“Where are these Beds?” will be your next question. Wisconsin St. Germain Lakes (Little and Big) (Vilas Co) Fishing Hot Spots Map SKU: FHS-G106 This map replaces the previous two maps, Little Saint Germain and Big Saint Germain, with a single 4-color, GPS ready Deluxe View Map. One of St. Germain's premier fisheries is Little St. Germain Lake located "right in town," so to speak, a second's hop from State Highway 70, but light years from noise and bustle. If you’re looking for a fun fishing experience in Northern Wisconsin, this might be the boat to get into. You can also experience the beautiful Eagle River and Three Lakes chains. | Designed by. You can unsubscribe at any time. With 563 named lakes containing muskies, northerns, bass and panfish, the choices for good fishing are plentiful. Engineered for pre-2007 diesel engines in on-road applications as well as all model year diesel engines in off-road applications. St Germain and Sayner, ... Let's get back to getting mad at someone for stealing our fishing spot or coming to close to us on a jetski while we're fishing. This lake is well known for good walleyes, big muskies and abundant pike and panfish.

This includes the areas of St. Germain, Arbor Vitae, Eagle River, Boulder Junction, Lake Tomahawk, Sugar Camp, Manitowish Waters, and Conover. For use in outboard lower units, sterndrives, V-drives, bow and tunnel thrusters and marine transmissions. The lake I’m talking about it Little St. Germain Lake.

Shoreline brush piles also make for an interesting location to drop a line. Premium synthetic formulation designed to withstand the heat and stress of high-rpm operation and deliver excellent wear protection. With the semi-clear water you’ll encounter in Little St. Germain Lake, I find yellow-chartreuse and green-chartreuse or combinations containing these colors will work best.Musky season in the northern part of the state opens on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and Little St. Germain Lake really excels on these trophy fish. tube jig.While Little St. Germain is a popular resort water and attracts a lot of activity during the midsummer months, you’ll find the early part of the season, May and June in particular, can be very peaceful and offer you a very rewarding fishing trip.Another thing to remember when fishing the St. Germain area is the fact that there are several other very good waters to be found within a short distance of Little St. Germain Lake. Our up-to-date fishing report features Rob Manthei, an experienced guide located on Big St. Germain Lake near the town of St Germain, Wis.

If you are looking for northern Wisconsin fishing tips, tricks and hotspots, expert advice and up-to-date lake and river conditions, sign up for the monthly AMSOIL Midwest Fishing Report email. Responsible harvest is encouraged on all of our lakes. They are great fisheries where multi-species fishing is common.

These are the places where anglers should concentrate their efforts on locating the fish that they’re going after. Another lake close by is Lost Lake. Origin DISCLAIMER: The information shown on these maps has been obtained from various sources (Tele Atlas North America Inc., WDNR, BCPL, WDOT, USFS, USGS, … Call your local ninja because you will need them. Now work this jig and minnow VERY SLOWLY – you’ll find that fish are lethargic in the cold water and reluctant to chase fast moving objects. Provides superior protection from shock loading. Ken has been fishing his whole life in Wisconsin and been guiding for over 30 years. Based out of his resort in St. Germain, Ken fishes primarily Vilas and Oneida counties from opening day in May until the final bell of muskie season in November. The map also shows hotspots where our fishing junkies have caught lunkers and posted photos and stories. You’ll want to concentrate your efforts on these spots during evening or early morning hours.

© Copyright Ken Jackson Guide Services | All Rights Reserved. The prized fish of Wisconsin is the musky.

This includes the areas of St. Germain, Arbor Vitae, Eagle River, Boulder Junction, Lake Tomahawk, Sugar Camp, Manitowish Waters, and Conover.

The boat used is typically a Tuffy Esox Magnum with a 60 horsepower Mercury outboard.

When the open water season starts, the two most sought after fish are walleye and northern pike. By JEFF WINTERS – Northern Wisconsin Professional Fishing Guide. While Ken insists on release of all muskies and bass, other species can be prepared for table fare. This link will connect you with a special 8-page OWO Blog.

If you run across a concentration of fish, then try using a slip-bobber rigged with either a split shot and hook or jig tipped with a small minnow fished a couple of inches off the bottom.Once you’re out on the lake and if the spawning activity has already ended, NEW GREEN WEED GROWTH becomes critical when it comes to catching both walleye and northern. It is 980 acres in size with a maximum depth of 53 feet and has semi-clear water.

With all these options, there is plenty of opportunity for new fishermen to catch a lot of fish. Jeff Winters. All trademarked names and images are the property of their respective owners and may be registered marks in some countries. There are options for bigger water like Lac Vieux Desert and Big St. Germain, and smaller lakes like Fishtrap and Little Arbor Vitae. Copyright During the early part of May, before spawning activity takes place, look for bluegills and crappies to inhabit the warmest areas of the lake.

Fishing heats up in the spring with the walleye spawn and continues into the summer and fall. Fishing Regulations for Big Saint Germain Lake NOTE: Regulations listed below may not reflect fish species actually found in the lake. Cast as close to the brush or limbs as possible and once a hit is detected, ease your fish out of these places, being careful not to get snagged up. Walleyes like to spawn on gravel, wind-swept shorelines or points.
... 5th Annual Carrol Lake Ice Fishing Tournament on Carrol Lake on Saturday, February 24th. Big St. Germain also offers the angler a variety of structure types to fish. You might also run across some old dead cabbage weed – avoid wasting your time on this dead weed. Keep your retrieves at a slow drag. If you like fishing weeds, this is a prime water for early weed growth and you’ll find decent populations of northern pike, panfish, muskies and walleyes present.If you want further information on fishing Little St. Germain Lake or any of the other lakes in the St. Germain area, email me at jwinters@centurytel.net or call at 715-385-9313.

Helps prevent deposits, protects against wear, has low smoke, protects against rust and has low aquatic toxicity. Resists foam and retains extreme-pressure qualities even when subjected to 10% water contamination. Most also provide good information on lakes, meals and lodging in the Wisconsin Northwoods. 2020 The problem I see many fishermen having is they’re working their bait or lure way too fast. Vilas County Wisconsin is a fisherman’s paradise. Since we’re dealing with the early part of the fishing season, which are the months of May and June, I want to talk about the types of structure and tackle you’ll use during these months.Little St. Germain Lake is a medium sized lake for our area. Ah, memories. With the lower water temps that you’ll find in the early season, many times you’ll also find that some spawning activity is still taking place or just ending on many of the lakes in our area. In the beginning of the season, you’re going to encounter low water temps and limited weed growth. The 1,600-acre lake is larger than most in the area, meaning there is more room for muskies to grow to bragging sizes. Again, keep your retrieves slow.One thing I have not covered is what color jig to use. If the fish are acting aggressively, I like to use a 1/16 oz. Walleye and northern will be found hanging around this oxygen-rich new weed growth in search of food. When fishing reed beds, don’t be afraid to cast right into the reeds as well as along the outside edge. Its sister lake, Big St. Germain is another OUTSTANDING water. How do I put it? Based out of his resort in St. Germain, Ken fishes primarily Vilas and Oneida counties from opening day in May until the final bell of muskie season in November. I find that casting a jig & minnow while staying on the move to be the most effective. St. Germain's Brian Siekierzynski can usually be located somewhere between Lost and Found - two great muskie lakes in this part of the cool blue north. Light tackle with a #6 or #8 hook, sinker & bobber setup, or a small 1/32 oz. Current fly fishing conditions are not going to be good today. | On Wisconsin Outdoors, All Rights Reserved. Use the same techniques, light tackle with a #6 or #8 hook, sinker & bobber setup, or a small 1/32 oz. These places are generally found on the northern shores where the sun beats down most of the day. As I mentioned before, Little St. Germain is “structure-rich”. You can use slip-bobbers in these areas if you find a concentration of fish.
For live bait – small worms, wax worms and small minnows are the best. The AMSOIL Midwest Fishing Report is a monthly video highlighting the hottest lakes and rivers in Vilas County in Northern Wisconsin.Our up-to-date fishing report features Rob Manthei, an experienced guide located on Big St. Germain Lake near the town of St Germain, Wis. The towns of Minocqua and Eagle River were built to serve fishermen, so you’ll find many bait shops and tackle stores that carry musky, walleye and panfish rods, reels, tackle and live bait. Many different species of fish are available in the region, including muskie, northern pike, walleye, both species of bass, and panfish. If you disturb the brush, you’ll chase the fish away, and then you’ll have to find a new location for awhile.Most panfish spawning activity takes place during late May and early June.

Keep your tackle light and approach these areas cautiously – fish will tend to be very spooky this time of year, so try not to disturb the area. leadhead jig, tipped with a small minnow works best.

This lake has abundant weed beds, sweeping points, fast breaking shoreline, rocks, small shallower bays and even some drowned timber.

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