The height of the Bpm depends on the motor vehicle and the tariff. Compare the outcome (the gross bpm amount) according to the old tariff and according to the new tariff.

For a delivery van, camper van or motorcycle the bpm tariff is a percentage of the net list price. In certain situations you may obtain a refund of the bpm paid.

You can use the following method to determine if the old or the new tariff of your used motor vehicle is more advantageous: In certain cases you are permitted to calculate the discount on the gross bpm of a used motor vehicle by depreciation on the basis of a price list, a valuation report or a fixed depreciation table. If you do not pay the BPM, you may be imposed an administrative fine as well as a retrospective tax assessment. But there are also other cases in which you pay bpm. Did you file a BPM declaration for the period after 1 May 2020? You do not have to pay bpm. BPM calculation Do you want to import a car to the Netherlands and do you want to know how much BPM you need to pay to get it registered? Always first have this identified or inspected at an RDW testing station. You pay bpm for a passenger car, motorcycle or a delivery van. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration charges BPM: on cars (including double cab pick ups heavier than 3,500 kg), based on CO2 emissions; on vans or motorcycles, based on the net list price; In some cases you are exempt from paying BPM. In the text, motor vehicles are understood to refer to either motorcycles or passenger cars. You must activate Javascript in order to view this website.
Calculate and pay bpm We calculate the bpm over the CO2 emission in gr/km, or over the net list price. Call the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, +31 (0)55 538 5385, Contact the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW, in Dutch), Immigration and Naturalisation Service, IND, Tax and Customs Administration, Belastingdienst.

The Bpm also applies to delivery vans and lorries that are equipped for passenger transport.

Foreign number plate . You may authorise the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration to debit the motor vehicle tax on a monthly basis. Other rules apply to delivery vans. You must activate Javascript in order to view this website.

If you disagree with a declaration, additional assessment or decision, you can lodge a written objection. Javascript is disabled in this web browser. This calculator is for illustrative purposes only. In certain situations you may obtain exemption.

Consult a qualified tax services professional before making any decision.

You pay bpm if you buy a new passenger vehicle, motorcycle or delivery van in the Netherlands, or import one from abroad.

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