In season four, the power advances so that Phoebe is able to glide short distances while levitating[16] and she even learns to use her power to walk on walls. Part 2). They also commented on the outfits worn by Phoebe in the later seasons, with some critics describing them as "revealing and ridiculous costumes", "sexy" and "skimpy." Since their grams retained her Wiccan powers, Phoebe has probably retained hers as well. She later discovered that Cole knew about The Seer's tonics completely eating away at her good nature. During the run of the show Phoebe becomes somewhat of a celebrity with the general public, this is attributed to her extremely real and insightful advice (possibly a pre-cursor of her future Empathy power). After Leo was poisoned with darkllighter venom, Piper cast a spell to switch powers with Leo and use his powers to heal him. Amelia transferred their souls into Darryl's body and brought them to Prue's location. Elise points this out in Scry Hard when she takes a day off and leaves Phoebe in charge, saying that Phoebe owes her for all the times Elise has covered for her. [55] Phoebe is also seen preparing to return to work as an advice columnist for The Bay Mirror. Levs also added that casting directors should pay attention because "Milano can act. The character was originally played by Lori Rom in the unaired pilot episode. [74], Season six sees Phoebe develop the power of empathy, the power to sense and experience the emotions of others. [2] Executive producer Aaron Spelling then turned to actress Alyssa Milano, who was previously cast in another television series produced by Spelling Television, Melrose Place. She, along with Paige and Piper, were turned into valkyries when Chris gave them three valkyrie pendants when they attempted to free a trapped Leo. At the beginning of the third season, Phoebe receives the active power of levitation; which allows her to float in midair. Book of Shadows Shortly after, Phoebe found out that she was pregnant. Something Wicca This Way Comes She later becomes the middle sister from season four onwards, after Prue dies and the series introduces their younger half-sister Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan). [39], At the start of season seven (2004–05), Phoebe is still stripped of her powers. She was able to leap across buildings with her speed. In the future she will write a book named Finding Love. Traveled to Halloween 1670 and lost her active powers since she wasn't born yet. She is also the wife of Coop Halliwell.[4]. She cannot usually move horizontally, and in "Once Upon a Time" Prue has to use her telekinesis to move Phoebe over to another side of a cave while she was levitating. Later, she decided to go to college. Last but not least, Phoebe showed herself to be a woman who was willing to accept responsibility for her previous mistakes - despite her initial hostility towards Cole when she re-encountered him after she had heard his heartfelt apologies, she acknowledged that she was also to blame for how their romance ended in tragedy, and the two came to true reconciliation. [85], Kristin Sample of AOL TV called Phoebe "the hottest" witch out of the Halliwell sisters. [59] As a magical witch Phoebe can utilize scrying, a divination art form that allows one to locate a missing object or person. Later, Phoebe added the spell into the Book of Shadows for security incase the demon resurfaces again. Cole then had a warlock sent back to the past to change this, but eventually the warlock turned to a new path and killed Phoebe and Paige. She has only used it to increase a plant's growing state. As her power grew, her premonitions became more vivid to where they become slightly colored and she can hear and feel what is going on (literally) and to hold her premonition longer. Delighted, Phoebe and Coop were finally able to embrace the love for each other. Her powers eventually became inactive due to her attempts to avoid Cole by overworking herself at the Bay Mirror. [100] Virgin Media placed Phoebe at number 11 on their list of TV Temptresses, writing "As one of the trio of glamorous witches on ghostly drama Charmed, Phoebe can use her psychic premonitions for all sorts of japery including romance. As a Charmed One, her primary power is Premonition. Seven months later, Phoebe gave birth to her third daughter and named her Peyton. [12] After a tumultuous love affair, often deterred due to Cole's frequent struggle between good and evil, Phoebe manages to graduate from college. This lead to her experimenting a lot with spells, to the point where Prue even nicknamed her in one episode "Little Miss Spell of the Week… [13] Phoebe and her sisters eventually learn that The Triad work for an even greater evil, The Source of All Evil who is the leader of the demonic realm known as The Underworld. Phoebe has since adjusted to her role as mediator between her sisters just as Piper previously was. No wanting Phoebe in danger, Piper ordered Coop to take her back to Magic School. [19] For the remainder of the season, Phoebe plans to marry Cole unaware that he has become the new Source of All Evil and ruler of The Underworld. Phoebe's newborn, Baby Prue, comes into her powers. Although this statement could have been directed at Victor because of the premonition Phoebe had of him stealing the Book of Shadows. The Stillman sisters stole their powers with a spell. Initially, Phoebe was excited to have gained a new power but eventually grew to fear it as she recalls how it almost killed Prue. In this form, she gained super-strength and agility. With the pregnancy, she began manifesting the ability to shoot flames from her hands and to teleport. Paige, however, manages to orb into this reality by accident and is able to make things right by recreating the Power of Three again. Phoebe then ran to Elise and discovered that she had been brutalized and shot by Cal, and realized, through her anger, that her new power is the ability to manipulate people's emotions, allowing her to overcharge their heads, effectively killing them. ", "Charmed Comic Review, Issue #5: Unnatural Resources", "Charmed Comic Review, Issue #6: Morality Bites Back", "Charmed: The Truth Is Out There... and It Hurts", "Charmed: Valhalley of the Dolls (Part 2)", "10 Things From The 'Charmed' Pilot You Never Noticed Because Alyssa Milano Wasn't Always Phoebe", "DVD Verdict Review - Charmed: The Compelete First Season", "7 Reasons 'Charmed' Fans Should Be Watching 'Witches Of East End, "Commentary: The guilty pleasure of 'Charmed, "Introducing: Fandom Flashbacks, a Hypable weekly feature", "TV temptresses - Charmed's Phoebe Halliwell - Alyssa Milano",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 September 2020, at 21:42. Because she missed her sisters, and because saving innocents was "who she was," Phoebe then tried to play both sides of good and evil before realizing that she had to choose. They told her to use her empathy power to figure Cal out though she got no results. In the comics, Phoebe realizes that she murders Cal Greene by reflecting his emotions back onto him, flooding his mind with painful emotions and memories of the women he had hurt, which causes his brain to overload. After the child was stolen by the Seer, Phoebe came to terms with the fact the evil spawn never truly belonged to her. She's smart, but she's relatable. Siblings This served as a hard yet necessary lesson, given that while it finally taught her the importance of rule-abiding, it also meant that she was forced to learn to depend more on her personal self, such her basic common sense, her natural spell-writing talent, and, of course, her academic knowledge of magic. [10] This power is uncontrollable when she first obtains it, but she later learns to maintain complete control over it. Lydia, another gypsy, told her that her powers were not working because she working too hard and was neglecting her powers. Phoebe thus becomes the first one to know that Chris Perry is actually Chris Halliwell, her nephew and Piper and Leo's second son. After the situation was resolved, Phoebe uses her lesson of trust that she learned during her book. When she first gained this power, she had a tough time holding herself in control as she was constantly surrounded by feelings that could make her act in someone else's place, such as her ex-boyfriend Jason Dean's love for her, and once when an employee felt extremely angry at Elise, Phoebe was overwhelmed by his anger that she knocked her boss in the face.

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