WE HAVE PUPPIES & LOVABLE MATURE DOGS! Sales tax is not applicable. Bolognese dogs are small 5-9 pounds, standing 8-10 " at the shoulders, sturdy and squarely built. Look at pictures of Bolognese puppies who need a home. Important: Breeders.net has not screened the listed breeders and accepts no responsibility for their reputation or quality. I make sure they are well cared for and socialized for prefect placement into loving families.

we have an available Bolognese puppy for sale. This is what makes my special breed of dog in such high demand. 573-207-5107 for Club Inquires Only. Because of the way I raise and care for my babies, they are happy and well adjusted. a wait to get a beautifully bred Bolognese puppy. Bolognese are rare here in the U.S. so there is sometimes Bolognese is located in the eastern United States near Nashville,

Contact ♥ ۬ Enter your zip or postal code above to access our up-to-date directory).

The ABC acts as a hub for any Bolognese with paperwork that needs rescuing or re-homing. Each Bolognese dog we breed

To locate a Bolognese breeder, enter your 5-digit zip or postal code: See real-time photos and information about the dogs currently in the shelter nearest to you. Animal shelters are full of pets just waiting to offer their love, devotion, and a wagging tail. puppies love their owners! their paws in the air. The Bolognese originated in Bologna, Italy, and was given as gifts by aristocracy in Europe, a nice companion for life! We are members of the BBA (Bolgonese Breed Association). Beautiful This is what makes my special breed of dog in such high demand. Thank you for your interest in the Bolognese breed. Gefällt 246 Mal. Please note that all living creatures are subject to health problems, possibly serious ones, even when there is no history of such problems in the animal’s background. Joyful Bolognese is a small family breeder of a rare breed of companion dogs, the Bolognese puppy. -Psalm 150:6 : WE SELL BOLOGNESE PUPPIES! It is your responsibility to investigate. In 2008 we added the Italian Bolognese. Breed Bichon Bolognese Dogs! These puppies will always be a part of our family! Because of the way I raise and care for my babies, they are happy and well adjusted. His mom is a pure bred BOLOGNESE and his dad is a pure bred Poodle. Each puppy being adopted will have first shots and wormed. Regular check-ups are all a part of pet ownership and small problems should be treated before they escalate into bigger ones. As the Bolognese progresses into the twenty-first century its dedicated followers rejoice in the progress of their efforts.

Copyright © 1999-2018 World Organization. Let everything that has has been carefully and prayerfully selected. This little girl, while a bit shy at first, is very, Marco is a little pistol. Until the puppy has received all of the proper vaccinations, it should not be allowed to frequent parks or other areas where dogs may spread contagious bacteria and viruses. Dams of our Puppies I began to breed this incredible breed, the Bolognese, on a very small and select scale. Look at pictures of Bolognese puppies who need a home. "How

- ♥ RESCUE ME! Florida: Bolognese Breeders. To the delight of their * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *. Such diseases are, but not limited to: grade 1-2 heart murmur, grade 1-2 luxating patellas, localized mange, bladder stones, inverted eyelids and undescended testicles. We rescue, rehabilitate, train and rehome abandoned/surrendered Maltese, Bolognese and other similar small breed dogs. Their luxuriant all white coat is soft and fluffy laying in silky ringlets.

they are a small breed dog that range around 8lbs when fully grown. breath praise the Lord. Before adopting, you'll be asked to fill out an adoption form for our review.

The purchaser is responsible for all veterinary fees for the affected puppy, as well as transportation and associated expenses for the replacement puppy. All nice with children other animals non, OS Owner Passed Available Visit this organization s website to see any additional info available about this pet.... More Info Photos and contact info on…, Dozer was surrendered by his owner and is currently in foster he is about a year old a poodle/bolognese, lines, both dogs have been tested for knees, heart and eyes. Find reputable ABC Bolognese breeders committed to health testing. Woof!

(Detailed contact information has been omitted. All rights reserved. If, during this said vet examination, a serious condition is diagnosed and is attested to in writing by Buyer’s veterinarian, Seller will provide a mutually agreed upon replacement puppy as soon as one is available. Clearance for the sire and dam for patellar luxation and eye soundness does not guarantee that there will be no problem in the future. The Bolognese is limited in numbers and needs to be adopted by a family willing to make the investment of time, love and money necessary to help ensure the success and continuation of this amazing breed. We raise beautiful Bolognese.

Nonetheless, it makes sense that healthy parents are more likely to produce healthy offspring. Joyce Eisert, our Rescue and Re-Homing/Adoption Director, will contact you. Congenital and genetic diseases which are not life threatening and do not adversely affect the health of the animal are not covered by this guarantee. WE When we have a request for adoption, we take great care to ensure the proper fit for both my dog and the host family. These are designer bred puppies that are half Bolognese and half Gold Dust Biewer. then we can schedule an interview and visit to see how everyone gets along. Praise the Lord! Pack page to find out if If, for any reason, the Buyer is not able to keep the puppy, Buyer will let the Seller know, offering us the first opportunity to take the puppy back. Zazzi's Malt/Bolognese Rescue, Hendersonville, North Carolina. All puppies are delivered in our special Pet Nursery. Our Bolognese Dogs all have Champion bloodlines. The American Bolognese Club non-profit 501(c)(4) dedicated to preserving the breed. 251 likes. and non-shedding! Bolognese - The Rare Beauty. Search Florida Dog Rescues and Shelters Here. us on Facebook, and Twitter!

Neutered and up to date on all shots and vet visits. From there you can see photos of their pups, find detailed information on their web page and contact them by e-mail, phone and even get driving directions. AVAILABLE BOLOGNESE, BIEWER AND ROYAL DOGS. We are not running a puppy mill and availability is often limited. SELL BOLOGNESE PUPPIES! Our kennel is located on 40 acres of woods in the Suwannee River Valley of Northern Florida. All dogs are vet checked and healthy. Red cannot be, 11yr old purebred black and tan minpin. He is about 9 lbs, and is estimated to be 12 years old (though we think he may be a bit, Red is a very timid boy but he is just looking for a home where he can gain confidence and be happy. Bolognese Dogs and Puppies From Florida Breeders by DogsNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. Find Bolognese dogs and puppies from Florida breeders. I reserve the right to decline adoptions that I feel are not good fits for either. Italian Bolognese pups for sale males and females. Furthermore, Buyer agrees to offer a high quality food to this puppy and provide proper socialization opportunities with daily human contact. My puppies go to wonderful homes but I also have adult Bolognese. Each Bolognese puppy receives special care and attention from our

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