John M. Newberry was the flagman on the southbound No. 83 and yelled to Jones. By the age of 5 he was racing motorcycles and by the age of 16 he jumped behind the wheel of his first race truck. 26. In the account given in the book Railroad Avenue by Freeman H. Hubbard, which was based on an interview with fireman Sim Webb, he and Casey had been used extra on trains 3 and 2 to cover for engineer Sam Tate, who had marked off ill. Simeon T. Webb, Fireman Train No. Casey’s career began with wins in the MDR series in his JeepSpeed, taking 2nd in Pro Truck in the Baja 1000 and 3rd in the Class 1 Car in the Baja 500. The second loop stage of the Rally was no where close to easy. It was actually KTRK-TV anchor Sharron Melton who announced the arrival of the new member in Casey and Carl's family. They bought a house at 211 West Chester Street in Jackson, where they raised their three children. A stretcher was brought from the baggage car on No. The sound of it was variously described as "a sort of whippoorwill call," or "like the war cry of a Viking." Historical records and family trees related to Wilfred Currie.

I imagine that the Vaughan wreck will be talked about in roundhouses, lunchrooms and cabooses for the next six months, not alone on the Illinois Central, but many other roads in Mississippi and Louisiana. 638 stayed in Water Valley. He was promoted to engineer, his lifelong goal, on February 23, 1891. Casey’s career began with wins in the MDR series in his JeepSpeed, taking 2nd in Pro Truck in the Baja 1000 and 3rd in the Class 1 Car in the Baja 500. Jones drove the engine until he transferred to Memphis in February 1900.

Massena Jones, (former postmaster of Vaughan and director of the now-closed museum there), said "When they found Jones, according to Uncle Will Madison (a section hand who helped remove Jones's body from the wreckage), he had a splinter of wood driven through his head. Building off of his success from Dakar Currie won Gold at the inaugural Jeep X Challenge at Winter X-Games in his first ever X-Games appearance. Now this is contrary to most of the stories, some of which say he had a bolt through his neck, some say he was crushed, some say he was scalded to death. [6], There is disagreement over the circumstances prior to Casey Jones's fatal last run. It took about 3 and half hours for the competitors just to get to the start of the special. He was only two minutes behind schedule. He was so punctual, it was said that people set their watches by him.

Webb's view from the left side of the train was better, and he was first to see the red lights of the caboose on the main line. He is also a dirt bike rider and UTV … However, there is some disagreement about the sequence of events on that night, 29–30 April 1900. Although it was raining, steam locomotives of that era operated best in damp conditions.

Teams would run into the issue of having to give up valuable points in hidden checkpoints as to not risk losing points by showing up to basecamp late. It would be a day of drag racing as the course would have multiple long stretches one for 40km, 24 miles of foot to the floor and hold her straight.

Everything to know about former Eyewitness This Morning anchor Lori Stokes. To offer your sympathy during this difficult time, Death; Modify Search Search Again People Search Results for Casey Curry Profile; Phone; Address; Email; Birthday; We found 50 people that match in the United States. She has attended nine elementary schools. I was jarred a little in my bunk, but when fairly awake the train was stopped and everything was still. Casey looks to further push the boundaries of off-road travel and racing. At the closing of the fair, No. This would have given them little time to rest, as Number 1 was due out at 11:35 pm. [6], During the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago, Illinois, in 1893, IC was charged with providing commuter service for the thousands of visitors to the fairground.

This run offered the fastest schedules in the history of American railroading. However, the exact figure of her net worth is still behind the veil. On the following day, the funeral service was held in St. Mary's Church, where he and Janie Brady had married fourteen years before. Jones had to move his family to Memphis and give up working with his close friend John Wesley McKinnie on No.

His body was found lying under the cab, with his skull crushed and right arm torn from its socket. ... During the night Casey and Sean went over the car and made sure everything was dialed in and ready for the stage ahead of them. Curry is an army brat who was born in Panama. 384 until the night of his fateful last ride on Engine No. [5], Engineer Willard W. "Bill" Hatfield had transferred from Memphis back to a run out of Water Valley, thus opening up trains No. Jones, in February 1900, was transferred from Jackson, Tennessee, to Memphis, Tennessee, for the passenger run between Memphis and Canton, Mississippi.

They were asked to turn right around and take number 1 back to Canton to fill in for Sam Tate, who had marked off. 72 (located to the south and headed north) were both in the passing track to the east of the main line. It was a cold morning today as the crews loaded up for the next town. So happy for the whole Family!!!”. All cleared the rails easily except for a little girl who suddenly froze in fear at the sight of the oncoming locomotive. Currie’s off-road resume is lined with wins on motorcycles, trucks and buggies in the desert – this one is no stranger to dirt sports. By Michael Eubanks Jan 17, 2020, 5:52 PM EST. Being that they started and finished at sea level, there was a lot of elevation change during the stage. Casey Currie. Plant a tree to honor the memory of your loved one. Songs titled “Casey Jones”, usually about the crash or the engineer, have been recorded by Vernon Dalhart (Edison Disc recorded June 16, 1925), This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, Feverfew (Blueboy (band)), Tom Russell, The New Christy Minstrels, Skillet Lickers, and the Grateful Dead. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Published in Star-Telegram on Sep. 10, 2020. He was one of the nicest people I met while working at Grand Northern. 413K likes. He had finished well before they arrived at the station, as planned, and was returning to the cab when he noticed a group of small children dart in front of the train some 60 yards (55 m) ahead. As a replacement of Casey Curry, the station has hired KEYE Austin’s Collin Myers as the weekend weather reporter. At Durant, he received new orders to take to the siding at Goodman, Mississippi (eight miles (13 km) south of Durant, and 163 miles (262 km) into the run), wait for the No.

This stage would be similar to the opening stage having a little bit of every terrain. Sonny Callahan (Extension of Remarks – October 14, 1993)", "Water Valley Casey Jones Railroad Museum in Water Valley, Mississippi", "Death Comes at 92 to Casey Jones's Widow", Life Magazine Jan 26, 1942 story of Casey Jones,, Railway accident deaths in the United States, Articles with trivia sections from October 2018, Articles with disputed statements from October 2020, Articles needing additional references from December 2013, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Jones liked No. Once they leave the bivouac, they will be on their own until they return to the bivouac the following night. It had eight drive wheels and two pilot wheels, a 2-8-0 "Consolidation" type. All are agreed, however, that Jones managed to avert a potentially disastrous crash through his exceptional skill at slowing the engine and saving the lives of the passengers at the cost of his own. ", or "Cannonball".


Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. Casey’s career began with wins in the MDR series in his JeepSpeed, taking 2nd in Pro Truck in the Baja 1000 and 3rd in the Class 1 Car in the Baja 500. By bringing everything in-house, Casey expanded his ability to build multiple race vehicles and custom Jeeps for his various racing ventures and increase the number of custom Jeep builds for the many non-race events he attends such as Trail of Missions, Rubicon, Bantam Historic Jeep Festival, Jeep Beach, SEMA Battle of the Builders and Off-Road Expo. The railroad men themselves wondered at it and of course the uninitiated could not do less. In the first section of the run, Jones drove from Memphis 100 miles (160 km) south to Grenada, Mississippi, with an intermediate water stop at Sardis, Mississippi (50 miles (80 km) into the run), over a new section of light and shaky rails at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour (130 km/h).

Jason always had a smile on his face. His request was approved, and No. Railroaders who worked with Jones liked him but admitted that he was a bit of a risk-taker. – DENSE FOG THE DIRECT CAUSE – Of a Rear End Collision on the Illinois Central. The teams had a couple of sketchy mountainous obstacles they had to work their way through. Casey Curry shares a daughter with husband Carl Hahn. To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our. Share Jason's life story with friends and family. Casey and Sean woke up around 7:00am in no rush with a Bivouac leave time of 9:30am. Racers started right at the bivouac with the top bike riders retrieving their bikes from Parc Ferme for the second half of the super marathon.

Send your deepest condolences with fresh flowers. The following 30-mile (48 km) stretch (Winona to Durant, Mississippi) had no speed-restricted curves. September 1905: Norton and the 382 turned over in the Memphis South Yards. Casey got married to Carl Hahn in 2013. Today marked the longest total stage of the rally at 886 kilometers with over half of it being on pavement on liaisons. At the fair (also called The Chicago World's Fair), he became acquainted with No. Teams will do a complete tear down of their vehicle minus the motor to basically have a brand new car for the second half.

Jones quickly yelled back "Jump Sim, jump!" Jones's African-American fireman Simeon T. Webb (born May 12, 1874), died in Memphis on July 13, 1957,[11] at age 83. Jones shouted to Stevenson to reverse the train and yelled to the girl to get off the tracks in almost the same breath. A brisk early morning and a long liaison started today’s stage.

That year he drove the engine that became most closely associated with him, for one time. 3 (south) to another engineer. Engineer Jones did a wonderful as well as a heroic piece of work, at the cost of his life. It would also be the teams first opportunity to shake down the vehicles and get any pre-rally jitters out of the way as it is an un-scored day and won’t hurt your overall rally.

Stage 3 began with a precision enduro right at Basecamp. The express messenger was thrown against the side of the car, having two of his ribs broken by the blow, but his condition is not considered dangerous. 1, body bruises from jumping off Engine 382 – $5.00 (equivalent to $154 in 2019), Mrs. W. E. Breaux, passenger, 1472 Rocheblave Street, New Orleans, slight bruises – Not settled, Mrs. Wm. Competitors had to complete a 177km liaison before the 477km all sand special. Heroic sacrifice for refusal to abandon post to ensure the safety of passengers from an inevitable collision.

[5], Jones went to work for the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, performed well and was promoted to brakeman on the Columbus, Kentucky, to Jackson, Tennessee, route, and then to fireman on the Jackson, Tennessee, to Mobile, Alabama, route.[6]. 382, known as "Cannonball". Jones's wife said she never had any thought of remarrying. Because Jones stayed on board to slow the train, he was believed to have saved the passengers from serious injury and death – Jones was the only fatality of the collision. His watch stopped at the time of impact: 3:52 am on April 30, 1900.

The start of the Rebelle rally began with a 182km Prologue. For this, he was immortalized in a traditional song, “The Ballad of Casey Jones”. No.

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