giving it to them, remove all leaves, stems, and vines as these parts are highly Besides the much-needed cage, a perch, water dishes, African grey food bowls, toys, cage sand, cuttlebones, mineral blocks, and a birdbath, you will also need a steady supply of food. lol I’m glad you checked out the post, and that you had fun with your ex-neighbor’s African Grey at the time.

But neither has to damage the well-being of our African greys!

They answer these questions we would normally have with assumptions about bird owners. Apples, peaches, and cherries contain seeds with cyanide which must be removed. The best approach is to step back and think. Hemolytic anemia (HEE-moh-lit-ick uh-NEE-me-uh) is a condition in which red blood cells are destroyed and removed from the bloodstream before their normal lifespan is up.

Seeds are high in fat which can lead to obesity, and African Greys are actually pretty inefficient at digesting them and extracting all the nutrients they need. If the products are not allowed, they will be confiscated by that government.

Bathing is also important because it helps to remove any of the general toxins that can accumulate on feathers.

Here is a table showing averaged fat percentages of some common seeds. The typical Timneh African grey weighs around 11 ounces. They do make nice companions.

Remove all such beverages away from your African Because African greys can and do develop heart disease if only given all-seed diets. Any more than this can lead to nutritional deficiencies, infections, or other health problems. All the parts of a parrot’s diet will have an impact on their health, this goes with an African grey parrot’s diet as well.

Manu Kalia recently posted…Improving Shoulder Flexibility Without Pain, Thank you for your comment, Manu. We hope in this article, you learned about African Grey toxic foods.

DO NOT give your parrot coffee or chocolate: as it contains theobromine, an alkaloid that is poisonous to your grey. An easy fix many African grey owners encounter and entice by is the all-pellet diet.
This is actually dangerous for parrots.

Since it moves away from the pure-pellet diets and includes dried fruit and vegetables, wait for your African Grey to finish the bowl before you replenish it so he can’t skim of the unhealthiest bits at every meal! A series of Parrot Handbooks that cover best practices in care and nourishment for parrots. Playing with them out of the cage is really important.
Boxes are fine) will be shipped for a flat-rate charge of $5.99. Green leafy vegetables and mustard greens are an excellent source of these elements. you received an incorrect item). Can my parrot eat fruits? species and is linked with increased heartbeat, arrhythmia, and hyperactivity. Playing “warm potato”, can help your African grey become accustomed to the entire family or housemates rather than just yourself as they are known to usually do.

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