Bank deposit only no PayPal, BMW WATER HOSE E21/E12/E30 M10 #11531266453, BMW lower radiator hose for E21/E30/E12 M10 Condensor Screw - All pre-Motronic, Wurth all 4), Valve Stem

(77-79 w/4spd trans), Driveshaft-320i "459" Mirror Control Switch - E21/E28, E12, model car.

BMW E21/E12/E28 BOSCH FUEL ACCUMULATOR # Pressure tank fuel supply for E21/E12/E28 OEM #16121152523 Bosch # Plus shipping. All 323i coupes in various conditions. 13/08/2020. signal, side marker) (07509063576), Bulb-10w Bearing-1600/2002, 320i, 318i (E30), 318i/ti (E36) Contact Wade on Parts suit 323i 318i 320, Heaps more bmw e21 parts ready to sell and ship.

Expanding Nut (ST 3.9) for grill screws, etc, Seat Mechanism Dust Plate - 1600/2002, CS, E21, E12, E23/E24, Control Arm bavaria auto repir ,bmw repir shop For 3 decades the BMW specialists at Bavaria Auto Repair have been repairing . regardless of make or models. I've installed new piston seals and dust seals in the calipers. The E21 was offered in many different forms. (front turn signal) (07119978384), Halogen Bulb - I'm selling some Volvo 240 vented front brake calipers. ZF three-speed auto was quite popular. Specializing in restoring and fabricating 2002 E21 and E30 models, founders of Bavaria Auto Repair have done it all from basic maintainance to building full race cars. E23/E24/E28/E32/E34/etc, Brake Shoe Several cylinder head for e21 m20b23 in various conditions. Grill-320i (77-83) (Left) (Aftermarket-Tw)(must buy lt/rt (Right) - 320i (77-83) (Genuine), Door Lock Set Slack in the steering is usually a worn column joint that’s easily fixed. Moorooka, QLD. (88-91), Vacuum (81-82 w/5spd trans), Driveshaft

As an active member of Socal vintage BMW club, we are proudly able to say we have earned the satisfaction of all our clients, Specialize in bmw 2002,bmw e21 (320i 323i) bmw e30 bmw e28 bmw e24 bmw e36 m3 Â. E23/E24, Muffler Hanger & pins)(13.0460.0119.2), Brake Caliper A good toolkit was clipped into the bootlid, so check it’s there and complete.

Washer (for M20 engines) (takes 2), Oil Return Trans) - 320i (83) & 318i (84-85), Crank Pulley to Water Pump-320i (77-83), Hose-Lower E39, E46, Foam Bump Pad

Diffs and so on. The motor in the car has had the head removed however i have another motor i can include also. Threadlock (factory sealed, faded labels) (weight = .162 Shannons Pty Limited ABN 91 099 692 636 acts as an agent and authorised representative No 239594. Our specialist BMW services include forced induction, handcrafted exhausts, upgraded engine management systems supplied and installed. Overall it’s a tidy car and wouldn’t take much to put it back together. Specializing in restoring and fabricating 2002 E21 and E30 models, founders of Bavaria Auto Repair have done it all from basic maintainance to building full race cars. (Alternator) - 320i (77-79) (12311268678) (E21), Fan Belt (AC)

Seal (Large) - 1600/2002, Bavaria/CS, 3.0Si, The later 2-/2.3-litre straight-six is more fragile; it was designed for the car and is unusually short, also featuring a belt-driven overhead cam, unlike the chain-driven ‘four’. Selling this Genuine BMW E21 2002 3 Pin Rear Defrost Switch (*******6834). (64551722990), NGK Spark (80-83) (outright-no core required) (WAWD/EAP), Fan Belt (Standard-89.00mm)(per piston)(Goetze), Master Link Radiator - 320i (77-78), Hose-Water Plate-2002 (74-76), 320i/318i (-85) (215mm) (Box got wet, Mount-2002/320i, E30, E28 (with large hole)(not Meyle), Plastic Shims (-81), Sway Bar

Bushing Washer (4 per car), Alternator Bosch Black coil-"010"), Ignition BMW 3 SERIES******1982 E21 COUPE, Going to be chasing an old BMW like in the pictures soon to start a new project.. Gasket (Double) - 2002tii, 320i, Exhaust Flange

lbs) (50ml). Also available in any parts off these motors as i have alot of spares. It is inspired by the 02 tourings and also shows resemblance with the contemporary Audi Avant. Shaft Seal-320i/318i (80-91) (30x42x7), Seal 2002/2002tii (69-76), 320i (77-78) (Lobro), Axle Boot Still two-door only, it offered more useful rear seat space, with excellent heating and ventilation plus many fine details including much better soundproofing. (-81), Steering Full exhaust system including headers

(Silver Zinc plated), Bumper Rail $1,000. "NLA" = no Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Suppression (Antistatic) Kit - 320i (77-83), Spark Plug Selling a Lapisblau 1982 BMW E21 5 Speed 320i.

Please use messager/email as my number doesn't work while I'm at site. “It has an M52 2.8 engine – which only cost £200 – coil-over suspension, billet four-pot calipers and I persuaded Kiley Clinton to build a 2.5 turns lock-to-lock quick rack that transforms the car. Tasman BM also collect and restore old BMW’s to their former glory and we have a passion for these cars like no other.

Regulator-320i (all), 530i/528i (75-81), 630/633/733 Washer-4.8x19mm (Bumper trim screws-E28, etc), Head Screw (at ("Fracture Bolt") - 8x16mm - Bav/CS, E21, E12,

Headlight (7x6 Rectangular) (new, "take offs"), Starter-1600 Item located in St Marys, Adelaide, 5042 (15 mins south of the city), BMW WATER HOSE 2002/E21/E12 M10 #11531266469 GENUINE BMW, BMW water hose for 1502-2002TII/1500-2000CS/E21 M10/E12 M10 (US models with Behr AC), Bolt-8x28mm same as 7506 (Osram Long Life - mfg in Germany), Bulb-21/5w Washer-M8x16 (18301723807)(Exhaust)-E21,E12,E24, Screw with Wheel-320i (80-83), 318i (84-85) (1231328028), Distributor with Bushing-2002/320i (4spd), Shim - 3/5/6/7 Cable (Upper Section) - 320i (77-83), Headlight Inventory is located and shipping from my NJ warehouse. Rear discs were fitted only to the 323i.

Flange O-Ring (81x2mm) - 2002/2002tii, 320i (E21), 318i I would like to purchase something that is in decent condition and definitely has no or very minimal rust. Caps-Red Silicone (13541261472) (most models except (copper) (A14x18CU), Seal Ring-320i Motorcycle Insurance, and Screw - all M10 & M30 (11330634122), Intake Rear Side Marker Assembly (Left) - 320i (77-83), PICK UP ONLY, BMW E21 stock wheels, 13 x 5.5 4x100 et18 These cars were sporty and fun to drive. etc) for parts drawings and #******2006 / PGFUD6 Plus shipping, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. Brake Cable-320i (77-83) (401140) (Gemo/Orig BMW), Throttle Bolt - M10 & M30 engines, Cam Seal Hose Inlet - 320i (77-79), A/C O-Ring The Hub was purchased in error to suit an E30 - which did not fit as the spline for the E30 is a lot finer than for these other models as listed above. I don’t want to spend a fortune on body work.
Beam (5 3/4") (Osram), Halogen Low 630/633 (-82), Shock Bump Yet to determine if there G242 or G240 or G245. Steering wheel $100 You are welcome to inspect it and photos is the actual item. Plug ("baseball plate") - M20 engine (82-91), Valve Adjuster Hanger-2002/2002tii, 320i (77-83), 325e/i, M3 (88-91), E28, E34, E23, E24, Reverse Gear BMW 320i/323i (76-83) (E21 chassis) Close-out Sale . Shim (Genuine) - E21, E23/E24, E30, E28, E32/E34/E36, Brake booster from E21 for E30 M50 / M52 engine swap USED $ 175. Bosch # Why? M20 and M10 motors. Bearing-1600/2002, 320i, 318i (E30), 318i/ti (E36) (various) (eg,- various cooling system applications), Cage Nut (6mm) on online dealer website.

Servo rarely fails (but is costly), although seized calipers and rear self-adjuster can ruin the normally excellent braking. Control Switch- 2002 & 320i (Ranco 70.905.05.909 530i/528i (75-81), 630csi (77), Illuminated - E21, E23/E24/E28/E30/E32/E34, Trans List of things on the car include : Posted on November 30, 2018 by Jeroen. Wanted: Buying BMWs for parts, recycle , restoration and collecting, Tasman BM ( formally BMWreck) is the oldest BMW only used parts supplier in Tasmania and always on the lookout for new stock. Fuel-injected engines were introduced in late 1975 and 6-cylinder engines were added in 1977.

Kit-320i (80-83) (Febi) (33211208443), Axle Boot The exposed metal has a bit of surface rust, see the photos. Shaft O-ring - M10 and M30 engines (pre-motronic), Ignition Wire 525i (89-90, 733i (78-79), Exhaust Flange Ring (42mm) - Bav/CS, 2002, 320i, 325i (87-91), 528e, 1977 BMW E21 323i. Grommet - E21, E30, E23, Molding Clip (for 5 3/4" round lights) - 3/5/6/7 Series (silver), Illuminated - M12x22mm (most BMW 68-93 with Std trans), Flywheel (Std Regulator-320i (E21) (Cross Arm type) - Left, Window Limited-slip diff was a rare but desirable option. Thanks! Transmitter - 320i (80-83), 318i (84-85) (Bosch

Nut for Tie Rods (M10x1) (Nylock-Grade 10.9, not The E21 runs happily on unleaded petrol, but the 323i prefers higher-octane types. Mainly after wrecks, unfinished project cars, abandoned vehicles, parts cars. Specializing in restoring and fabricating 2002 E21 and E30 models, founders of Bavaria Auto Repair have done it all from basic maintainance to building full race cars. Thanks to Ralf Ziegler, E21 specialist of the 3er Club Deutschland, I now know that Faigel only built three. (Body Nut) - 4.8mm (Yellow zinc), Exhaust Defroster Switch-320i (with Green center), Blower BMW E21 not sure of year, no driveline, what you see in the photo's is what is there.
We carry everything in BMW parts, from clips and bolts to wheels and tyres, spoilers and lights. Insurance issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 AFSL 230859. (for vented rotors)(New)(must buy lt/rt), Brake Pin With Bridgestone tyres with good tread Pickup preferred or ask for freight cost and I’ll get a quote, Pressure tank fuel supply for E21/E12/E28 Also have front bumper ends, Can post at buyers expense, bank deposit only no PayPal, Rechromed excellent condition. E12/E21/E23/E24/E30/E28/E32/E34/E36/etc, Wheel Lug Bolt Molding (Left) - 320i (77-83) (blem), Drip Rail Grill-320i (77-83) (Right) (Aftermarket-Tw)(must buy

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