The TMR editor opened up the BBC website first thing this past Friday morning, July 21st. In 2014, Linkin Park band member Mike Shinoda wrote a piece for Huffington Post detailing his band’s nonprofit called Music For Relief. Further questions (and rabbit hole unto itself): Death of Chris He points to ‘perceived timeline gaps’, forensic questions and what he says are ‘two signs that Cornell actually had a head wound that was not mentioned in the autopsy reports’. The Child Abuse Recovery website explains. While the official cause of death was also suicide by hanging, many people expressed outrage at the verdict. RELATED: Chilling Details About A Wayfair Human Trafficking Conspiracy Theory & The Company's Response. Still, the fact remains- how astonishing that these were both ruled suicides at the outset- and yet not a peep from mainstream media about the inconsistencies or the new information that has come forth. However, evil forces seem determined to shut these kind of people down. AAHR CALLS FOR AN IMMEDIATE END TO AGGRESSION AGAINST ARTSAKH (NAGORNO-KARABAGH) AND ARMENIA, Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned to Usher in the, DEBATEgate: Biden Outright Cheated, Wallace Secretly Colluded, DNC Conspired with Deep State to Rig Outcome, Proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose. The Clinton Foundation came to the rescue, offering the foundation a grant so they could finish their work. The close friends who were working on exposing notorious entertainment industry pedophiles, died in the same way, with Bennington’s death taking place on what would have been Cornell’s fifty-third birthday. We are aware of the significance of the audio “It was by a friend who was a few years older than me,” he said. Shot twice in the back- Rich was considered a ‘botched robbery’ by the police, although his keys, wallet, phone and watch were all still on his lifeless body. Here is the phone call below so you can judge for yourself. TMZ reported that Bennington was found hanged, much like Cornell who was found hanged by an exercise resistance band. The various linkages, included their startling likeness to each other, are simply too compelling to ignore. From . I've only just started digging on this theory. The man on the right is John Podesta, a political consultant who served as White House Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton from 1998 to 2001 and Counselor to President Barack Obama from 2014 to 2015. In the 911 call you can hear the maid screaming and crying although the driver was calm and collected during the entire call. Chris Cornell died hanging from a hotel door separating the bedroom from the bathroom. Also consistent with the Satanic Illuminati sacrifices, both of these men were alone and away from their families when their deaths occurred. As details of his death emerge, it is worth keeping an eye on who pushes the hardest with a suicide angle, and who attempts to shut down anyone who may raise questions- they may be involved in the cover-up. Talinda Anne Bennington has shocked Bennington’s fans by revealing that he was dead before his body was hung. Photo of Chester Bennington with father who raised him. The world needs to change and that change can only come from within. TMZ reported that they died in virtually identical ways: Personally I seriously doubt he hung himself. The two were both found in almost exact similar ways upon death. Micki Spollen is an editor, writer, and traveler. Now, please look at the photo of Chester Bennington at the very top of this post. They will only report that there are crazy “conspiracy theorists” who connect the dots. Back to the photo. This investigation was launched two weeks ago- on July 20th, the day of Bennington’s alleged murder by the Los Angeles Police Department. The author “50 Shades of Pissed Off” did a great job on her reporting, after doing some excellent sleuthing. Allegedly, one of Cornell’s security guards kicked down a hotel door in the MGM Grand Casino Hotel and found him dead. He was already dead before he hung himself. It would seem so- as a political and economic commentator I just happened upon this news as I was doing research for other work. He told the metal magazine Corral in 2011, ‘If I think back to when I was really young, to when I was being molested, to when all of these horrible things were going on around me, I shudder.’, Now, investigators believe that the deaths of Cornell and Bennington are linked. So what does this have to do with Chester Bennington? History of depression. Neither one left a suicide note. At that very least- if all of the evidence is considered- people should entertain the idea that Bennington and Cornell were murdered for their endeavors to end the tragic industry that has tortured and killed the children in these sex trafficking rings. As the picture below illustrates, they are almost identical. Speaking to the Detroit Free Press he referenced Detroit Police Scanner Audio in which a medic is heard saying, ‘Patient did have an exercise rubber band around his neck, suggestions of possible strangulation. Chester Bennington, the lead singer for Linkin Park, died tragically of suicide today. Never one to believe a coincidence it was also odd to me at the time that Bennington was murdered on Cornell’s birthday no less. There is no real hard proof at the moment about Bennington’s paternity. Is the mainstream media blackballing this information?

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