of these men are long dead and gone, their stories still give life today. How could I talk about Joseph and not mention the trait of forgiveness? "Here, for Instagram, let me take a pic of me kissing your painful sores" "Hey Facebook, today is taking care of Job the loser day, use the hashtag #ilose or tag your friends and wish Job a quick and easy death so we can all be free of this, and all losers." God himself insisted on Moses calling and assure him that if he kept his faith and believed, he, Moses will lead the people of Israel out of slavery. In the last article, we study about some the persons who named before their birth. Do you feel you must control the things and people that are around you? When we read the story of David killing Goliath, we often focus on David’s courage, but it was the result of his confidence in a powerful, wise, loving God. Repent, and once forgiven, you can move forward again. But it’s worth noting that he didn’t encourage this same discipline against those outside the Church. Most of the Bible characters God used to do extraordinary feats also committed some terrible deeds: But this fact is arguably more evident in the story of David than any other Bible character. There are many stories of God’s people claiming victory in the midst of the odds stacked against them. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. That’s because patience and understanding stem from the “why?” behind that command. Can I get an amen?

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