Asian otters are not federally illegal because they are not marine animals, but they are certainly not legal to own in every state. People's Trust for Endangered Species. Some of the different types of otter species include: The North American river otter is the only river otter found in north of Mexico. SE, Salem, OR 97302, (503) 947-6100.

That may sound dramatic, but let me explain.

For enrichment, otters will need walkways, natural shrubbery, nesting boxes and lots of options for safe digging and foraging. The female raises her young either alone or with the help of other related females.River otters are often indicators of water quality. As can be deduced, permits are generally required in most states where they are technically legal.

As a predator near the top of the aquatic food chain, they bioaccumulate toxins consumed by and stored in their prey. He identified the sea urchin fishery as having the greatest interaction potential, along with other commercial fisheries, recreational boating, shipping traffic and wildlife watching. What is a Furbearer? Instead, they rely on their fur to insulate and keep them warm. Predatory Animals are coyotes, rabbits, rodents, and feral swine which are or may be destructive to agricultural crops. A newly published study by a master's student in the Marine Mammal Institute of Oregon State University found there is suitable habitat along the Oregon Coast to support around 4,500 resident sea otters, setting aside for a moment the potential disturbance from human activities. Tatiana on September 19, 2019: You should remove this article and every advise on owning exotic pets. Unlike many aquatic mammals, otters do not possess a thick layer of fat to keep them warm. "We find ourselves at a moment of opportunity," Hatch said. Yes, the river otter, like many wild animals, lives a day-to-day existence, often barely meeting its metabolic needs. 2020-2021 Furtaker Harvest Report Form. Landowners must obtain either a furtaker’s license, a hunting license for furbearers, or a free license to take furbearers on land they own and on which they reside. ", [feedimage: left,image-full,5e44b5dbc8326561a97f196b,]. Absolutely not. Not only does this depend on the country, the legality of keeping an otter as a pet will also depend on regions and jurisdiction within a given country. Photo: Land Trust. endobj This has spread to the opening of various hedgehog and even owl cafés. The local authority's regulations will need to be assessed before it could even be considered. Oregon's southern coastline with its many rocky headlands and bull kelp forests had the greatest amount of high quality habitat. All you say and recommend is ethically against your Vet degree!

About Us | Fishing | Hunting | Wildlife Viewing | License / Regs | Conservation | Living with Wildlife | ODFW Outdoors | Workday Login, ODFW Home | Driving Directions | "But so many things have to go right if we are going to eventually be able to bring otters back to the Oregon Coast.". More otters smuggled for sale in Japan as demand as pets grows. The federal government has awarded them a grant to launch a feasibility study for a possible reintroduction effort. Sign up to get important news and culture from around the Northwest, delivered to your inbox six days a week. No animals shall be killed except during authorized open harvest seasons. Hunting feral swine on private land does not require a valid hunting license, but you must have landowner permission. Can i legaly own a short clawed otter here in Ontario Canada? Mandatory Reporting Requires appropriate Furtaker’s License to trap (also allows hunting),or appropriate Hunting License for Furbearer’s or general Hunting License to hunt these species. There is also a modest sea urchin fishery in southern Oregon. As wild animals, otters will not want to be kept in a small enclosure and their dexterous claws mean they will try to climb or dig their way out. The food they eat will also need to be considered with an appropriate diet and at least 350 g of food per day for each animal.

Fisher, Ringtail Cat, Wolverine, Kit Fox and Sea Otter: Closed season entire year Pet Otters Photo: Land Trust.All river otters, including the ocean faring river otters discussed above, must have access to fresh water to bathe in. Before you join the Pepe Le Pew fan club, you’ll need to find out if owning a pet skunk is legal in your state.

Feral swine populations are widely scattered and found mostly on private property.

However, there are few countries which appear to favor having otters as pets. If the water is not sufficiently well cleaned, it can lead to the quick death of the otter. Here in central Oregon, every otter you see is a northern river otter. Documents (pdfs) The nonprofit that wants to restore sea otters to Oregon is named the Elakha Alliance, after the word for sea otter in the Clatsop-Chinookan language.

A Furtaker's License allows the holder to trap, hunt and pursue. For any person owning, leasing, occupying, possessing or having charge or dominion over any land (or an agent of this person) who is taking or attempting to take beaver or muskrat on that property, these two species are considered to be predatory animals. The course may be completed at home.

How do I know what version of OTTER I have installed? OPB’s critical reporting is made possible by the power of member support. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2015: e.T12302A21936349. ODFW created an online reporting system that allows licensed furtakers to submit their Furtaker Harvest Report online.  Submitting a paper report is still an option, although online submission is preferred. Well, female river otters do. Fortunately, regulations passed since the 1980s have banned many of these harmful pollutants and polluted waterways have recovered. We're not sure what will happen. The swine do not meet the description of escaped swine in section 2 above. Exotic animals have many guidelines regarding their maintenance in captivity, but possession laws do change deepening on the State. It is illegal in all US States to keep this indigenous otter as a pets. Cats Domesticated Themselves, Ancient DNA Shows. Unfortunately, this fad has lead to the illegal smuggling of otters into Japan[6]. Larson is involved in monitoring the flourishing sea otter populations on the wild Washington and British Columbia coastline. The Asian small-clawed otter has become a popular pet in Southeast Asia. endobj In many states, do you think it's illegal to keep river otters, beavers and many exotic animals as pets? In the UK, otters are fully protected under Sections 9 and 11 of Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981[2]. What will the effects be on the community and on other species?".

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