Chins love attention. After you've had yours for awhile, you may start to wonder if you've been training him, or if he's been training/manipulating you all along!! If this doesnt take you can put the baby with dad for 10 minutes but (CLOSELY WATCH!!) I've had my chinchilla for 15 years now and we get along very nicely.. except when he's out of the cage for a long periods of time and is free to roam the apartment.. he starts to get awfully bossy and then he's normally put back to the cage. Be careful not to change her diet too suddenly, though. It’s really not about how much time you spend with them, it’s what you do with that time. And like yours, if I call their names or say anything to them they quiet down only to start back up again. what does this mean? He is going to give me one, but we aren't sure when the little guy can leave its mother. For example, it might beg for a snack or if it would like to get out of the cage (lock.mp3). Guinea pigs love to sit on your shoulder too but they are bigger and they can't estimate heights so they may leap to their death, (little point there about not living them on tables and such). The chinchilla's I have had problems where my chinchillas have babies but then after a while they are killed off. I appreciate your website and all your sounds and details, but your information seems biased, especially your sound description, which are simply logical guesses at your chinchilla's psyche. Whether if on of them is in the cage. Ideal temperature is below 20 degrees centigrade. Any suggestions. Any suggestions for making the transition easier on all of them? He ended up excaping twice last night, so we had to "baby proof" the cage so the baby wouldn't get out and luckily he hasnt figured it out yet. Is this normal? I hav 2 chinchillas, i cannot tell if they ar male or female, the lady in the pet shop wher i bought them didnt no anything about them, How can i tell the difference???? They used to get one piece a day. In your case it may be something similar. Is that enough exercise for him? After doing this for a while they will start coming over and climbing in your hands and arms. It is essential to know the meaning of the vocalization and behavior of your chinchilla. It was when I brought him home for first time. Well she had a boy and a girl and the kits are attacking each other. Chinchillas make noises as a form of communication and will make different sounds for many different reasons. On colder days I've put a few cups of pine shavings in the microwave to warm and put them right into the nest box (after making sure they are the right temperature). One of our 2 male chinchillas throws its dung. Rebecca. He should be eating fine by than. He also, when around females, makes a clicking/screaming noise. Thus, keeping them in cages, even if spacious, will sometimes cause a quarrel among them. Every time he thinks were not looking he comes to the cage door then i try to put my hand to the cage and he just runs away? also, he keeps trying to get out of his cage. Usually, it makes just a few croaky/hoarse shouts. So I have kept the rabbit caged up so that Violet want get upset. Chinchillas are supposed to be nocturnel, but they also can adjust to your schedule. Natural behaviour is a given but it doesn't mean you should encourage that. after doing this a couple of times he won't even try to jump off the couch (never let him do it in the first place, they learn fast) They will make contact calls when happy or comfortable. I came to investigate and sometimes smelled something "funny." It seems to be mostly at happy times. Favorite Answer. Be patient and consistent no matter what, though, and you're more likely to see your desired results. I'm not sure if she is in pain, or it is just normal. When we got a male chinchilla we put him in the cage as soon as we got him with are female they didn't fight but they weren't friends but about after three days they were friends maybe you should try to let them meet. Chinchillas might bark when there is loud noises such as nearby cars. Unfortunately, we don't have any photos to help you with the identification process. I HAVE 4. It will help you understand your chinchilla quicker and make bonding much easier. I have to go between my moms and dads house so I can't let him out every day. I have the following questions and appreciate advices: 1. I sometimes copy them and do them back to him and he does them again. One thing with rabbits and guinea pigs is in my opinion that they don't get as attatched as chinchillas. It's a really loud squeal - it's kind of prolonged (maybe a couple seconds long) and I have no idea what it's from; I've never seen her actually make the sound and I think she only makes it in the dark. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first couple of weeks, keep them with mom and let them drink from her. The mom would stl try and attack the two. They can also bark and make vocal noises but they aren’t known for being extremely loud. Chinchillas make a variety of different sounds depending on their current state and mood. I also need to find home for any of these that are male. okay i have 2 chinchillas one is mine one is my boyfriends mine is friendly and nice his is shy we have had them for 4 months now and mine is still in good health however his is missing lots of fur cries all of the time his foot is swelling and now the base of his tail is also swelling. When can I start weaning them off and at what speed of reduction of feeding ? Hope this helps and u can enjoy ur cheeky chilla!!! Molly has had 2 other litters. Jennifer L. Been that way since I've gotten them. Gradually lengthen the feeding time and reduce the amounts fed until they can be weaned at 6 – 8 weeks. also, is it ok to play these sounds for my chinchilla so i can "communicate" with him or will this make him lonely? So I'm not sure what she's afraid of. If yes , how much to add ? Are chinchillas sensitive to sound? Danielle Chasyah. They're supposed to take dust baths, not sand baths. The following are examples of the noise chinchillas make: This sound is known as Supplication. My chin makes a longer, high-pitched "keening" noise, that occurs usually while he's been sleeping - it might be what you're chin is doing, too. YOU'RE OKAY. If a chinchilla feels threatened, they will emit a series of loud Bark Calls to warn others. Keep them warm, I'm using a heating pad and a cat carrier. This is critical as they can die from heat stroke otherwise. Dr. Smith is a small animal veterinarian with 11 years practicing veterinary medicine. Also once adults make sure they arn't to warm because they can over heat. They can make high-pitched sounds. I let my chinchilla bathe every 2nd or 3rd day for about 15-20 minutes. The following is a gallery of A'petit's appearance (and weight) at various ages: If the mother dies you will have to either find a “wet nurse” for the kit or plan to hand raise him/her. when I try to pick him up and when I move him. Thanks. He's not really scared, because he returns to his spot up close, within 10 or so seconds. The Alarm Call falls under Offensive/Defensive behavior and into the Enemy Avoidance category. I got my female chinchilla at the beginning of May, I found out she was a girl after I got her few weeks ago she was in with another chinchilla and I think she may be pregnant how can I be sure? She's my first chinnie. My male chin is going on 12yrs old. He doesn't like to be held much but he is always sleeping in my hoodie and comes with me to work and everywhere. I'm sorry but this is a little worrying, how can you not know what animal you have? It may work to just lure mom and dad away with some juicy raisins and gently scoop up the babies. It was a bad sight. All chinchillas have different personalities. Please when should i put Gizmo in the cage with Nico. I am a big fan of your website - you helped me put my chinchillas together! I found out on the Internet that it is because of the sand, so I cleaned the cage and there is no sand anymore. They will only pee in one corner so you can clean it out easily, every day. I woke up and was having my daily coffee when i noticed some little things moving in the cage, to my surprise, BABY CHINCHILLAS!!! Having a chinchilla get pregnant right after giving birth could kill her. Kwanye had a litter of 4 kits but one was still born. The first time he made that nosie it scared me half to dealth! Do you often pick him up or do you help capture him when it's time for cage cleaning or any of that stuff? the same happened to me, I have a male and female homo beige chinchilla , the female got bigger and started to eat more food, and make cute noises, I didnt even consider that she could be pregnant, then about a week after this started, I found a dead kit in the cage which was devastating, when I looked at the female she was eating the after birth, when I moved her I found a live baby hiding under her, it was all wet with its eyes closed so it had only just been born, this was only yesterday and Ive been stressed all night wondering whether the baby is feeding ok, cos it doesnt seem to latch on for very long, I ended up blocking the upper levels to the cage to stop the baby climbing and then falling, and I filled the base with straw to stop his feet getting stuck in the grated base, and to keep him warm. Look up some videos of chins barking: that can be quite a bit squeakier than the name implies. However sometimes my gray one (Odin) will make sort a bark noise...But nothing is happening to very confused as to what he does it for...his brother Thor appears to have the cage to himself, Thor always uses the wheel, and Odin never uses it, Thor sleeps in the house and Odin sleeps on top of it, but they sometimes cuddle together... Is Odin unhappy because Thor uses most of the cage? Does this mean he is missing them, wants to lure them over, or...? But i learned that if they wanted to kill one another they would have already. The Canine Frustration Questionnaire-Development of a New Psychometric Tool for Measuring Frustration in Domestic Dogs (Canis familiaris). The most common is a “barking” sound that they make to indicate that they're scared and to warn other chinchillas of danger. So I guess that's good. Mine has done the same sound. This sound is relatively quiet and people may have a hard time hearing it. On the other hand, when they are in fear or pain, they will make an alarm call sound. She also seems to be trying to look for a way out of her cage all the time.

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