Lastly, the game will ask you to choose your getaway vehicle — it may be one of the cars you’ve already purchased, though you may also opt for a skateboard, rollerblades, or even a pogo stick or a unicycle. Annoying co-workers, unprofessional supervisors, hostile work environments, inappropriate behavior, HR investigations, reprimands & grievances, office love (and manipulation) all lie within. You made us the #1 game in the United States this week and we are eternally grateful! What a year, Bitizens! Take note that once apprehended by a regular cop, you have no choice but to serve some time in juvie, though if a mall cop busts you, you have the option of fighting them, running away from them, or silently going along and accepting your fate. More situations for lawsuits -- find them all! Monetize your account through ads or product promotions, Run for office – pick your party, platform, and budget, Work your way up from School Board Director to President. We also fixed a number of bugs that you so diligently reported to us. There is a ton more stuff in this update and a lot of little glitches have been addressed. There’s no restriction as to whether your children are male or female, and no specific order needed, though to keep things simple, we suggest doing as we had recommended in the example and starting with letter A then working your way down to letter Z for your youngest child. Pick your posts carefully and try to go viral! That means, for example, naming your children Adam, Bryan, Charles, David, and so on, until you reach letter Z and probably name your 26th child Zachary (or Zoe, if it’s a girl), though there are no hard, fast rules when it comes to this challenge, aside from having all 26 letters represented. This is a fan-made page, so it's recommended to ask about what you'd like to see on official forums and BitLife's social media users on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. BitLife - Life Simulator Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. And thirdly, the hitman may turn out to be an undercover cop who will, of course, arrest you and have you facing a judge and a sentence of 15 years in prison (for first-time offenders) if you can’t afford a good lawyer! Name (required) Mail (required) Website. We're back, Bitizens, and have fixed a few bugs from yesterday's update! Chances are you’ve seen it in the dialogue boxes — so-and-so from your class would pull the fire alarm, compare the teacher to an evil dictator, or create a scene in history class by ripping up their books. We're kicking things off with the Alphabet Challenge where the goal is to give birth to a baby for every letter in the alphabet! This update is focused on beefing up relationships in order to pave the way for siblings. Keep watching our socials for up-to-the-minute BitLife announcements, news, and happenings. In this case, you definitely want to choose the second option if you want to get paroled — choosing any one of the other three will result in your request being denied. It seems that your orphanage’s Love stat has some bearing on your Happiness, though it doesn’t seem to be much of a game-changer, especially if you’ve got a lot of friends at school and make sure to spend some time with them to maintain their friendship. Please keep all of the great feedback coming and thanks so much for all of your kind words on our socials. We've been working nonstop behind-the-scenes on your version of BitLife and are prepping a number of fun mini-games and your other most requested items. What an amazing community we have built together! It appears this may have been due to a couple of emoji resources we added to the app. Based on our experience, successful bank robberies can earn you upward of $20,000 per heist, and when it comes to many of the above options, there’s typically no right or wrong answer. Don't forget to follow us on our socials for all of the latest BitLife news and happenings! Beloved Bitizens! Android Bitizens! Listen up! Much love! Okay, so before we get into the specifics of how the new train robberies work, let’s just give you a quick lowdown on exactly how to initiate the new activity. We fixed some bugs too – some were a royal pain, but your favorite game is better than ever! We've reinstated the tombstone as the first thing you see after you die, A super convenient new Back button helps you quickly navigate back to your last viewed list, Release notes are now displayed when you update the game, Many smaller refinements and new textual content. So go get rich and famous. Have a penchant for larceny? Get out on those streets and start stealing cars! Pivotal sports moments let you come in clutch for your team, Numerous bug fixes and other life enhancements. Edit anyone you want in game as you're playing! You loved the School Update so much that we figured you'd like to take some of that interpersonal drama and spread it out across the course of a career. Choosing the BitLife T-shirt and Levi’s jeans resulted in a nice statistical boost, so once again, if Candywriter’s plugging their No. And rather than leave you hanging for an extra long time, we wanted to cut you an update now because, well, you are all fiends for BitLife updates. BitLife Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian soccer league! And stalkers. Find them all, and when you do, tag us on our socials with your favorite screenshots! Stay safe. For adult characters, you can get your kids involved in these schemes, though you will definitely want to prepare for the possibility they may be sent to juvie while you spend time locked up in a regular jail cell! Run for political offices – pick your party, platform, and budget and face off against your opponent on the campaign trail! So if you’re not down for earning money the good, honest way as a kid — through Freelance Gigs like tutoring and mowing the lawn — this is one path your young Bitizens could take, possibly en route to a Thief ribbon once they pass away. It's update time, Bitizens! It's update time again, Bitizens! Bitizens! Stepchildren: your lovers may now come with kids of their own (treat them well), Possibly be born as a first-generation immigrant, Arranged marriage (beware: especially popular with immigrant parents), Free healthcare now observed in countries that support it. It's time to start messing up the lives of your characters more than ever before! BitLife is a fun life simulator in which you can decide how your life moves forward. You can also contact us directly to tell us what we need to be working on. This is a quick update to fix a few of the bugs you so dutifully pointed out to us in this week's huge ROYAL UPDATE. Even choosing “a lot” would result in mere hundreds of dollars getting embezzled, and if you choose “a teeny bit,” you likely won’t have enough to get yourself some lunch at McDonald’s. As the chances of a miscarriage increase once a female Bitizen is over 40 and you’re only allowed one childbirth a year (regardless whether it’s just one child, twins, triplets, or so on), we recommend starting this challenge the moment your character turns 16 and can officially start making love. As always, keep hitting us up on Twitter and Reddit with your suggestions or to report craziness. ), Freelance "gigs" for when you need just a little bit of cash, Stress is bad in real life but fun in BitLife, Heart attacks are bad in real life and in BitLife, Get fired or expelled from school if you take on too many side hustles. You should be allowed to do sports outside of school, you should have other things to do outside of school to such as boy/Girl Scouts, go over to a friends house, etc. We'll leave it up to you as to who you keep closer. We also stacked it full of future challenges and added a "Surprise Me!" 1 product through these boosts, then choose the option that has BitLife in it. See you again soon with even more sports content! Fulfill your duties by supporting or denouncing new laws, Because they're paying you an awful lot of money to be royal. You can also choose to Escape and play the usual minigame — there will be fewer scares to navigate, but as we’ve noticed, it’s just as hard to evade the guards, who, as usual, will take two steps on the board for every step you take. False memory! ), Related: BitLife 1.27 Update Guide: Everything You Need to Know About BitLife Version 1.27 aka the Mystery Update. Chances of the latter taking place increase for each time you successfully have a hitman kill someone, so don’t get too greedy, even if you’re controlling a particularly loaded (and a particularly evil) Bitizen. And now you can. Or perhaps you'd rather become a conscientious student who leave apples on your teachers' desks, snitches out your misbehaving classmates, and achieves straight A's as the captain of the basketball team. We've been working on this MIND & BODY update for several months and are super excited to finally show it off to you. This update adds a whole new dimension to BitLife: CHALLENGES! Unfortunately, the option to choose your own hair color has yet to be included, so everything remains random as far as your Bitizen’s emojis through the years are concerned. Calling all Bitizens: Biological Bitizens, Half Bitizens, Adopted Bitizens, & Step-Bitizens! OK, maybe they'll bite. I made that one in Photoshop using the runner and money bag emojis. So what are you waiting for? Once you go through counseling, the relationship counselor will give you random advice that will have a certain level of effectiveness — the same rule of thumb applies here, so if it’s red, it was a complete failure, if it’s orange, it might have made things even worse, and if it’s green, it made things at least a little better between the two of you. Happy Holidays again, Bitizens! Bitizens! With the option now available to commit petty crimes at the tender age of 8 comes consequences, and these come in the form of juvenile detention. Plus, there are EVEN MORE emojis that seem to suddenly be missing. As always, hit us up on our socials and let us know what you think, what we missed, and what you want added! For example, you may be asked what type of food you want to eat for your birthday, or you may be placed in a scenario straight out of Oliver Twist — will you scavenge for more food, settle with what you got, sneak some more food, or ask for more if you’re still hungry after receiving your daily ration of porridge? Ever wish your young Bitizens could engage in the same mischief that their NPC classmates could? This Stepfamily Update focuses on stepparents, stepsiblings, stepchildren and everything in between. Or. You can also commit credit card fraud, which is totally something out of that Simpsons episode where Bart (sort-of) used his dog’s name to apply for a credit card. It’s a calculated risk if you’re not loaded with cash, but if your Bitizen can afford top legal representation, it may still be better to plead innocent and hopefully walk out a free man or woman. New cities: Anchorage, Honolulu, New Orleans, & Salt Lake City, Part-time jobs (starting in high school! Oh yeah, we added eight more countries to the game where BitLife is HOT: we love you Portugal, Indonesia, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Romania, Denmark and Singapore! We are still working on adding more pet story lines so keep posting your requests and feedback on our socials. Don't forget to follow us on our socials for up-to-the-minute BitLife news. We're back with a FRESH new update. Have a great week ahead and don't squabble with your new siblings! Mini-games have arrived for Android! There are a ton of visual refinements, organization work, and bug fixes included in this update. Monetize your account through ads or product promotions and become a professional influencer! So we’ve scoured Reddit and Twitter and tried ourselves numerous times, and it really does seem like pulling off the perfect train robbery isn’t easy. And staying famous. But what about white-collar crimes? This is a quick fix to address a couple of small bugs in your Social Media Update. Related: BitLife 1.29 Update Guide: How to Mess Up Your Bitizens’ Lives in BitLife Version 1.29, aka The Criminal Update. Time for SOCIAL MEDIA. Last, but not least, the Hitman feature is unlocked once a Bitizen turns 18-years-old, and that makes sense — it’ll cost you thousands of dollars to hire one, so you’ll need to have a job by that time, or inherited a lot of money from the previous generation.

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