I usually ignored such things as middle finger pain, when I was bowling in my college. If you are having difficulty maintaining thumbs up for bowling power, our staff at bowlingball.com recommends you consult a certified bowling instructor or an experienced bowling professional. I have been bowling with middle finger pain for some time now. Those balls they use are what the serious aspiring bowlers use in the classic leagues at the bowling alley. A left-handed bowler would be their fingers in the 7 and 8 o’clock position, with their thumb … Because I happened to take 3 months off, the problems became apparent as soon as I picked up my ball at summers end to prepare for the new season. It sometimes gets to the point I can’t make a fist.>>Thank you for adding the video by Gary Crowley. Did Someone Switch Bowling Balls With Me? No Packaging Fees. I can tell just by reading your article, that my technique is not very good or sustainable. I can imagine your surprise when that ball went right into the gutter immediately. However, I must say that arthritis is a major problem as well when we have the issue in our fingers! ** COVID-19 UPDATE: WE ARE OPEN AND SHIPPING ORDERS. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Just this change alone will make the finger inserts much more comfortable! However, that raises the middle joint, and because I wear an extended wrist support, that may be uncomfortable. Thanks for leaving a comment Paul and good luck with your issues as well! Sizes: Choose the size nearest the size of your thumb hole. I wanted to share my story with my readers. You are holding onto the ball too long! I also moved the ring finger to add 1/4″ forward pitch. Thumb Adjustment For Bowling Middle Finger Pain . I can relate to your pain. Im happy I see your post I’m going to try the same thing that you’ve done and hopefully this helps. I am sure you have seen the pro’s on tv bowling, and they are bowling for a lot of money! Bowlers need those fingers! If you change a couple things and it causes another problem , you won’t know what caused it. ANY ORDER PLACED TODAY BEFORE 4PM EST WILL SHIP THE SAME DAY **, Use and distribution of this article is subject to our, © bowlingball.com 1997-2020. It has been a reoccurring issue with me, when feel pain, I stop bowling for a time to get better, but the pain still comes back but I think I will go with your solution to be perfectly okay. Currently, it is pitched 5/8 of an inch forward and is working well. If you also suffer from Arthritis, and want a natural product that works check out The Best CBD Oil To Buy. I am glad my article is useful for you! Affiliate Links and Cookies are Used On This Page And We Are A Paid Affiliate. This will help shrink the swelling, just be sure to dry your hands. But, my thumb was not seated properly when I did that. The best way to learn, is to sign up for some leagues, and have someone give you some beginners pointers. Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment! This would also allow me to keep my thumb seated properly in the ball. The video you embedded is super helpful. You can’t use the same inserts, because they usually have to be trimmed to fit your ball, so you will have to buy a new set. Check out the Latest Ball Releases of 2019 from Storm, Roto-Grip, and Hammer! getmorehook.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Video shared by you is very useful indeed. Glad I could help. In this case, I didn’t think my Arthritis was causing the problem, So I discussed the problem with the pro shop. The only way I could get my fingers to bend enough was to literally squeeze or clench the ball hard (which you are NOT supposed to do). Just so the readers know, a “Turkey” is a string of 3 strikes in a row! If you have problems with your fingers hurting you while you are bowling, talk to your ball driller, and let him know. My ball driller agreed we could pitch the finger forward, or shorten my span to free up my finger and allow more movement. It helps with my confidence, and it’s a chance to loosen stiff fingers and hands up for hooking the ball.

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