That said, the Blink Outdoor did retain the XT2's decent performance and ease of use in the app. Once everything is set up in the app, you can put your camera anywhere within Wi-Fi range and start using it.
Until I read this: “Blink Mini includes a free trial of the Blink … It was, a moment ago. Any accounts that were created before April 16, 2020 will receive standard cloud minutes that do not expire with their Blink Mini in exactly the same way as their existing camera systems.”. Easily manage most of your services with the My Spectrum app, eufyCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery Life. Completely false advertisement. Does this mean we will have to pay for cloud storage in the future? The Blink Outdoor one-camera kit includes a Blink Outdoor security camera, two AA lithium batteries, a Blink Sync Module 2, charging cables and mounting hardware. Blink’s affordable smart home security cameras and systems help you monitor your home directly from your smartphone.

Seems like shameless profiteering if so and will prevent me from buying more blink products — but was hoping someone could tell me that I have misunderstood? Best Buy's early Black Friday sale: There are still discounts on TVs, laptops and smart speakers, Walmart's Black Friday sales kick off Nov. 4. I am seeing nothing in that link that substantiates what you claim. Sadly it seems to be a trend of less and less good reports, more recently. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Buy sync module 2 when it comes out. Just Blink and you’re home. This camera also works with Alexa and I was able to pull up its live feed on an Amazon Echo Show 8 with, "Alexa, show my camera." I bought an XT2 this month, ie after the mid-April cut off date. I am aware of the local storage option, but that will double the price before you even sort out a USB stick. CloudEdge provide a set of video service platform for family and enterprise. It has on board local storage. If you already have a last-gen Blink system, your old Sync Module will work with the Blink Outdoor; standalone Blink Outdoor cameras cost $90. Until I read this: “Blink Mini includes a free trial of the Blink cloud storage subscription through December 31, 2020.”. Will Blink cloud storage continue to be free. Here are the best deals already announced, The best Black Friday 2020 deals available now and coming soon.

They pretty much denied my email existed even after offering to forward it to them.

It is highly suggested that you change your password once logged in. It states clearly on their website that you get permanent free storage, as ceedee linked, if you use them on the same account that you’ve had in place prior to April 16 2020. The Blink Outdoor Security Camera takes its cue from the XT2, only now you have to pay for cloud storage.

Customers do get a free trial of the Blink Subscription Plan through 2020, but after that, you have to decide if you want to only receive alerts and view the live feed -- or if you're fine forking over the cloud service fee to review saved clips, which will start at $3 per month. Blink’s affordable smart home security cameras and systems help you monitor your home directly from your smartphone. I’ve also talked to Amazon customer service about this and they are just as oblivious or covering up for their subsidiary Blink company emails being sent out that are falsely advertising a free service. Check out some of the other commands you can use with this camera and an Alexa-enabled smart speaker or display. I like the $100 Blink Outdoor and recommend it if you don't already have a Blink system -- and if you're looking for a reliable, versatile outdoor camera with a long-lasting battery that doesn't cost a fortune.

Keep on reading. How is it false advertising? Do what I mentioned above and you’ll have your answer. The details are in other new threads here, the buy products tab, as well as amazon.

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