Given what it is though, the F800GS will impress even sport bike riders as it flips from one side to the other on pavement, and it’s 21-inch front wheel allows for similar east of guidance in the dirt.

I'll put a taller screen on and get a gel pack put inside the seat, which was the low one and even at 5'10" I needed the low one really.

The tyres the the chassis the brakes the suspension, everything was ideal. You’re not confused either right? Each bike had the choice of pre-programmed Rain, Road, Enduro and Enduro Pro modes to suit the riding conditions. I quickly browsed their online inventory and found a used BMW F800GS Adventure. It’s also got a price that’s hugely tempting too. BROWSE INVENTORY, Model Overview: 2016 BMW F800GS Adventure Reviews and Specs. They were great, and service and warranty work I had done at a different dealer were also spot on.

Really like the engine, nice delivery up to 5000 rpm, which is 80mph in top gear.

I find myself toying with the MPG readout, how high can I get it (109 mpg in 6th at 40 mph), how low can I get it (37 mpg excelarating to the red line).

How does it stack up against the rival KTM though?

Its sheer grin factor everytime I go out to do this.

BMW F800GS – In our opinion, BMW got the suspension right here in terms of the F800GS’s 9 inches/230mm front & 8.5 inches/215mm of travel rear offering. Today I spent two hours on the 800GS on a test ride and was definatly impressed. Took me a while to get used to it as first bike I've had with abs. I'd heard good things about the 800 GS. Price: Starts at $13,895 Okay, here’s what we think we know.. in order of starting price: *As far as we can tell, the Blackline and Trophy are exclusive to Europe. I hope they fix the issue on the '11 model #4. Compare it to a GSXR 600 on the turns, and you’ll be disappointed.

Always keep in mind that your best means of test riding one of these bikes might be on one of our motorcycle tours or motorcycle rentals, so be sure to contact RIDE Adventures about reserving your next amazing adventure! At first glance, it appears that there’s only two versions – the base model, and the Adventure model. But these are things you’ll have to figure for yourself, based on your riding plans and buying market.

Interestingly, the DCT Transmission has not been requested much as the Standard one by our rental Customers though.

I'm tossing up between a BMW F800ST … Initially wanted a KTM 690 Enduro R, but were sold out everywhere so I tried a GS.

If you're so inclined, remember that many Riders book one of our, As perhaps a point of credibility, I/we have been offering the F800GS as a rental bike since it first came out in 2008, and the Africa Twin these past 2 years that it's been available. We dealt with valve cover leaks, air bubbles in the cooling system, voltage regulator issues (not an engine part) and lots of general annoyances. Plus, my new ride was delivered right to my doorstep! Unusually, for a BMW though, you’ll have to maintain a drivechain. The Africa Twin on the other hand, appeared and has felt balanced to me from the get go. I've had my F800GS for 11 months now and absolutely love it. Right. best : -engine / fuel consumption /low insurance bracket Even with my nearly 100lbs in excess of the average weight most bikes are built for, the stock suspension feels active instead of dead, and despite being heavier than the F800GS, the AT somehow feels lighter to me (more lively and active suspension.) That's nasty! The entire range gets new instruments which BMW claim are more easily readable. Includes: Everything from the base model. If some people only buy something that is "affordable", good for them too, at least they have something to ride.

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by Jack D, Jul 15, 2011.

The KTM – There’s nothing wrong with the KTM’s brakes, and they’re more than you need to stop quickly and safely.

I hope they fix the issue on the '11 model . Add to this some fairly uninspiring suspension componentry from the factory, and it's just "okay" at soaking up bumps or springing through turns.

Thing is the mates I ride with tend to need fuel at 150 miles so the range is adequate anyway as I'm limited by their bikes range. Buying experience: I paid £8000 in October 2014, was 6 months and 800 miles old from a BMW dealer, with 18 months warranty remaining. With a 21" front and 18" rear wheel, a traditionally positioned fuel tank, and all-around smart and comfortable chassis design, I think it's clear which bike I prefer to navigate multiple terrains with.

Use your cash offer as an online trade-in value. A fair old slope on the saddle ensures that your buttocks are inexorably tugged towards your shoulder blades unless you sit at the front of the seat, where the curve up to the tank hoists your uhm, nether regions, forcibly upwards and outwards. To sum up, if you want a lightweight alternative to the excellent GSA for considerably less money this is the bike.

(Side note: Apparently BMW has followed Honda's lead with a 270-degree phased crankshaft system for the new F850GS coming out, so I guess I'm not alone in this "pulsation" matter.)

Bought mine (well, borrowed really, it's on a PCP lol) from BMW dealer with just 800 miles on it, in pristine condition. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. BMW has been known for many years to have some of the best adventure motorcycles on the market. Mostly used for 30 minute daily commute, with weekend rideouts, and one weekend trip of 2500km in 3 days.

Until now. 80 mph felt ok but alot of buffeting. Joined: Feb 26, 2009 Oddometer: 118 Location: Arkansas. While the F800GS feels like a great bike for the most part, many riders have noted a strange shaking that occurs at highway speeds, even on smooth pavement. 845898), Single shock, preload and rebound damping adjust, Will tackle off-road or crossing continents. 85 horses might not sound like much, but its more than enough. Actually coming up a little short of the F800GS at 210mm of travel front & rear, an almost identical amount of ground clearance makes rocks and obstacles a pleasure to glide over.

Neither bike will be the best for all scenarios, but the charm of these big adventure bikes is that they're, Both tipping the scales at over 500lbs when ready to ride, neither the F800GS or Africa Twin will be a single-track Rider's dream come true, yet they can still be heaps of fun for some light tree-dodging and berm-riding on the local dirt trails near your home when the itch arises. Because you know, the important the things. It is just the kind of bike I was looking for...light, powerfull, good handling, good for long and short trips...I does everything and does it all well...besides, it's BMW. It’s light, slim and perky enough to be a credible off-roader yet it’s also substantial, grunty, roomy and potentially sufficiently well equipped to tackle crossing continents. Seems most of you are like myself, in that caressing the controls of a motorcycle with my hands and playing footsie still feels good :)  Winner: Tie (with a nod to Honda for at least offering an option).

Fully fueled with sidecases and luggage strapped on though, this bike can definitely feel strangely balanced. Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at started by dryfter, Oct 2, 2012. dryfter aka Wintrmute. This Powercone exhaust from GPR for the BMW F800GS is claimed to add 2.7bhp without requiring any engine remapping. Then there's the 21" front and 17" rear wheel, which is a unique combination in this genre of motorcycle. Riding mode information is also displayed on the dash too. Was replaced under warranty and all ok since.

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