In the aftermath of a breakdown of a personal relationship, I was challenged to rethink how I “showed up.” In the past, I might have become angry or upset, but instead, I needed to stop and acknowledge the other person’s feelings, which were surprising to me. So here goes…. I would have blogged about earlier topics if I hadn’t been so busy or so sick. It teaches valuable life principles. Humble people have been humbled. One’s pride will bring him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honor. You need the fellowship and love of family and friends, but only Jesus Christ can meet all your needs perfectly and completely. Has your story been shaped by brokenness? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Okay, the whole praise belongs to the Lord thing is sort of easy. It’s not bad to keep and eye on things; but being so totally consumed to the point that everything else – everyone else – suffers, that’s not good. For some, it’s a reason to demand pity; for others, it’s motivation to stay “true to themselves” in their flawed humanity and not attempt to appear all put together in a nice, neat package. In this chapter we will look at how surrender and brokenness are integral elements to … He does not want us to feed our pride by “making things right”, nor does he simply want sadness and sorrow over the consequences and pain our sin brings to us. We would never ask for humility. Raised in the king’s palace, we see Moses as a confident man, a man used to authority, and one who takes matters into his own hands. I could share with you the proud characteristics that I most identify with. Not that I don’t sometimes take all the glory. He’ll be completely committed to following Christ one moment, and then the next he’s watching his stocks and totally absorbed in his business. He knows all about you–where you have come from and how you got there. For some, it will be the loss of a personal relationship with a significant other; separation or divorce; strife with family members, children, friends, co-workers, or neighbors; or death of a loved one. It is painful, but God supports and provides the strength you need to keep going. View All Posts. It may imply messiness and imperfection. A man I spoke with recently is just like that; he’s so hard to read, you never know what you’re going to get. Be in the moment—in this very moment—because you can only ever live in the now. It is a life-changing event that can be harnessed to take you to a higher place of development than you would have achieved without it. Enter your name and email below and receive the first chapter to Ken Keis' Why Aren't You More Like Me? In Pursuit of a God-First Life as a Fully-Devoted Follower of Jesus Christ. -- Proverbs 29:23 . Brokenness, in His eyes, is to be broken, crushed, and torn in spirit over sin. 7:10). Yes, if I’m seeking to make myself successful, that is still focusing on me. It will take longer for some people than for others, but this, too, shall pass. So here goes…. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. For others it’s a cool word, a trend. No one can find fault within Him. There are no steps to rid our life of pride. And here we find him, his larger-than-life status diminished, his great attributes out of the lime- light, his sin highlighted. Another indication of brokenness is the “on again, off again” personality. 12:1-12 for more detail), David’s only recorded response in this passage is found in a simple phrase: David, a man after God’s own heart. I’m talking in this post about brokenness from things like the loss of a job, personal failure the breakup of a significant relationship—the kind of brokenness where we often played a part or someone else made decisions or choices which hurt us deeply. Another indication of brokenness is the “on again, off again” personality.

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